Bruce Lipton – Conscious vs the Subconscious

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Bruce Lipton describes how the subconscious mind controls 95% of how our circumstances manifest. Bruce covers how we can reprogram our subconscious to not be…


Katherine Ferris says:

Dr Bruce Lipton talks about #epi-genetics and the #conscious vs
#subconscious mind; and how we can use #hypnosis to reprogram our
subconscious to not be victims in the reality we perceive.

Joseph Ledzion says:

I haven’t finished listening to this (I’m 2 minutes in), but as a
professional predictive astrologer (Hellenistic Astrology, circa 150 BCE,
only rediscovered in the last 15 years), I can show how life is fated. The
times of one’s success and failure, in terms of large spans of time, when
you meet important people, if you destined for money, children etc. All is
fated from the view of Hellenistic Astrology, and, its so accurate that its
hard to see other wise. So I offer the opposite view, in light of the
ancient sages. This is because, Bruce, the cosmos itself is the organism in
which we live. The cosmos itself has a mind, and is mechanical.

Also there are more parts to the mind than 2 ! There are 7. Likewise for
the body and spirit, which are in unison.

Matrix, Potentiator, Catalyst, Experience, Significator, Transformation,
“Great Way”. See the Ra Material.

As a hypnotist myself, I was actually disappointed with this talk. I’m sure
you enjoyed it though. But there is a way to communicate with the
subconscious mind, and it is not the same as you would use to communicate
with the conscious mind.

Tahir Hussain says:

Dr Bruce Lipton talks about #epi-genetics and the #conscious vs
#subconscious mind; and how we can use #hypnosis to reprogram our
subconscious to not be victims in the reality we perceive.

David Mcquade says:

This explanation is about the best example I’ve listened to 

Successful Personal Growth says:

[AUDIO] Bruce Lipton – Conscious vs the Subconscious: Bruce Lipton –
Conscious vs the Subconscious

Henrik buitenhuis says:


James Proctor says:

Nobody is God..but we can control our own destiny with our thinking, other
peoples thinking helped create your reality, but you have to reprogram
yourself, and create yours..
but it’s no good if it’s not constructive.. I don’t believe they created
heaven on earth, but just enjoyed the moment they had..
plus his reality told him that he has to work if he had thought about it
he’d of made millions before but he’s wasting his time with sex.. an should
of made a million before he got his woman..whatever this jokers saying..
should be admitting where he went wrong.. would not need to say needed to
do these things.Feel like it’s lower level information he trains himself to
believe.. in a way..

john S says:

be alive with conscious objective mind as wishes are served on the table
but not in the subconscious subjective mind too long waiting for the chance
to come into object. Learning or working too much one goes underworld for a
place in the subconscious to bring it into the world and to play the devil.
like a lent to see under and above but never through mine or yours, the
present we see. good observation 

macylapy says:

I just listened to this whilst subconsciously painting. When it finished
playing I snapped back to consciously painting. 

Tammy Hennion says:

Bruce Lipton – Conscious vs the Subconscious

Ashiq Amin says:

Dr Bruce Lipton talks about #epi-genetics and the #conscious vs
#subconscious mind; and how we can use #hypnosis to reprogram our
subconscious to not be victims in the reality we perceive.

Umar Wyne says:

Dr Bruce Lipton talks about #epi-genetics and the #conscious vs
#subconscious mind; and how we can use #hypnosis to reprogram our
subconscious to not be victims in the reality we perceive.

Ali Karimi says:

Amazing.. But the woman laughing every freaking minute for no reason on no
jokes just ruined the experience and kept pissing my subconscious mind. 

Anthony Gelbutis says:

Someone shut that stupid clam up so Bruce may speak

scorpionking32 says:

Dr Bruce Lipton talks about #epi-genetics and the #conscious vs
#subconscious mind; and how we can use #hypnosis to reprogram our
subconscious to not be victims in the reality we perceive.

