CashVille Kidz Episode 11: Goal & Goal Setting

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Abu Zainab says:

I suka berry and penny…

Isobel Sim says:

Very interesting show… love this series..

Emily Kueh says:

i always set my goals… without goals u can’t achieve anything

Matthew Bradshaw says:

This honestly sucks.

Nurul Azlali says:

This is the best show on astro… Go go cashville kidz!

Christopher Leong says:

Set your goals kids.. And you will go far..

Nurul Azlali says:

Just discovered this series on astro… It’s so exciting

Kenny Soh says:

Love cashville kidz 🙂

Sandra Pek Joong Shong says:

best episode ever..

Fikri Kamaludin says:

Kartoon kegemaran I nih…

Vivi Sim says:

My favorite show! I watch it every time…

Adam Chen says:

I love cashville kidz !!

Vivian Chong says:

Excellent show… Hope they come out with more episodes

Cindy Chai says:

CashVille kids… is my favorite..

John Tan Kim Bok says:

woah finally episode 11..

Nurul Shalim says:

Another great episode ! 🙂

Saiful Bakar says:

Cashville terbaek!!!

Nizam Lokman says:

I wanna be S.M.A.R.T too to achieve my financial goals

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