Calm Music Peaceful Songs: Most Relaxing Music, New Age for Meditation,Yoga,Massage & Deep Sleep

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Peaceful Music, Most Relaxing and Soft Music, New Age Music, Relaxation, Yoga, …


SophieeDTV says:

My whole family including me suffer from insomnia but this seriously helped
loads! Thanks for giving the time to upload this :)

Moon High Priestess says:

During this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse “Shadodw” try and listen to some
soothing music! Relax and unwind! 

Paul Purcell says:

Beautiful :)

TheJayProductions1 says:

So sleepy..

Romi Jain says:

Asian music is soothing!

Michel Lafreniere says:

Welcome April, natural scenery is starting to change and is modifying our
day to day life when sun rays are more in direct contact with our planet.
Trees are blooming and are getting ready for May. The month where all aroma
are reaching our nose as a person walks around all fresh flowers and the
birds are singing their favorite melodies.


pedronery2000 says:

Thank you. :3

DeadDancers says:

I absolutely loved that the images kept changing. I was a bit sad then they
started looping pretty early on. Ah well. Still lovely relaxing music.

Vicariously Through Kay says:

Never have I fallen asleep so fast because I decided to give this a try!

MineCast Sion says:

Life is so fucking stressful. I was ready to tear apart the room and this
helped. Thanks. 

Ismael Ramirez says:


عبدالله ثاعي says:

Music is quiet. I’ve grown with this music

Andres Pinto says:

Very good for concentrating… THANKS!

Blue Star The Winged Wolf says:

Beautiful! I alway listen to it!

terry seepaul says:

peaceful & relaxing…………..

Ethan Mahle says:


xMasterJuiceX says:


jean-marie ignatowicz says:

it is like dreaming, fully flying in the space, without any fear at all…
Splendid !

Alexandru Goga says:

I have stumic viris with my friwnd when I poo my stomach hurts I put this
I’m better

BartSimpson says:

Amazingly relaxing. Love it.

Om Raje says:

sounds very natural

Priscilla Lee says:

This music is so relaxing

Вика Куреня says:
aperetz77 says:

thank you!!

Shinji Kurosaki says:

This works to calm headaches, I took a soak, some prescribed anti-headache
meds, and my head is totally better…

Nisi Peace says:

Ahh, this is just what I need to hear at this moment… very relaxing. Thank
you so much. ~Peace~

vonny's stuff says:


videogamegeek Laudil says:

thank you!!

Anna Topal says:

Perfect for morning yoga or pilates. Thanks for the upload! 

PeeKeeCheW (A.K.A AndSmellTheAshes) says:

Thanks for the peaceful music. I have tons of homework and this really

Andrew Bush says:

My eyes hurt and I had a headache from being frustrated I laid down with
this and accidently dosed off for 10 mins and relieved I was.. This does

FluffyDreamAJ says:

I just went here to play it as I played flappy bird honestly

Jessica Silva says:

Was having some anxiety and this put me to sleep. Very helpful!

Sarah Sollom says:

I want to buy this but don’t know what it’s called

Gabriella K says:

I love this music

mr mushroom89 says:

Thanks I was having trouble with my xbox and felt angry this realy helpt

fahad althani says:

Whenever I have a headache I hear this and then it’s gone thank you

murdock wormwood says:

thank you so much. 

hbanthai Chen says:

So Peacefull Music & Nice Background view.

Leah Robinson says:

I like Relaxed music

relaxintojoy says:

There are many ways to relax. Music is one way.

Buxton Ward says:

Very beautiful music

thomas laux says:

well done

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