Bruce Lipton – The Tapping Solution

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Interview with Bruce Lipton from the documentary film, “The Tapping Solution” …


Edo Hlaca says:

Everyone who want to find out something about tapping method, look for

John M Powers says:

Love all that Bruce Lipton has to share with us but, not much (or nothing),
mentioned about ‘The Tapping Solution’, so… a strange title for this

Richard Smits says:

Well it´s a way to conect people under the same vibration. Interesting that
this is shouted out now, it´s time for humanity to do a change

Walter Karas says:

he is worth watching once

LeRae McBroom says:

he is worth watching once

CityOf Angels says:

an intelligent guy who escaped the zionist indoctrination and
interpretation of life.

Darren Paterson says:

This video had nothing to do with EFT….. I do appreciate Bruce’s work but
was nothing about tapping in the title

hitssquad says:

@melissacarl2002 “With in minutes, he woke up from his coma,his lungs
cleared his kidneys started working and he no longer needed dialysis. I was
like whoah man. The doctor was like – How is this happening” Post hoc ergo
proctor hoc.

Jonathan Landsman says:

Thank you for YOUR energy…keep up the great work. 🙂


So is the invisible field god?

Fraterculae says:

@tairanman soft filters i think 😉

Chris Aspinall says:

A legend

Sen Chi says:

very well said

ExtantFrodo2 says:


vahe stepanian says:

@MrMichuzz Free Market Capitalism is a disney fantasy, a term of
contradiction, there is nothing free about the Market, you either have to
sell yourself for a wage or you are one of the few in possession of Capital
that can exploit the energies of working men or women, when and where
CAPITALISM WAS HUMANE AND FREE, from genocide of the Native Americans to
enslaving of millions of Africans to incessant war and imperialistic
millitarisation and dehumansation and destruction of our enviornment

vahe stepanian says:

The dynamics of the evolution of human society has been the technological
innovations to survive and empower ourselves in the process. This
scientific and technical abillities have become a means in the hands of a
few to control and dominate the majority. The elite have allways used
ideologies/dogmas to distort and manipulate the majority into
compliance.This manufacture of consent is the common belief that is
ballooned out so dangerously as normalcy in our consciousness.

TheRealSamPreece says:

You’re still here! Something must be pullling you toward these ideas apart
from the need to ridicule. Welcome and enjoy 🙂

Andromeda Love Story says:

This information helps me widen my perspective even more!

iye nine says:

on a cellular level ‘the fate of the cells is primarily determined on the
environment the cells find themselves in” this also is the same on a
personal level, everyone is a result of the environment they are/have been

crusty21 says:

The Sun moved over the Waters the first field of mother earth before
volcanic eruptions pushed the dirt up and expanded to gases to create our
air….Fire, Water, Earth, Air..The fields are the basic elements that
create life….all parts of the singularity as we have all these fields
inside of us…we are transmission points and beacons of the same causality
consciousness ..there is no separate existence.. we are creators of the
creator and creatures of creation simultaneously.

allthings509 says:

“The Field is the sole governing agency of the particle” –A. Einstein says
it all really, yet all biologists are in total denial of this, or they
throw their hands up and tell you the body was constructed as an
accident… Religious beliefs (dogma) like these are deeply ingrained in
all medical institutions.

TheLetsbegin says:

Excellent evaluation!

Rob Arentsen says:

I can get carried away a bit at times….

Geomo666 says:

thx Mr bruce…

ToRqC says:

@tairanman yeah i think this man has it down pat so much that it causes him
to grow younger, smart man!

EvodiusTheophile says:

@hypnocoachlisa Is that you Bruce? = )

Shaun O'Connor says:

Lipton tackes a question that many conventional thinkers dare not even
entertain. that is, that everything we take as “fact” is probably the
result of our beleif systems, take a typical lab experiment. is the
scientist trying to arrange( albeit subconscioulsy) an environment that
will yeild the results that he or she expects to find? think about it, the
amount of preparatory work involved, if you realy look at what goes on in
experiments your looking at ritual dressed up as science.

splatuality says:

Individuals are responsible for their own social imprisonment . Every thing
we understand is based on a complicated lie that is fed to us throught a
schooling system that is only there to benefit Corporation . To truly be
free one must understand the infastucture . I recommend Learning what a
free man of the land is and how legal lese is used to trick you into
believing the lies that cage you .

alduns7 says:

Proverbs 23;7 As a man think, so he is. So why are we still chasing our

Eclectifying says:

I am into Jesus and science! God is the one who thought up all this stuff,
and gave us minds to comprehend it and it is fascinating to study!

youberaw says:

Love this video…very interesting. Thankyou for sharing all your great
finds. Nessa

Great Lesson Studios says:

Can’t get enough Bruce Lipton! Could listen to him 24/7. Did you know he’s
also featured in a new flick called “The Great Lesson”

Gyre Badsah says:

I found esssaythinker(.)com as a good source for my assignments lol You can
also check it too

richard23videos says:

I disagree with his assertion that molecular biologists neglect the
importance of the “field”. There are all kinds of electronic fields holding
the body together, and biologists know this.

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