Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Circumstances! (Law Of Attraction) Powerful!

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Killua1994 says:

I am in college now and I have anxiety. I have no close friends and it’s
funny that I get super nervous around people that I like, but I always talk
to people that I am not so interested in. There was this guy in one of my
classes, I’m a guy too, I really find this guy attractive but not in a
sexual way I just feel that I want to become close friends with him. We had
a pair assignment a couple of times in class and he used to talk to me a
lot about the assignment saying how funny it was (It had a lot of funny
aspects). He always have a smile on his face as well and when he smiles and
talks to me it just feels so good. I saw him sitting by himself countless
times, I wanted to go and start talking to him but I just end up getting
nervous, then used to get extremely angry when I go back to my apartment
because I blew my chance. I saw his Facebook profile and we do have stuff
in common. I’m really anxious that I might not see him again, but after
listening to this video I’ve started visualizing talking to him. I hope I
see him again. Oh my god this felt like a heroic speech I don’t know if
anyone will read it :)

Bob Nietzsche says:

the beast must die, and the only way to kill it is with the truth → go to
TruthContest♥Com and read “The Present”

Soyosan22 says:

This really works! After I changed my thoughts, I feel so different and
many of my dreams came true!!!!!

Daniella Calais says:

I know, without a doubt this WORKS!! I have been practicing these teachings
for quite a few years now and I have experienced it work first hand. It
takes awhile to get your subconscious mind focusing on what you want,
instead of what you don’t want, but eventually you’ll get there. My best
advice is simply BE AWARE OF WHAT YOURE THINKING ABOUT! As often as
possible, ask yourself, ” what am I thinking?” “Are my thoughts about
things I want to happen or things I don’t want to happen?” Watch videos
like this, read books about this stuff, talk to people about it, write
words of affirmation all around your house and car, create a vision board.
Eventually, it will become second nature to manifest what you want and life
will flow easily in your favor. Life is meant to be smooth and free
flowing. When things don’t seem right and you feel like you’re swimming up
stream, step back and reevaluate what you’re doing and how you can change
your thoughts to change your reality. 

Martin Schwab says:

Notice how bank created debt-money is left in place as an equal force of
nature as quantum physics instead of identified for what it is, an outdated
social invention. Eliminate this error in the presentation and all will be
right with our world, for everyone. It’s also interesting how the dislike
button is non-responsive while the “positive” like button responds just
perfectly, which I immediately “unliked.” Maybe someone else can restate my
words here in positive language. I’ve had enough of this airbrushed social
Darwinism. I agree with Steve Forbes, drive a stake through the heart of
the private Federal Reserve system and then let’s see what reality

John Taylor says:

The mantra which I do is this. I sit in front of a mirror and look deep
into my eyes and say outloud, ” Im going to have a good day today, because
Im good enough, Im smart enough and doggone it, people like me.” Its my
daily affirmation.

Daniela Borges says:

Have you tried visualization? Why not give this one a go, your future will
thank you:)

Robin Chipman says:

This 5 minute meditation has changed my life

mQtek says:

This is not the full truth. Be it deliberate or otherwise. You do not just
think and suddenly things happen. You need the holy father, mother and
spirit. Thought, emotion, action. That is how change occurs, none of this
“Ok I’ll think about a billion dollars and fate will somehow grant it to
me.” No.

DeBorah Palmer says:

I want to manifest large sources of money, wealth and unlimited income to
help people with developmental disabilities in Africa specifically Ghana. I
personally know a SiStar in Ghana who has a son with Autism who is
struggling. I try to help her but I need to be more prosperous so that she
can establish organizations in Ghana to assist developmentally disabled
populations and their families. The stigma must be removed. This population
does not have the resources, services or programs for special needs people
like we have in the United States. So I want to be the conduit to help
parents, special needs children and adults. Yes I want to be the voice for
those who have no voice. My personal stake in this is my brother Stephen
who is fortunate to live in America where goods, services, programs,
training and care are available to developmentally disabled citizens.
Stephen has progressed greatly to the point where he holds a job, has an
active social life and is a benefit to his community. I want the special
needs population in Ghana and all Africa to have the same opportunities as
my beloved brother Stephen.

