Clearing Fear and Worry – Tapping with Brad Yates

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You deserve to be free from fear. I hope you will enjoy this video and find it beneficial, and that you will share it with others. The more people setting th…


flauwegeit says:

Some people just have that kind and calming presence. I really liked this,
I will be enjoying more of your videos, thank you

serchingthetruth says:

Ahhhhhhh! Thank you!

Discovering Michael says:

Brad, thanks for your willingness to share this free to the world. I make
use of your tapping videos quite frequently. I find them effective. Maybe I
will include a chapter on this in my next book. Thanks for sharing your

Marie-Line Villers says:

thank you

Linda Wilson says:

Thanks Brad! I feel better already!!

Isaura Mashiko says:

Thank you Dear Brad…thank you for this good feeling. Your tap videos are
very useful.

aishah striggles says:

All that I can say is how blissful……….thank you…Poet Aishah

Alison Monaghan says:

Thanks again Brad, I always love doing your tap alongs.

Thomas Thiger says:


deeboolove says:

Hey I started substituting a vibrator at the face side and chest tapping
points and it feels soooo good! Using technology takes it a step further!!
A manual typewriter gets the job done but the electric typewriter takes it
to the next level! I again want to say I am a 12 step member for 32
years… Also studied a Course in. Miracles for years … YOUR tappping
spiritually heals me fortifies me and strengthens me when I can’t get to a
meeting. I am very grateful to your beautiful SOUL! I’m on a you tube
channel if you ever get time it’s….Deeboolove ! More love and profound
gratitude!! Erika 

Vinayak Govitrikar says:

Can we use both hands for tapping ?

seamonster82 says:

do you have to talk aloud? or can u just think it to yourself?

Maria Morlino says:

Thanks for the video.

Fred Delameilleure says:

Great waww, Brad. I suffer a lot of chronic pain since 1996, HSP, trauma…
I just want you to know I like your tubes on EFT a lot. I started with EFT
only about 2 weeks ago. Thanks.
Fred, Belgium

Marlene Victoria says:

Brad thank you so much your choice of words hit it right on the nail

robert belt says:

Your tapping rounds really helped.Excellent.

Madeline Eller says:

Even if I don’t tap — just hold my hand over my heart, or embrace myself,
even if I alter the words, the gentle wisdom of the message and your tone
is just plain healing. Thanks so much, Brad

Nikki Toong says:

Thank you Brad, I was feeling much anxiety and fear. I live in the
philippines and since Typhoon Yolanda, I’ve been feeling the fear for a
possible 2nd typhoon heading our way. I am more calmer now and I wanted to
thank you because my stomach started to unconsciously churn and I didn’t
feel I could function. Your tapping rounds really helped.

Linda Maddox says:

Brad, thank you. I just subscribed to your channel – I found this very
helpful. Been having a hard time with a lot of anxiety over the past year,
and tapping has helped – will be doing it daily.

Portland581 says:

Thank You for posting this video.

Ahmad Alharbi says:

Thank you from the heart… thank you

Simone Diniz says:

Thanks Brad. You are a very kind soul!

Marta Leclaire says:

Thank you so much for all your EFT videos. They are very helpful. I
appreciate very much your contributions to that you provide to people in
need of this therapies. You are making a difference in this world. May you
enjoyed good health, peace, and happiness.

EagleGirl919 says:

IS THAT WHAT IT IS? That I’m afraid that I wouldn’t accept myself?

I have this relatively big task (though not impossible whatsoever) that
I’ve been postponing for almost two years (would take about 2 months to
finish), and it makes me freak out… Everybody around me tells me “JUST
GET IT DONE!!, don’t worry about making it perfect, etc…” and I’m, like,
completely crippled. But I haven’t really been able to pinpoint what it is
exactly that I’m so darn afraid of… Being a perfectionist, it just hit
me, right at 0:57, that maybe what I’m so incredibly afraid of is nothing
else but my own criticism towards myself if my work doesn’t live up to my
own standards… IS THAT WHAT IT IS??

Please give me a hint, suggest an article, book to read, etc… on this. I
need to further investigate this. Dear Brad, thank you for your video, I
maybe onto something with your help. (Needless to say, I’m totally worried
about whether I’m supposed to write “onto” as one word or two words, even
though I’m not a native speaker. Jeez, I must have a lot of worries that
are kinda unimportant on a grand scale and make my days less fun… :(

Chris Dias says:

A very helpful video, thank you 🙂

Uri Polak says:

man you’re good. thank you

Mark Black says:

Thank you Brad…. Your EFT has helped me through what I perceived to be a
difficult time… It s like talking to a friend…Good man… Many thanks.. Mark

Randie Rabideau says:

Thank You Brad…that was excellent!

Feel Good EFT says:

I love Brad’s tapping videos – clear, simple and effective

Thomas Thiger says:


Thomas Thiger says:

I think you deserve The Nobel Prize for sharing your amazing videos online.
Thank you Brad!!

Rose Petal says:

Hi Brad, will you be coming to Toronto at any time?

Johan Karlsson says:

All humans are connected ,if you got OCD ofcourse you will get more relax
using this video. If you think using a drog or other stuff is better . Go
ahead. But dont say this does not work if you have no tried it. My friend
have OCD and use tapping and it works well together.

emily pang says:

Thank you Brad.

MsAmber444 says:

Dear Brad, in the past, I felt so much fear when going for a job interview
and would always stuff them up. I found and did this video along with you,
and only a few times. I then had an interview and felt soooooooo confident,
it just blew me away. I got the job… and that was 5 months ago. I’m back
now for help in another area of my life. Infinite love and gratitude for
sharing your videos with me and the world. You are truly making a

Jon Focker says:

i’m a Brad too. also i am full of fear and single because of it. i can’t
rationalize it without help. not sure what tapping is but i’ll look into it.

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