Building Self-Confidence and Reducing Anxiety- Hypnosis CD (720p)

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slurpuffsentinel says:

this is so weird. I fell asleep during this and had a dream that a burglar
was breaking into my house and I calmly and coolly went upstairs, locked
the door, called 9/11, and hid under the bed waiting quietly. fuckin weird

Marcos H says:

Has anyone seen a difference in their life by using this hypnotherapy
video? How were you before vs now?

Cris Jones says:

The worst anti-anxiety hypnosis ever!!! It gave me such a bad nightmare
that I was up for hours trying to calm myself down. You are why hypnosis
has a bad name! Shame on you!!

Paige Turner says:

Amazing. Would love to listen to more of her work!

Coco Loro says:

talking too much…seems like an endless introduction…

bigstudwithaguitar says:

too wordy. couldn’t transe.

Tosha Lockhart says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

MissPeachz says:

This guided meditation is my saving grace, i suffer from deep depression,
anxiety and ptsd, when i suffer from insomnia, or wake up from nightmares,
even if i’m just feeling anxious , this recording helps me get to sleep
everytime. I’ve listened to this many many times and the more you practise
meditation and hypnosis , the easier it get’s, so thankyou so much for
posting this , i love it soo much!! It really really helps.

Roger Morgan says:

this is THE best hypnosis/meditation I have heard on youtube cannot
recommend enough – amazing and so helpful, thanks for posting.

MrMaile1 says:

the music is too loud and distracting.

iszel mori says:

Wtf!! While I was listening to this and I fell asleep , my mother woke me
up !! Ugh,,

Nitsa Amanda Oz says:

This is by far one of the best recording for hypnosis that I heard on
YouTube. The text is well written, the performance is excellence, just the
right stop and go so you don’t feel rushed. Even the music is beautiful and
artfully coordinated to the text. I listen to it so often, I think I can
almost remember it by hard by now…

Great job and thank you for your contribution.

Joes Garage says:

Thank you for sharing this, Daniel. I found it very relaxing in a time of
tremendous anxiety. I will keep listening and I’m so glad that you found
such relief, yourself. Yes you’re right, everyone does deserve to be happy
and content!

nevinevius says:

Amazing! This is actually the first hypnosis that really works for me, it’s
like she’s saying just the right words that click with me. Thank you so

Supriya Sharma says:

Most complex things can be done in most simple ways. And this videos proves
that. Thank you for posting it.

Austin Littke says:

I had a nocturnal emission after listening to this. Great video!

Celethal says:

I admit this does actually work. I feel my self getting more confident, I’m
getting more confident in my dreams too , if that makes sense. 

GraceSmithTV says:

I really liked your clip! Can’t wait to see more! I think you’d enjoy my
channel if you want to check it out :)

Verowatches says:

I don’t understand the point of complaining about this video. It was not
made by the poster. He cannot and should not change it. There are plenty
more videos out there. Such weird, pointless negativity.

Tosha Lockhart says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

NikeZoomVictory says:

This was a really great watch, thank you for posting! I’ve always been a
believer in the healing powers of hypnosis and having a healthy mind and
spirit. I know that my confidence and self esteem have been boosted
tremendously having watched this. 

FBAieXecuTioNxe _Martin says:

I relax so much that it starts to tickle real hard, can’t be sitting in the
same position for a long time :p

norwaycheers says:

I’ve been having trouble with my anxiety for the past weeks, but after
listening to this yesterday I have had a calm and relaxing day, – even
being able to enjoy the subtle things I tend to overlook. Thank you!

John Bates says:

Hi again Daniel, the only reason I asked was because I feel this is one of
the best hypnotic vids I have ever heard and I wondered if she has done any
others. Your help would be much appreciated. 

cdbfort says:

what a lovely video, so dreamy and relaxing… 🙂 wonderful. thanks

J Blake says:

Thank you, Daniel, for posting Maria’s wonderful, soothing, affirming

lifesabuzzwhoopwhoop says:

Bless you for this

Sams T says:

i love it! make more videos. 

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