Geezart says:

Another great video. So glad to be subbed to both channels

1400deadwood says:

The technique discussed on this video is exactly the same thing used in
Silva Mind Control.

Strangely, every time I have ever used visualization some form of plumbing
difficulty arises such as pipes breaking down in my apartment. Then my
place gets flooded and messy. No folks, I ain’t kidding. This actually

TasteMyStinkhole says:

“… This law simply states, whatever you give out in Thought, Word,
Feeling, and Action is returned to you” Wow, you resonate phenomenal
stupidity. Plenty of evil people lead rich fruitful long lives, and plenty
of children die of cancer. Your ignorance is astounding, and your brain
rot is so settled in, there’s no hope for you. Given that you have 75k
subscribers, it must feel pretty amazing to you that there are so many
effing stupid people in the world that are led by their ignorance. You
must be pocketing lots of coin off all these stupid fucks.
Congratulations… and that’s the best lesson of all… that there are
armies of idiots that will give you money if you have the right scam.

Curtis Blanton says:

this all a lie. Quantum Physics doesn’t say this. No scientist says this.
This person is not a physicist.

Sebby Siena says:

Anyone else hear a whisper in the backround? Is that a subliminal message

Rosan Sadeghian says:

We are a creator and we create our world and lives.

Samantha Bell says:

Anyone else here a womans voice very quietly in the background (especially
around minute 8) ? What good is that for? Subliminal messaging to help aid
positive thoughts? 😛 Anyway, nice video

edita mercado says:

Amazing…thanks for sharing

Mary Botwright says:

thank you for your lovely talk full of wisdom Mary xx

gjpvidz says:

Great video and I am thankful you made it. I have been experiencing this
truth. It takes conscious effort consistently. “Reprogramming” is a very
appropriate term. I began this after going to treatment for drug and
alcohol dependence and my life has completely changed to the degree that I
feel like I live on another planet than previously experienced. It’s
important to spend our energy wisely i.e. quit listening to toxic ideas
portrayed in “entertainment” especially if you live here in the US. There
is so much garbage that can be let go. It’s a beautiful thing. 

Joe Shirk says:

To naysayers and simplifiers: There’s no mention in this recording of
quantum physics or intentional intervention in wave functions. Yes, there
are ‘entertainers’ who use such explanations, so very well, ignore them.
The correct principle is taking charge of your subconscious scripting and,
in turn, editing your filter of perception. People oversimplify ‘positive
thinking’ to be as if our beliefs manipulate the universe. The cause-effect
relationship is totally backwards!

Attitude determines what you attempt, where you go, who you talk to, when
you take action or how long you delay. If success is being at the right
place at the right time, speaking up, seizing opportunity, and taking
action, then obviously believing that your desire is impossible, you’re not
even going to get out of bed early, or take that journey, or form that
habit through discipline, or meet that pivotal person. You’re not going to
be at the right place at the right time. You’re standing on the beach
instead of surfing the waves.

Your thinking is selection of your path and ultimately, your destination.
You can’t change the wind and the waves, but you have sail and rudder.
You’re either the captain of your ship or, you’re simply adrift.

Qi Huna says:

I surrender, release and let go. It is done. Thank you!

Demetrius Jones says:

I am trying too hard. I have learned to let go and let it happen on its
own!!!! I deserve to become wealthy!!

John Smith says:

Very nice video, thanks for sharing.

ShamariJefferson says:

