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Law of Attraction Guide Ebook- a step by step on how to apply the law


LAX324 says:

@LynnVN2011 Very good point. If the ‘secret’ works then I would like the
people who advocate for it should attempt to fly. This type of thinking can
cause a lot of people pscyhological harm. The main premise of the secret is
very superificial. Getting money,getting partners they want etc. Stuff that
is irrelevant and does not matter. It teaches human beings to develop very
poor values instead of wanting to be loving and kind for the sake of being
that way. Instead it’s about getting something.

vunak2000 says:

They are on a fixed time so he actually has a presenter that tells him cut
him off and move on…worked in broadcast a bit…every second they go over
costs them money so they speed it up…

Chris Hynak says:

Geez people we do know how electricity works!! The fact that this guy
doesn’t understand that but claims to be an expert on quantum physics
should be proof enough what nonsense this is!!

LoLo101391 says:

@nattycraw the law of attraction is god.thats how he answers our prayers.if
we believe that god will answer our prayers then they will be answered.

Jesica Quezada says:

ke viejo tan idiota, mejor q primero investigue bien el secreto

bigeyearts says:

i know hes pretty nasty. but remember that if u give out bad things u get
bad things. thats the beauty of the secret and im thankful

memblor says:

why didn’t the scientist tear this guy apart when he was going on about
vibrations of the heart and mind emitting thoughts…ahh…unbelievable!

Winninginbusiness says:

I appriciate your incite on this. It’s just plain arogance when people
think that their understanding of everything is the be all end all.
Actually the “Secret” is a watered down surface understanding of a 24 part
study course writen in 1909 by Charles Hannel called the “Master Key
System” and is what also inspired Napoleon Hill to write “Think and Grow
Rich”. Concepts like the “MKS” and the Secret have intangable value,
therefore the ignorant masses will dismiss it and the few will use it to

attracttolife says:

the attr action money experiment/….

FR8TRANE011 says:


IvetMeans says:

first of all not 100% of the bible is true otherwise you would have to take
that fairy tail book literally and if you do that your just a retard…and
second i told you i don’t buy any of that law of attraction crap i just
find it hypocritical to critisize people like oprah when the true fruit
cakes the ones that are convinced that there is a man living in the sky
with magic that punishes 70% of the world after they die by sending them to
burn for ever. Get real, god is just a santa for adults.

blcaviness says:

This guys is redic. The state in the book that when medical treatment is
needed to use it by all means. But in addition to that to have positive
thought. Maybe this guy should have read the book before juming to

o0Asami0o says:

90% of my dreams comes true after applying the law of attraction ..

fredd1982 says:

I got my dream job thx to the secret so im a believer thx secret….

anobaitoiho says:

whatever, the book is very inspiring and many people loved it!!!

UpdownCourt09 says:

Has anyone seen the effect that thoughts have on the crystalization on
water? I think you should look it up on google.. Water dances to
Mozartssymphony41 and turns into a blurry mess when faced with metal. It
also makes really pretty crystals with the words “love” “thankyou” etc. and
it goes scary looking on the word “demon” 🙁 And we are mostly water.. of
course thought has an effect on our bodies. (=

memama2 says:

have you ever seen the youtube videos of Ravi Zacharais? the list of
prophecies fullfilled, given in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New,
are just one reason, the Bible is true. The wisdom , the world needs , is
in Scripture, but the world wants themselves as christ, and the false
teachers to tell them its true. the false teachers and cults will become
more prevelant, as the earth spins toward the end of days…..”The time
comes, it is quite clear, The Antichrist is very near.”:S.Brant

IvetMeans says:

There is no more proof of god than there is proof of elves or unicorns.

Jason Gafar says:

This pessimist has CLEARLY never heard of Lance Armstrong, have you Chubby
Chub. smh at this dweeb. Guess karma anal sexed him in his previous
negative life.

keyplayer123 says:

Who cares what makes your life feel better or work better? Everybody has to
decide for themselves. Positive thinking does a lot of good. Why not add it
in and at least be less miserable while you’re having cancer treatments,
while you’re losing weight, while you’r unemployed, etc.?

vunak2000 says:

Not closed minded just wnats to see actual proof nothing wrong with that….

kyle887923 says:

this guy is closed minded

DerrenBrown100 says:

Watch – Law of Attraction bogosity

Matt Petersen says:

Why do I have to believe and how is it different from religious practices
such as prayer?

prayfortruejustice says:

Universe on quantum level is vibration. We are energy yet consciously use 5
known (general accepted) senses. According to string theory there are
numerous dimensions we can’t physically experience: GooGle: “On Gravity,
Oreos and a Theory of Everything” Quantum-mechanics / partical physics give
“food for thought”. See TED preso – GooGle: “TED Talks Physicist Brian
Greene explains superstring” “Physicist and surfer Garrett Lisi presents a
controversial new model”

MissStyk says:

Winninginbuisness, Very good point. =]

IvetMeans says:

There have been prophets long before christianity and those prophets
believed in other stupid gods. If the Bible were true it adds up to the
world being 6,ooo years old. Stories like the virgin birth have been passed
through many religions…Seriously get real…Adom and Eve, worldwide
flood, its all literature and fiction. For many years people have been
waiting for the antichrist so don’t expect him to come in your lifetime.

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