Chakra Clearing with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

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epilepticXbabe says:

wow! awesome!

Sexykittyraven says:

this is amazing!! thank you!

warser3401 says:

1 minute before i did this i stubed my toe now it feels better

Twirretwarre says:

I really like this chakra clearing and will do this one every day to see
how it goes. Thank you for sharing! Twirretwarre from Holland

bluecrossbow says:

Any reason why you don’t tap under the arm – spleen meridian? thanks

4willieDe says:

Thank you! This works nicely!!

mdolls68dcw says:

This was pretty cool. I’ll try to remember to do this after my EFT
sessions. This made my feet feel great and tingly. EFT has helped me
greatly over the past almost 6 yrs. Thanks for sharing this.

Joshua Rendon says:

can ths also work for headache?

marty says:

Must admit I was a bit sceptical at first, like a lot of people, there are
so many crazy techniques out there that it’s hard to know what to try. But
I tried a couple of the vids this evening and I feel so ‘light’ and relaxed
right now. I’m gonna make a habit out of this. Thank you.

slysuemim says:

awesome thanks

slysuemim says:

you have me convinced great stuff

WelcomeOne says:

yes! You can do the tapping with good thoughts and feelings to enhance
them! its great

yeastori says:

Hey it works I just got a nasty cramp on my leg 2 minutes before this
exercides but now I run run even WOW amazing

eeeecccc2 says:

it makes me feal more calm and my head achs go it also makes me focus more
in school

unholyruler says:

wow i had just been steamed and i did this and it felt like a cool
refreshing energy was coming from my hand and my mind was clear

mickfluzzski says:

yeah i feel so light and relaxed after that . thats so amazing !

magnustapping says:

Just where the lowest bones of your rib cage meet at the front.

WelcomeOne says:

yes fantastic! thanks

Suchandra Dasi says:

Thank you. After I did it I felt clearer and it seems like everything is
brighter not so dark. It feels good.

Alvin365 says:


myheartsingz says:

well done. I feel your generous spirit. Thanks!

redwanderlust says:

This is fantastic – thankyou – om shanti

redenchilada says:

Very good. Thank you.

magnustapping says:

Just because it’s a little uncomfortable for some people and might put them
off – it seems to work fine without it!

magnustapping says:

Put the palm of your hand as low as is decently possible! Or you can
actually sit on it – the important thing is that you focus your attention
directly inside the area around the base of your spine.

bccritters says:

Magnus, are there any tapping methods that enhance certain Good emotions
and memories?(love, gratitude, courage?)and are there any known tapping
methods to regain lost memories? thanks, great vids!

Natasha Peterson says:

Thanks for putting these out here, I found immense relief from a distracted
foggy head, ready for my conference call now

Jim Mooney says:

Doesn’t this miss the base chakra?

Araceli Collazo says:

wonderful! thank you so much.

funkless says:

I was real tired before I did this, so I did it and now I feel really
light-headed and not tired. Not bouncing with energy, but certainly not
wanting to flop flat on my bed anymore.

tiktam51 says:


horris2 says:

Free theraphy,Im sure drug industry loves this.A theraphy to cure migranes
where u need not purchase any pills.

Hanane Soulami says:

Regardez cette vidéo sur YouTube :

sonia bellani says:
stefanos skam says:
Odest Gresham says:

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