Confidence Booster! Binaural Beats + Positive Affirmations – Reprogram Your Mind

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LEADERSHIP AFFIRMATIONS: Affirmations to help you change your mindset and take positive action USE HEADPHONES! The…


Catherine Contreras says:

Affirmations can create a transformation outside and inside of us, I wish
to get a wonderful lifestyle.

mario g says:

First time.. I bookmarked it, will listen again and will report soon

Dummkopf666 says:

Where are the affirmations ?

Robbie L says:

I cant look left!

logikcunth says:

Affirmations have exactly the same effect as the experience of receiving a
compliment from someone else, which results in a boost in self-esteem and
self-confidence. Quite simple really. Positive intention towards the
affirmations is where you may be going wrong.

Houston Guerita says:

@Rob be uh I know you aint talking shit. Dumbass it’s affirmations and
subliminals. Get it straight.

Hannah Eifling says:

Is it just this fan noise the whole time or..?

Chuck Testa says:

This one is really strong

Ian Rod says:

i can hear the affirmations on the description. are those subliminal or are
we meant to know they were there?

Emma Reilly says:

idk this kind of gives me a headache or something…

Conchita Villena says:

I hear nothing, it’s weird, what am i suppose to do!!!!!!!

8777peaches7778 says:

How do I find the success reprogram video that has the same background as
as the Confidence.Booster video

Danul83 says:

Fair enough. I personally don’t find them very effective, and have read
articles talking them down. Although I suppose what works for you works for
you, and if it works for other people so much the better. Nice to see you
reply to peoples comments by the way.

David Greenman says:

Why are you scared?

TheInfiniteFox says:

My left side has more power. O.o

Marc Piechowicz says:

I’d stop listening to it then 🙂

atomicpaw101 says:

Woah, after I stop listening, it’s like there’s morse code in my ears.
Crazy. :p

HowToBoostSelfEsteem says:

This is the first time I’ve heard about this type of self confidence
booster. Thank you for this video!

MrJelle321 says:

can i fall asleep while listining to this or do i have to stay awake?

TetlyT84 says:

1st time listening to this. I will try to listen every night and will post
my experiences. Thanks 🙂

Ripoll Aceveda Sr says:

i hear nothing

Tyler Norby says:

How exactly would this work lol

pamela khalifa says:

hey getting rid of stuff is good for you meditation and chi gung produces,
farting , belching, watery eyes…detox..its all good. and you may need a
colon cleanse

Sunshine Daughter says:

Thank you for making this accessible! It’s my 3rd day listening to this.
I’ve used it various ways, first as a sleep meditation, then through the
day when I feel tired or bored or feel my mind is wandering. Although I
wouldn’t say it counters the feeling of irritability or frustration, It’s
helped me maintain or “catch” positive moods more easier. I want to see
with more time what will happen! Thank you!!

hillehai says:

Am I supposed to be able to hear the subliminal messages?

Misha Jones says:

Well, that comment was positive…I laughed and had a smile on my face, for
some time afterword, thank you kevinisek2009.

JH Sprenkle says:

I just like that it sound like fan noise…now I don’t feel so strange for
hanging out in the bathroom listening to the fan noise to work on projects
after I’ve been stressed to max. The noise kind of cancels out the babble
babble in my mind. The affirmations are a bit funny though but that’s only
because I’m cynical and they amuse me..

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