Daily Affirmations You are Worthy!! Listen Now!! from MDU

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Erin Camacho says:

Affirmations can create a transformation inside and outside of us, I wish
to have a lovely life.

Denise Johansson says:

Hi, I loved it. How can I order a one hour session of this daily

Terri Wickwire says:

This is fabulous! Thank you <3

Gina says:

After a few affirmations, I just broke down and started crying. All my life
I have felt unworthy of everyone else. I’ve never felt good enough for
anyone. On top of that, I constantly think negatively about myself – I am
constantly bullying myself and putting myself down. Like someone else here
did, I am also going to listen to this every morning and see how if affects
me. I’ve always told myself I am not good enough, and over time that has
become ingrained in me. Now, I am going to use this video to reverse my
thoughts, and this time, ingrain GOOD thoughts in me. I deserve to be happy
Thank you so much.

David Montgomery says:

I listen to this every day. It is a part of my morning routine and it has
facilitated wonderful things in my life. This one is a keeper. Thank you

Jim Eager says:

Once again I will say this and then I will quit. Belief is based on
pseudo-knowledge period. I’m not saying that beliefs aren’t powerful
because they certainly are! People have killed each other by the thousands
over religious beliefs. So that being said, knowing comes only from what is
personally experienced and that is certainly more powerful than saying I
believe because knowing comes directly from experience. Your truth equals
your knowledge or knowing. So all I was implying is that maybe using
affirmations with I know would be more effective, that’s all. So do
what ever works best I suppose…but when a person is trying to increase
the quality of their consciousness toward love then knowing not believing
is better! 

Rowan Cox says:

This is one of my favourites!

Michelle Wong says:

i have been listening to this regularly for half a year now.
thanks for starting my day with me :)

Erica Guerra says:

Great video. Thank you!

MHina Yousrah says:

From the bottom of my heart-THANK YOU!!!!!!

Francisco Javier Martín says:

This is great. Thanks!

Lela Strika says:

Love you man..get more videos..you are genuine

Always Cheer! Company says:

Affirmations to start you day the positive way. #alwayscheer

Ebtesam Ebi says:

Thank you so much. I love it. it’s balm of the Soul 🙂 after listening to
you I am filled up with energy 

Kia evans says:

Thank you!!!!

franky nelwan says:

thankyou for this beautiful video…. at this stage, I decide to believe in
every word that you are saying here. 

Triveni satyanarayana says:

This is cool Video! thanks for uploading!

I was like almost did not know what is self-love because i was always
misunderstanding myself and hence it caused a lot of regrets, pain and

my sister forced me to use this “dr love” Mobile app by lokesh which really
made sure i know how much i love myself and made me to start loving myself
day by day!

technology helps!

kim carles says:
Sufi Mansor says:

feeling blissful everyday.

Cristian Radu says:

Suna Sammour says:

Daily Affirmation are important in our life to achieve our Goals x

Jim Eager says:

I’m done arguing this point because people are going to do whatever they
want anyway right?

Samuel A. Ellsberry says:
kim carles says:
Tanalee Youngblood says:

Love Love Love it!

Denym2955 says:

The audio message from this video is very helpful. I have been listening to
it for the past 6 months or so. It puts my nerves at ease and is a great
motivational piece.

HolisticWomen says:

It is designed this way to affect the way your brain processes the
affirmations. There is nothing wrong with your computer.

ladysoal1 says:

wow powerful , i am speechless and in love

Kasturee Ghosh says:

This is simply beautiful.

carmelkandi247 says:


iworkforme says:

That is an amazing testimonial. I am surprised that the author hasn’t
noticed? Did you use nothing but this for treatment? Did you use it as a
way to develop a new belief system? DO TELL MORE. : )

Judy Cook says:

This was so great. More and more people need to listen to Daily

Mind Design Unlimited says:

You are very welcome, Kackie. We always appreciate feedback from anyone who
has been affected by this video. When we feel the emotions welling up
inside of us, we know we needed those specific affirmations. It was
designed to positively affect those that need healing and the right words.
We know that many people out there are suffering right now. And, this shows
how powerful and needed even these simple and positive affirmations can be.
We are so glad it has the affects that we intended.

Cathy Belyea says:

this is great, i used it on my website worthcommenting

Robert Crisall says:

This is what I have been searching for. Its wonderful. Thanks for this. x

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