Clinton’s opinion of Tony Robbins

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Bill Clinton talks about Tony Robbins at a recent event in Canada.


Brian Thorm says:

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John Charles says:

Clinton sharing stage with Tony Robbins in Toronto, Canada

Beno ero says:

Bill: Hey Tony
Tony: ‘Sup Bill
Bill: I’m okay, I got a new secretary but I’m still quite stressed.
Tony: Can’t cure you Bill, you know I just tell crap to people to make
money. Just like you do.
Bill: I know, I just wanted to ask you for a favour.
Tony: Shoot.
Bill: Some crazy americans still don’t want to work for peanuts, they
understood that the american dream is just a dream. They are kind off
ruining our total domination plan. I’d like you to make new speeches with
even more crap. I want them to be in a trance state and go work like
robots. It’s hard to be president nowadays..
Tony: As long as the money is there…. They are allready eating out of my
hand anyways. But….haven’t you been replaced by this black guy and this
other dude??
Bill: Doesn’t matter Tony. Bush, Barracko, me…. We are all the same ;)

Kaureen Timur says:

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Ticket to Tony Robbins says:

Bill Clinton talks about Anthony (Tony) Robbins at a recent event in

Eduardo Perez says:

@jehovahourgod at least Tony is trying to make a difference the only and
best way he knows how and I’m sure Americans aren’t the only ones who
benefit from him.

cheeriosinabowl says:

@luismelhernandez1974 Amen to that !

alzhammer1 says:

i think he should pay him a cigar..!

morningbirdfeeder says:

@cheeriosinabowl The Monica thing isn’t really anything of any
circumstance, it’s the Waco thing as well as the Kosovo, Somalia thing that
gives one an excuse to dislike him.

bob smith says:

thanks bill! did u need motivation to massacre 93 men women and children in
waco texas?

Sylvester TwoSocks says:

(Funny, the double standard of libs, if the same situation had happened to
Chelsea, would the Clinton’s be pounding for restitution? What restitution
did Clinton provide? Oh yeah, that finger waging incident at the US public.
Gah, get some values, class isn’t something you buy.)

justgivemethetruth says:

Both of them have that great gift … the ability to lie and bs and have
the suckers buy into it.

James Meny says:


quinngoes says:

mk bud. i would argue with you but your comment doesn’t even make any sense
so ill save my time

Port Polska says:

OK so what was his big accomplishment?? Monica? Failed NATO campaign in
Balkans?? Failed polices in USA?? After all his presidency was dominated by
scandals and corruption.

acebrawler73 says:

@dwilmer7 if only.

MrMagicpants1 says:

He looks weak in the video.

Rajivk7 says:

Lol Clinton worst president…

ChaeTee says:

Please also consider; Bush handed Obama keys to a totaled car. Recent CEO
of Halliburton(Cheney) was Vice President under Bush. Cheney had Stock
Options from Halliburton. Oddly and illegally ONLY Halliburton was allowed
to bid on the 7 Billion Dollar Iraq Infrastructure Contract(Which they
exceeded by Billions and Billions of Dollars with no repercussions. Wartime
profiteering such as that was considered treason during WW1 and WW2. This
leaves Obama picking up the pieces.

Cornfusious says:

When you make a comment about a President or celebrity or anyone it is a
reflection of the image (mirror) that you are looking at and the image is a
reflection of yourself. Whatever you are looking for you will get it. What
are we looking for and what are our expectations?

Ralph Goicouria says:

your an idiot!

saranoid says:

god i hope so.

DaytenJ says:

oooh a picture!!! Haha newb

magentawave says:

Yes he is intelligent but he is also a Narcissist or Sociopath…and a
statist which is why seeing him and hearing him makes my skin crawl. And
BTW, the only thing I cared about the Monica deal was the hypocrisy of the
creepy republicrats that made a big deal out of it.

beneehall says:

@ozhjdfhg You were smart to get out. But don’t think that the coming
disaster will spare you no matter WHERE you are. The US is the KINGPIN of
the world’s economy as a result of fulfilling its roll of providing the
world’s reserve currency. That role is being rapidly wound down due to
greed and ignorance. The bankers provided the greed, You and your like have
provided the IGNORANCE,,,,, in spades. Good luck, Israel will NOT be

yang jay says:

@codergames Rofl ~ tell me exactly what word i didn’t spell right? hahaha~
If your gonna correct my English atleast tell me where it’s wrong! You
sound like a retard!

Youssef Nasri says:

@crazymike44 wow i havent heard so much bullshit ever

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