Challenges to Pursue

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15 minute section of classic Jim Rohn. …


Gareth Thomas says:

Excellent advice Mr Rohn…I wish I could’ve met you in person :(

LHStarAlliance says:

I´ve heard this speech about 500 times in the last two years, it is just
amazing. The best i´ve ever heard.

RSUN2012 says:

In no particular order Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Abraham Hicks and Tony
Robbins. I am sure there are others I may be missing, but these are for
sure are in the top ten of all time and most likely top 5.

That really hits one the 20 more times to start, as opposed to twenty more
years. Hmm

And, the truth is it is more likely about 8 more times one has in tat
twenty year time period, because years go by were we do not address
anything. That really wakes me up to the dire reality of life on earth.

Neil Locke says:

Words of wisdom from a real achiver

Jeff Woods says:

Great advice

Mikhail Baynes says:

My favourite mentor the late, Jim Rohn! Here’s his best words of wisdom!

Tandis R says:

Interesting speech 

Ana Calderon says:

Good morning Google friends have a beautiful day 😉 hugs to all xo

Talal Al Sabiri says:
Jeffrey Lin says:

“Papa said, if it’s raining you can’t fix the roof…if it’s not raining
the roof doesn’t need to be fixed.”

Patrick Walsh says:

Darlene Mills says:

Challenges to Pursue Always do more than you get paid for! Challenges to

Salem Oregon Mobile Marketing says:
Mikhail Baynes says:

Great wisdom from my late mentor, Jim Rohn!

Life is to enjoy! Live your dreams!

MrSeriousintentions says:

I find Jim’s approach was so simple, no complication involved, a genius!!!

tygama says:

Excellent teachings, and very inspirational. Truly a great man to listen
and learn from.

kvled says:

Отличный человек и учитель!… Думаю его последователи есть по всему
миру… Светлая ему память!…

Chery869 says:

That’s thinking Positively…

Arythmnmaker1 says:

Mr. Jim Rohn; Master Poet of expressing and sharing inspiration. I had the
fantastic experience to meet and attend many seminars and meetings with Mr.
Rohn beginning in the mid 70’s. My interest in his perspective, was based
on his always acknowledging and sharing his belief in God.

Ahmed Salahud-Din says:

Thank you Mr. Rohn for all of your goodness and wanting good from all
people. You were certainly my inspiration during times when I felt like
giving up. RIP

riyandosth says:

Thank u jim

bongiwe says:

He is the best. Words to live by.

RickDangerous3 says:

I love it; practice only a fraction of it so far, and already such a vast
impact on my mind and life. Thanks Mr. Rohn, and thanks to the uploader!

Manny Barns says:

type in (topnotch do you)and press search,this is just what i needed to

mikezandsarahc says:

Jim Rohn is timeless! Brilliant!

Jayla60 says:

I love listening to Jim Rohn’s podcasts and videos. Class act with sound
advice. He left so many gems to the human race.

balabilu says:

This is my favourite video with Jim Rohn.

jcneverquits says:

I have yet to find a person more sincere towards being a success. I’m so
grateful Mr. Rohn chose to spread the wisdom that now shapes every rung on
my ladder to greatness! You were a great man Mr. Rohn, R.I.P!

LalithaSr says:

He probably didn’t want to go over his time.

Ahmed Salahud-Din says:

Thank you Mr. Rohn for all of your goodness and wanting good from all
people. You were certainly my inspiration during times when I felt like
giving up. RIP you helped me be a better me

sethwenen says:

I love to listen to this video while driving to Work at least one morning a
Week. Thanks Jim for sharing your Wisdom


I have set my computer password as “jimrohn” since 3 months now 🙂 Jim was
a great man, I learned a lot from him 🙂

Ankit Michael Samuel says:

hmm.. cool 🙂

Julie Cockburn says:

Ah, this is so good! I’m so glad these videos are available here to watch.
He will be missed.

Olga Dwyer says:

Thank you again- still not enough to show my appreciation ! 🙂

toby gto says:

CLASSIC!! Love Jim Rohn..What an absolute Master of his craft!! Absolute
Legend. Thank you.

TheExtremeMarketing says:

Thanks for your great videos, keep up the good work and let us enjoy.. let
me know what you think of my channel?

Maria Portugal says:

Thanks for your wise advise! EXCELLENT!

aantevski says:

Regards from Macedonia

moonlasor says:

I was just introduced to this wonderful man, through his videos. It is
having a profound effect on me and I thank the friend who sent me to watch
them. Mr Rohn was truly ‘One Of A Kind” May he RIP!

Dorival Sancevini says:

how many people duped by empty talk and a liar.

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