Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation

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http://www.ted.com Career analyst Dan Pink examines the puzzle of motivation, starting with a fact that social scientists know but most managers don’t: Tradi…


Living Inspired Now says:

Dan Pink’s: “The Puzzle of Motivation” – is going to make you reevaluate
the way you perceive reward structures and motivators.

Michael Montalto says:

One of the most interesting finds relative to social science that I’ve come
across in a long time. Rethink your motivation factor. -mM

#TedTalk #Motivation #SomethingBiggerThanOurselves

Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation 

Droidsteels says:

Anyone else think that candle looks slightly… suggestive?


im digging it!

Owen Iverson says:


TubeDeviant says:

Cut through the chase and tell us that banksters are the scum of the
earth.. who are once again giving themselves almost 100 billion in

Bonnie Cranmer says:

Revisit with The Puzzle of Motivation, the case #DanPink makes for
rethinking how business gets people moving…

Julius Fawcett says:

Ask government to give everyone, for free, food, water, clothes,
electricity, shelter, internet and allow amazing things like Wikipedia to
be created because people enjoy doing that sort of stuff. 

Montana MacLeod says:

In my art class we have “fed ex fridays” where we get to work on whatever
we want all day

Tong Vue says:

This goes back to the basic notion of trust. Companies trust their
employees and productivity goes up. I don’t think money is a bad motivator
because at minimal, it serves as supplemental. I think when you offer big
reward you also up the nervousness and pressure for success. And because of
that it’s hard to say that big reward results in poorer performance. I
don’t fully agree with everything that has been said but I do favor the
ideal of intrinsic motivation. 

vortex755 says:

I feel that if companies can create and find a middle ground (between
intrinsic and extrinsic employees) they can maintain a very success model.
Possibly hire certain employees based on their desires to innovate and
create new solutions to ambiguous problems in the company(flat, fair-wage)
while hiring others to produce more focus-based, profit-oriented tasks(wage
based on desire to perform). The two must fit their appropriate style or
else be completely miserable. I feel that the Tech. world has really given
a voice to intrinsic capabilities in the workplace. Their work environments
are usually more open-ended and free to mindful thinking people. The real
problem is that free enterprise around the world has to update and start
building methods for greater success and projected growth. It all starts at
the bottom level, at the employee and the feelings of relatedness and
purpose. We WANT to do something that makes us feel alive and useful,

Peter Bo Nielsen says:

Just watched Dan Pink talk about the difference in what science say about
motivation and what businesses are actually doing… it is worth spending
18 minutes listening to his wisdom – and start making some changes.

BigD says:

I like it

writerconsidered says:

he needs to replace the candle problem with the TED mic problem so someone
regardless of their motivation can fix the dry mouth sounds every TED
speaker has.

Giampaolo Mannucci says:

10:52 now that was enlightening

Sean Ecoson says:

I watched this video hundred time and everytime I get new idea how
motivation works.
I feel this issue is too big and complicated and not obvious and need to
look up statistics and so on.

Ben Miles says:

Im skeptical that these stats work in the same way towards someone who isnt
under the pressure of time constraints. i.e. A computer programmer told
that if a certain task is done in a certain amount of time, 6 months+, s/he
will get a bonus.

omar musa says:


andraz9064 says:

This usually hapens to me while playing ACTIVITY. My mind freezes :D

Navdeep Sharma says:

The motivation

anna Francis says:

Motivation and creativity

Kimberly Carpenter says:

Here is a great TED talk from +Daniel Pink about motivation. Huge
implications for #education and #business

Hardik Parekh says:

What motivates people? Define OKRs and then provide autonomy.

Sivam nirmal rao says:

The motivation myth buster !

Debbie Narver says:

What really motivates employees? Watch this TED talk by Dan Pink. You may
be surprised!

Dave of Canada says:

An idealistic business model proposal doesn’t mean it’s grounded in
realism. This system sounds nice and all but it doesn’t include anything
which could be applied to everyone, “fed ex days” and “20% time” doesn’t
apply to the majority of employment and “ROWE” works for very few.

Why doesn’t Dan mentioned what he’d want to do for menial employment,
construction workers, lawyers, etc? Using digital corporations as evidence
serves nothing but show that digital corporations can incorporate it, it
doesn’t show that anyone else can. 

Seanqw3 says:

Amazing how credible, rational evidence can be completely dismissed by
people who feel their own divine opinion and ability to speculate is the
greatest truth of all. 

Tim O'Keefe says:

How motivation happens. #motivation
autonomy, mastery , proof
vs carrot stick motivation. Intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation
Extrinsic motivation occurs when we are motivated to perform a behavior or
engage in an activity in order to earn a reward or avoid a punishment.
Intrinsic motivation involves engaging in a behavior because it is
personally rewarding; essentially, performing an activity for its own sake
rather than the desire for some external reward.

Michael Crocker says:

Very interesting talk. #Motivation Eliminate extrinsic factors of
motivation. Money incentives are not effective. Watch to find out what does

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