Darryl Cross – Time Management

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Learn the secrets to time management @ http://www.SuccessPursuit.com.


Gareth Thomas says:

This is a great video. 

Gareth Thomas says:

A great video on time management basics. Watch it again and again.

ProducedbyNico says:

Saw this in my leadership class for school!

Patel Vidhu says:

Stop thinking about work. Be open and brave. Time management will
automatically done.

Aravind Reddy Kaithy says:

Very good time management video

Farai Mazonde says:

Time management

Successful Personal Growth says:

[8min VIDEO] Darryl Cross – Time Management : Darryl Cross – Time

Jasveer Singh says:

must watch

Puri Prasastini says:
Htoo Maung says:

O'Neil Godfrey says:

*Darryl Cross – Time Management*

O'Neil Godfrey says:

*Darryl Cross – Time Management*

drdarrylcross says:

Thanks for taking time to comment.

PeterBrainTV1 says:

I want the Eisenhower Matrix to be taught in schools. I certainly think
that it would help.

SpiritOfWhat says:

Planning time! I will never forget it, thanks a lot!

Harry Lolp says:

I keep watching this video just cause I like how he talks

sikandar bhatti says:

Really nice.

thiefzakum says:

This is how tons op ppl lose tons of time, haha Cool and usefull video

drdarrylcross says:

Thanks for your comments. And yes, Dr Stephen Covey has a very sound
philosophy for life as well as for the business world. Thanks again, Darryl

drdarrylcross says:

@athenah888 Yes, this concept is certainly not original and I first saw it
in Dr Stephen Covey’s work, but I simply put it onto a framework and
explanation that fitted for me and my clients.

drdarrylcross says:

My apologies, but I’m afraid that I don’t have a video that has been
translated into any other languages other than English at this stage. But
thanks for the enquiry. Darryl Cross

markfuller042 says:

Simple but really informative and such a helpful time management tips..

koshurnikov says:

Thank you. I wanted to share this video with my friend in Russia who
doesn’t know any English. Do you have a video translated to Russian?

GetGiftsForOffers says:

@drdarrylcross Try changing the to a /. And then it should work. Thank

WillLive says:

Ha. I love this guy

drdarrylcross says:

@GetGiftsForOffers Hi, I certainly tried your link but it didn’t work. Have
I missed something here? Cheers, Darryl

drdarrylcross says:

@summer20105707 You’re right. Nice point. Time is a gift. You don’t ever
get it back. So, we really need to use it wisely. Best regards, Darryl

drdarrylcross says:

@theongbros Yes, Q2 is a golden key. All the top business leaders that I
coach all spend time in Q2 and usually it is “thinking” time. It might be a
cup of coffee for 30 minutes a day at a local cafe or it might be an hour a
week in the local library. But it’s thinking time. It’s invaluable. Cheers,

drdarrylcross says:

@MissKaidoz Thanks! You’re quite right, and the first to point this out.
I’ve learnt something new! Best regards, Darryl

Gylander says:

lol lambton

Karrar Saeed says:

thank you

dinesh s says:

thank you sir…

drdarrylcross says:

@markfuller042 Thanks Mark. Glad that you found it helpful. Best Regards,

Milan Prša says:

I want to thank you for this video and the presentation of this diagram, I
find it really helpful and enlightening. When you put some thought to it,
time is the ONLY capital we all bring to this world – that’s why it is
essential to learn how to use it wise. I really liked the comparison of the
amount of hours in a week of a common man to Einstein’s or Mandela’s week.
That’s a striking revelation! Keep up the good work!

drdarrylcross says:

@prudencemargaret Glad that it helped! All the best for that course. Hope
it goes really well! Darryl

Noom KonKlai says:

Oops…I’m in the 4th quadrant right now O_o

Oklalajee says:

Very good, must watch and listen carefully, it will help you to improve
your productivity.

Thao mai thi says:


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