Daily Meditation Tips From Laura Silva – Make Meditation Your Daily Habit

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D.J. Nassar says:

She is lovely an amazing woman. Using her fathers Silva Method Coarse, she
guides you through into alpha state, she teaches you then how to use the
Silva Method. Her voice is the best I’ve experienced. I learned that the
right voice tone will put you me personally into hypnosis where you access
your subconscious using it to created what you intend. My point is her as
your guide using the real silva coarse material is wonderful,my favorite

ak prasad says:

I want to change the world to help others by show dhamma
Mr AK Prasad´╗┐

sbgitana1 says:

Laura, You’re a wonderful leader. Thank you

mrPregabalin says:

Very true, Spirituality has no price tag.

Rose Calderon says:

Full of Graditude for your videos~Bless You, Thank You & I Love You~ (=

TheEftguy says:

Love you guys!! and Laura! ;->

David Stordal says:

Going through your crown chakra, down through all of your chakras, in
order. Once you have the energy down to the root chakra, let the energy
fall through your dan tein… Down through the earths crust and to the core
where it makes a constant connection from the core of the earth. Exhale
through your nose, and feel the energy spread from your chakras(your core)
and out to the surface of your skin. This opens up your channels, and you
will feel a difference right away if you know what your doing

Karen Guillory says:

Thank you, Laura. I was just on the way to bed and doing these exact
things, except sometimes I have pain when sitting up to meditate and I do
it lying down. This leads to sleep, guided, I think. Is the lying down ok?

Saskia P. says:

just an advice for anyone from silva method-read jane roberts’ – the nature
of personal reality -and please don’t put your attention on how the book is
written,but on the content of the book.

Al Amota says:

I really like this beautiful spirit. The Silva method is awesome. Thank you
Laura, I hope to shake your hand or give you a hug someday soon.

thameejudeen says:

everything is awesome looking foward to be more better and better so

hind m says:

i love u laura…sooo honest

David Stordal says:

Sorry i must not have seen this comment… or something of the sort. Now,
your question. Pretty general, as i do lots of things. Ill assume you want
to know some daily meditational techniques. For this you should know your
chakras- from there, you sit in a comfortable possition. Relax all your
muscles, like really relax. Breath deep, using your stomach and chest. Full
lung capacity, as you breath in through your mouth, visualize a beam of
light or energy, going into your crown chakra- continued.

ximeunneo says:

The Silva Method just changed my life and put me right in control of it.
I’ve been programming a lot of things without a fail!!!! The best gift I
could recieve is to be a graduate, and I got attracted into this amazing
video, thanks so much Laura!!!!

David Stordal says:

Genius, no. More intelligent than the average person, yes, but honestly
thats not saying much. Good for you, you have observational skills. Im
sorry to inform you that my name has nothing to do with who i am, and was
made up when i was a still a kid.

Fuzbutter says:

Hey Coach. I love the way this is helping me feel a part of the bigger
picture. I think that is humility in balance. To feel we each play a role
in the lives of each other and we can help others solve problems when we
are not attached to the outcome and yet involved in the way that shows we
care and love as we are loved by our Creator.

ThePC3D says:

OMG another motivational video…ppl grow up she’s rich because a lot of
idiots bought the useless Silva method

dharani567 says:

i hate this one

bgmiller5 says:

So you’re a genius and you have ‘fuck’ in your screen name? Hmm..

Dawn O'Kane says:

Loved your openness and sharing. Thank you

lightconnection says:

Tanks Laura.

stroshow5 says:

@matafuckas Tell us what you do, im sure we would all like to know.

David Stordal says:

people are still ignorant and the current system is still corrupt. Health
care is a good example of this corruption. i am a medium and i know what
the silva method is, its very very very shallow and easy to use for anyone.
my computational skills and my spiritual skills are like the silva method
but on steroids. but guess what? the thing that makes me different, i dont
sell my techniques. i dont make a business out of it. im free and ill offer
anyone advice on spirituality and getting the best

fursatali says:

Thanks for the video.

Mariam Niaz says:

Wow you sure can talk..I wish I could talk like you. I just made a request
to universe

hangover71 says:

bad audio

Rainer Theobald says:

only for people that never tried the method. and you don’t have to buy it.
there is enough free material out.

ezikivtumane says:

I just got my first level diploma yesterday, and so exited to find the good
online source with will help to keep information fresh in my mind thank you
so much!

Igor Maslov says:

Hi! I’m Sarah.I did -25 lbs past one month.Go to hawght.so#Lkkz

Alla Boulavkina says:

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