Clarity & Purpose By Anthony Robbins

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Close A quick video by Tony Robbins on Clarity and Purpose. This video very motivational and inspiring. I am using the informatio…


Madeleine Grinyer says:

Tony Robbins is excellent. Self researched to become an expert and
self-made person. This is a MUST SEE and more than that, a must understand

O'Neil Godfrey says:
Thomas Gene Vickery says:

Great Video!

Viv Oyolu says:

Happy Bank holiday and Memorial day folks!

Rachel M. Stevenson says:

What are your Must’s and Should’s???
Life will pay whatever you ask of it…POWERFUL.

Andrea theApothecary says:
Gareth Thomas says:

“must vs should”. Excellent piece of Tony’s talk.

Gareth Thomas says:

“should all over yourself!” LOL…love it. Thanks for the inspiration

Paul Summer says:

Focus On Success

Farzana Irani says:

+Anthony Robbins, #American self-help #author and #motivational #speaker
on #Clarity & #Purpose

“To have an extraordinary life, you got to have an extraordinary
psychology, extraordinary psychology means you got to live in an
extraordinary state, to be in an extraordinary state you got to condition
your nervous system, your body, your physiology, your focus to be at their

Arjun Chandrappa says:

Tony Robbins : Life always pays you what you ask of it.

Pavel Vaňhara says:


Melba Mulato says:

Meet Anthony Robbins.

Ivan R says:

This is an older video but still provides much value. Specifically, just
applying the RPM concept to my own goals helped clarify the strategy to
achieve them. To summarize, RPM stands for:
Result -What is the exact result you are looking for?)
Purpose – Why do you want to achieve said goal?
Massive Action Plan- What are your PLANS to achieve your goals. You must
have multiple plans, otherwise failed plans become excuses.

If you have any thoughts please share them.

UR cyberfyi says:

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Diva (in Demand) says:

Talk about the universe sending messages!

Pavel Vaňhara says:


Meghann Ryan Clements says:

There is power in clarity

Worldwide Vision says:

Nazmus Shakib Khandaker says:

Life will pay whatever you ask for.

ahmedzaky123456 says:

I like this video!

autorepairbocaraton says:

Great video clip. Thanks for sharing. Positive words, no matter how old or
how frequently spoken, always hold value. This is just what I needed to
hear tonight.

chelilandia says:

” HE SAW THE 100DLS BILLS” ( Tony you could get mugged! ) “SR. LIFE WILL
PAY WHATEVER PRICE YOU ASK OF IT” (Pretty good formula)

nicolai kellberg says:

@HowToBeLucky Its so nice to hear people who has been in the same situation
evolve to something so fantastic. It really proves it can be done! Im 23
and im so thankfull that i got my lige back on track when i was 21, now i
have sooo many more years to help others and at least try to make the world
a better place:-D thx a lot and right back at ya!:-D

CharlotteElliot says:

Tony Robbins can help people who intrinsically have little by way of
experience and little self awareness. Tony Robbins has mined and monetised
10th grade spirituality for the sheep of the world. I have a question which
arguably could be applied to any society throughout history. Why do some
people hero worship and spend thousands to be told essentially nothing by
obvious mountebanks like Tony Robbins or the Scientology racket when others
become sucessful without being manipulated by LGATs?

WomenEntrepreneursHQ says:

Great message!

Johnny D says:

@MrPiggysaysoinkoink you mean recover-ing!

furyustar says:

put a banana in your ear

Mahesh Mike Patel says:

seems you like this video! Mike Patel

faro0485 says:


rds540 says:

everthing says: i follow it and get what i want.

pipcork says:

@CharlotteElliot if your comparing scientology to tony robbins I cant even
comment further

Daniel Miller says:

@atlasdoc2 sorry i don’t mean to be negative, i was interested in the
beggar guy, Tony says that the guy didnt have purpose and his reasons
weren’t clear enough. i agree with that “life will pay any price you ask of
it”, but you must give something in return, and that differs from person to

scatlett52191 says:

Your purpose in life is to great! getweeklypaychecks. com/learnmore

Matlockization says:

I think this is the only forum that allows you to speak your mind about
Tony Robbins other have ‘pending approval’ !!!

HowToBeLucky says:

@MrPiggysaysoinkoink Well done! Obviously a long time ago I had exposure to
the same issues. I have a friend who has done the same as you and he is now
a fantastic therapist and drugs counciler,he works for the city working
with young people and he has had great success. Good luck to you in all you

Kevan Boyles says:

Right on the mark. RPM. Result desired, Purpose (why), and Massive action.
It works!

Nicola Reddwooddforest says:

I love Tony Robbins. I did his audio cassette program years ago and I am
fulfilling my dreams now. Tony Robbins pulled me away from Primal Therapy.
But to be fair, I also learned a lot from Primal Therapy. But everything
has its time and application validity. You have to know when to move to the
next level. Therapy should consist of a multitude of different approaches,
not only one. Each approach supplements the other. Together they are more
than the sum of their parts. Its called holistic.

Michael Phillips says:

Thank you for sharing. Positive words, no matter how old or how frequently
spoken, always hold value. I stumbled upon this when I needed to, and it
deserves to be shared.

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