Bruce Lipton – ‘The Power Of Consciousness’ – Interview by Iain McNay

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Bruce Lipton – ‘The Power Of Consciousness’ – Interview by Iain McNay Bruce is a cellular biologist who is the author of “The Biology Of Belief” and “Spontan…


RemyMill says:

130 people have yet to unchain themselves from the depths of the cave.

frogstar42 says:

Very cool. The best description of placebo-like power ideas I’ve watched.

Epicself says:

I’m such a nerd… I love epigenetics and the biology behind our belief
systems. You have complete control over your gene expression. Did you know?
Now you do!

Bruce Lipton – ‘The Power Of Consciousness’ – Interview by Iain McNay

andre vieira says:

natural selection cell scale

Jose Manuel Marquez says:

Hear everything believe what you want

Your Law Of Attraction says:

Bruce Lipton – ‘The Power Of Consciousness’ – Interview by Iain McNay

Ian Collins

Special thanks to my contributors:

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Procrastinerd says:

As cool as this is it can’t be confidently spoken about until more research
is done. I would do the research and experimentation before I speak a 50
minute video on it. If it hasn’t been qualified as a credible science yet
than it is either wrong or people are slow to adopt this ‘epigenetic’

Harry The Force says:

But there are certain laws which cannot be dismissed by thought. If you
believe you can jump off a roof and fly you’ll be sadly mistaken. Likewise
there are ways our body works. Physiology is the science of how are body
works. If you eat crap no matter how hard you believe you’ll eventually
become diseased. 

Procrastinerd says:

Do you think the reliance on the system throughout time has manipulated our
control of consciousness? In this age of global security I feel as if
humanity has their consciousness on lockdown. Lipton mentions the Jesuits
and although they may have been hindered by a religious institution, it
seems as if their consciousness was greater because they do not have this
kind outlook on life that the 9 to 5 population has today. And although
it’s a long shot, as we go into the past we find that there are more and
more mystical accounts. I don’t intend to bring about some kind of
conspiratorial agenda but maybe those mystical accounts of Greek Gods and
water into wine were in a world where individuals could further expand
their consciousness. Thoughts?

Pimpess G says:

i had to clap for this video lol i love this

Grimz' kul says:

Great interview!

jeff lee brown tv says:

He’s great but for ALL the answers study Walter Russell

Bill Fletcher says:

I have been living with those beliefs for more than 40 years and have
adopted some ways of changing those destructive beliefs from childhood.
You can easily do it yourself. One should start with keeping a journal of
your feelings about your life now, not yesterday, although yesterday is
better than writing about nothing. It help to see what those beliefs are
that have remained from childhood in the sub-conscious. Since your brain
will believe anything that you or someone you believe tells your brain, you
can consciously reject that belief and do a mantra telling your brain what
you want it to believe so that it becomes the sub-conscious belief in lieu
of the earlier belief. Works beautifully. Changed my life zip-bang. One
should only do one problem mantra at a time. Like: I Love Me, or I am a
healthy person, whatever belief you feel the need to change. 10 minutes
everyday for 6 weeks. Don’t be worrying about it any time but when you are
doing the mantra. When doing the 10 minutes you must take control and push
any disbelief away and out of your thoughts. You can read the words in
your inner vision or see your new self in your mind’s eye while you do the
mantra either out loud or in you head. Read Seth Speeks, for more on this
exercise. It is a real blessing and has worked so well for me in my life.
I do love Bruce. A wonderful scientist and human being.

Branko Tešić says:


rahim saiyan says:

until age six we’re just being hypnotized… 

Senthuran Thevaseelan says:


DHundrethMonkee says:

More great stuff from Bruce.

Mark Kromis says:
Mika Altidor says:

Great interview!

David Bell says:

Ian, you’re an amazing moderator. I love your interviews. Keep this going!

Ryan McGinnis says:

It may sound silly to ask this, but how can I become conscious of the
beliefs in my subconscious mind especially if I have difficulty remembering
things in my early childhood years?

Sonia Di Placido says:

I’m so impressed. Amen.

Chris Sharp says:

Love Bruce!

UniversalElemental says:

Great interview. Lipton has been doing solid work against the mainstream
grain for decades. Oppositional positions to his work are generally
relative to what he describes in this interview as “subconscious

cindy nelson says:

Awesome! Thank You!

susan mackey says:

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is
the gift of God:

– King James Bible “Authorized Version”, Cambridge Edition
This is saying the same thing.

ds24a3 says:

Great interview, no matter if you believe or not, you are always affected
by your own subconscious mind either the outcome is positive or negative
but the point being there is always a result. It connects to the
Holographic Universe idea which I like very much.

frogjg2003 says:


MegaMusicNotes says:

What a powerful, and informative interview! Every bit of it!

I especially love the part where he mentions that “all of us are tuning
forks” (26:58).

If you like more research on odor, and emotions, please go to my web site
or blog, or simply contact me.

salsasquad says:


jorge gallardo says:

A life changing video! Everyone should watch!

Vib Verma says:

Vipassana will help develop sub conscious mind 

Adam Alighieri says:

thank you

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