This is my story what’s yours?
I really believe this is true. I tested it before I even knew what it was.
Its almost common sense: good self esteem, optimism. I believe it more than
I believe in any religion. Call it quantum physics or philosophy but it
worked for me.
When I was an elementary student, I used to believe that I had some magical
power that everything worked in my favor because I wanted it too. And
things did work in my favor. If I thought I was going to win something, I
did because I chose to believe that. There was no doubt in my mind. I
received a trophy for getting best in P.E. and Music. I received them
because I knew I would.
Then came a time when I moved, and the place I moved to, I hated, I stop
believing “that I could” and failed at everything. My grades were down, and
I was in special ed.
I moved again, I separated myself from all kids, because I had been so
scared and my self esteem had been diminished. Because I was in special ed,
I had my own tutor in class and made a good grade on a test. It wasn’t
that great but after the teacher praise me for doing well on the test., I
started believing that I was good at school. My grades went up, I made the
highest test score in that elementary school. I took graduate from special
ed, took AP classes, and graduated in the top ten percent in my class, not
bad for someone who was consider special. All this, because I believe I
could and that Attracted more positive things in my grades and academic
Unfortunately, I never exceled in sports. The reason is because I wasn’t
as sure I could. I let doubt take over me. I worked hard and practice more
than anyone on the teams I played on. But the reason why I didn’t succeed
is not because I didn’t try, its I didn’t have self esteem for them, Sure I
practice hard, but not because I was sure I would win but because I worried
I would lose. In order to win something you should have faith in yourself,
not doubt yourself.
I had many other encounters with the law of attraction. Like Believing I
would find my lost phone and I did, It was laying in the grass, anyone
could have picked it up. I had been in school for 8 hours and I had no idea
where I had dropped it. It was far from my house, when I had walked to the
school bus that day. I had told my friend for proof that when I lost it I
would find it because I knew I would and I had faith.
I’m now a college student and just three years found out about the law of
attraction through ‘The Secret’ documentary. My life has been much better
with it.
There are countless of stories in which the law of attraction has proven
its self to me but I’ll stop my enormous long story here. I just wanted
explain how the law attraction work for me when I was using it, when I
wasn’t using it, and how it worked with large and small issues in my life.
Any one who is successful or has been successful explains that they use the
law of attraction in their own words.
If anyone has read this, I would like to hear your story as well.

airanwater01 says:

this ia an nlp technique, almost, great stuff!!

Valon Maddox says:

Who is the speaker on this video? The website link didn’t work.

Samantha Bell says:

Oh yeah, and should you do one session about one thing,
or can you do multiple sessions on different subjects?…thanks

Stefan Shand says:

Theres nothing worse than having all these riches and wealth and not being
able to spend it with someone you love. 

Ed DeLaRosa says:

“You are Creators”are a blessing to our planet. Thank you and keep
enriching our planet with your LOVE! ❤️

advaitanr2 says:

“If wishes where horses, nobody had to walk” Saying from the 15th

David Hastings says:

“It’s not all about money”?
That is the reason the world is so F up


Thank You I will start using this !!!! 

#Medicine Simplified says:

Just found this and LOVE it! I am CONFIDENT that this will change my life.
BTW those wondering what the lady said: ” Hey *insert name*, What are we
doing tonight?” Man: “The same thing we do every night pinky, TRY TO TAKE

Channell Daniels says:

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Circumstances! …:

Per Srisophon Stensved says:

Money have nothing to do with happiness or success. When will these
Americans learn the true values of life?

moshe evgi says:

youarecreators! are you millonairs already ? 

Ashish - Vashisht says:

Starts at 4:03 – 

Rigo Rigo Rigo Tovar says:

I got love from those I never thought I did.

slava tsvetkov says:

Why do I need to hear in the middle of my meditation ‘you know there are
seminars which charge $450.00, and upwards”. What did it have to do with my
soul’s uplifting. It was technically guilt, and brought me down.

Sushant Narang says:

i really want a help on this. I am not at all living the life i dream of
till now. I have lot of fears and negativity and these thoughts has got
engraved in my mind. .

Cathy Carlon says:

Constant Happiness Re-Affirming It’self So That…Supreme Power Illuminates
Re-birth Into Tranquility. cathy <3

Inga Kloster says:


Ruban Pat says:

Mind blowing …….Our programming need to change

Beyond Black Hair says:

Some people on here are astonishingly arrogant. I don’t care how you
articulate your explanation. Whether it is pseudoscience or quantum physics
clearly you have missed the point. Do you feel positive or negative post
audio tutorial? However you get to a higher state of consciousness doesn’t
matter as long as you arrive. Goodness some of you will make anything

Malc Odejimi says:

It gets on my nerves when most people who talk about this sort of thing say
things like ‘a friend of mine…..’ to reference a success story. It’s
always a friend of a friend or someone who knows someone else. What’s YOUR
CONSISTENT story? That’s what I’d be interested in hearing…

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