Confidence building Subliminal Music Brainwave Entrainment

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Close Confidence building music encoded with subliminal message. Listening this music boosts confidence within about 4 weeks realistic time …


charming azian says:

it help me to ask a girls number xD 

Kiba Fox says:

Is your forehead supposed to feel like if it’s pressed up against something
when listening to this? I can feel it most on my forehead or around the
“third eye” area.

GreenDevilay says:

Trust me this workss!!!!!Try 😀 :D

whorehay666 says:

How loud should I listen? Can it be too loud?

Ixen Rico says:

Is it better to listen to this while you sleep or while you are awake?
Also, do you have anything for getting over someone (ex girlfriend)

Savannah Vannah says:


michael espinoza says:

This helps a lot in sports

golden otis says:

download link?

Regena Daunicht says:

DrNepal~I share this everywhere & hope you do not mind
Just trying to turn folks on to how you have assisted me.
As always~PeAcE


this was really cool, I fell asleep for like 5 mins watching a dream when I
shot a house with a gun in a funny-happy way?mood then I understood it was
all a dream so i started to wake myself up and meanwhile noticing how the
place I was in (stairs) would change after I wake up, to be a bed :p nice!

Twizdom says:

This makes my teeth tingle.

Martha Whitestone says:

This is really interesting. I’m going to have to find out more about this.

zbborah says:

@kapone815 My dear friend, meditation in general can heal a wide variety of
problems. Even without the music. Just close your eyes and focus on the
problem, imagine it dispersing and disappearing. Don’t focus on the
anxiety..if you don’t focus on it then it won’t exist. Its a mental
blockage 🙂 I solved mine the same way.

raiderboy012 says:

Also i hear tiny voices whispering to me is tht normal???

Ana Solomon says:

Listen to this and pray at the same time. Close your eyes and listen & pray
for that you need; happiness and everything your heart’s desire… but it
must be good….

DrNepal says:

if you understand English, subliminal binaural beats should work just fine

2sqrsd1t says:

Thank you so much for this vid! I think I need this. At first I also didn’t
hear any whisper but at certain time I can hear it. I don’t know why but it
creeps me out. But I don’t care. I’m still listening to it 🙂

DrNepal says:

@SpArK4GrL this is in fact paraliminal with some subliminal

colombiatm says:

this is beautiful.

Stephaknows says:

@MrWingedDeath yes the whispers are the providers of subliminal message
which are meant to boost confidence.

jamie456781 says:

To this day, I keep thinking about this comment. Very inspiring. We are
taking the internet for granted.

anas chebbare says:

someone talking when on the video

Mr Eighty says:

This is what the 4th dimension sounds like

DrNepal says:

I strongly recommend headphones, however perhaps it depends on the quality
of earphone you may be using.

TwinflamesSoulmates says:

The only thing I dont like is not knowing what’s being whispered to me..
Any way that’s available? I stopped listening purely for that reason.

Skinsman94 says:

Thats it?! lol

Adriana Johanna Hunyadi (ادريانا هونيادي جونين) says:

Love this,it is makes me feel so strong and confident

Adam Zdrzalka says:

Jajajaja, soy ingles pero estudio el español y entiendo que quieres decir.
En mi opinion, es la música y la gente de todos los países entienden el
ritmo y el sentimiento de la canción.

DrNepal says:

@skating1611 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Sihaanm Ard says:

What happens if i do not use stereo headphones? OK?

Castiel Winchester says:

My cheek bones started tingling and feeling funny and I got all happy and
blushy. I don’t know why xD

Jesse Moitas says:

@WappoIPanda yes, very bizarre infact

Karen Clark says:

I don’t have headphones, is it necessary to have them?

Νίκος Κωνσταντινίδης says:

Subliminal Messages are like that. No your headphones are ok, but the
messages are transmitted through the subliminal whispers. Hope this helps.

Kristian Azarcon says:

I actually felt that too after the first minute. is it a good thing? lol

Angelic Essence says:

I’ve been listening to this for like 6 months. I can play the whole
soundtrack in my brain now. Thinking about it really calms me from worries.

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