Mike Parsons says:

Bruce is awesome, little miss giggles, don’t know what her bag is.
Well she must be happy or something, laugh lady, laugh,. Now I am laughing
when she laughs, oh my, ha, ha, ha! lol

TheDidlo1 says:

Indeed. This Bruce fella seems smart. Not a whacko. From his videos I’ve
seen so far anyway. Gonna read into his works

David Mireles says:
Ron Page says:

Dr Bruce Lipton talks about #epi-genetics and the #conscious vs
#subconscious mind; and how we can use #hypnosis to reprogram our
subconscious to not be victims in the reality we perceive.

Ariues says:

oh shit i’ve realized what his point is finally. I listened to him often a
couple years ago and didnt really get it because for some reason he goes
around the bush like crazy, but all he’s saying is that happy successful
people are in control of their lives. 

Ariues says:

im a virgin with no car so i cant relate to this at all. hahahahahah

3877michael says:

It pissed me off when I felt that I was God. After a few weeks I came to
understand everybody was also God. This funny. Back in the same boat!

grimmerMD says:

Who the fuck are you?

Coppulor1 says:

yeah, I’ve said that many times.

Kiki H I t says:

Person with the dr bruce , didn’t understand what he was trying to say ! Sad

teebrron says:

nice to see people here, its very reassuring knowing people know

cjrocksu says:

You can’t get the message or the insight unless you listen with all your
attention. This is only one vid. There are books, audio, DVD, Podcast and
going to workshop in the various modalities. Check out Bruce Lipton’s
website under resources. Limiting beliefs will stop you from becoming who
you really are . . .

Modified Perspective says:

Great video. Thanks for sharing.

RayWilliamJohansen says:

Nothing makes me happy anymore…it’s not depression. It’s a fact of life.

canarsiemarsie says:

who is the cackle hag in the back round …..

Greg Adams says:

Hey man, you should consider looking up epigenetics and many of the
explanations that Bruce discusses on how our genes and environments are
intrinsically linked and not separate.Environmental signals attach
themselves to the genes and it is this that causes them to be turned on or
off. In our man made world carcinogens are abundant and therefore, should
someone have a predisposition potentially to cancer, the detrimental
environments we are surrounded by increase the chances of gene expression.

moonbeaches says:

I’m sitting here listening with my family and they start mocking the snarky
cackling women. Someone please copy the audio fade her and leave Bruce.

Carlos Pulido says:

Bruce Lipton work is phenomenal

Michael Bourque says:

Children don’t need to be taught how to love themselves, as we are all born
with total acceptance of everything. Unfortunately, children are a blank
slate which is marred by all the influences that most occupy their lives.
They accept what they see and experience as real and therefore the
responsibility we have as adults is not only to avoid any negative
influences upon them, but also to impress upon them as soon and as
frequently as possible that they are in control of how they see the world.

russell mathis says:

im 47. i just bought my teen son a guitar.. got an acoustic in the deal..
I’m going to learn to play well too B-) I already have been seeing me
playing, even before i attracted the guitars …, and I’m pretty good

Nowa Paz says:

Can you explain more about your process?


actually her laughter pisses me off

Jacqueline Jones says:

Thank you so much for sharing a subject of huge interest and so helpful.
such answer that’s a blessing . I have been a believer of this subject you
wonderfully share with out any education only gifted with. I have a
question ???? Since I have been a small child I feel I have been using more
the subconscious mind , is that possible. ???

carefulcarpenter says:

Hatred comes in all colors, genders, flavors, and sizes. It seems the
hypocrite is most color-conscious.

onlyhadafewales says:

For the love of God woman, STOP CACKLING!

William D. Burton says:

I am so grateful that my mother taught me that kindness was the greatest
wisdom! It is impossible to hate others without hating yourself! I have
observed life for 69 years and this is what I’ve come up with!

RayWilliamJohansen says:

yeah you pretty much read my mind

Coppulor1 says:

yeah, its a bit much and distracting as well as annoying when she laughs at
things he says that arent intended as funny. sounds like she’s drunk at
least early on. Fascinating interview though – awesome!!!

Julie Hopson says:

The ‘honeymoon’ days, or, thinking of times when everything was
wonderful-and, why can’t we have it again, today? What about the difference
of events and/or life traumas, or difficulties and problems that were NOT
present at the previous happy time? Those things are what changed. Those
are not downloads of when we were 6 or 7…so, sometimes even with positive
thinking, this does no seem to fit in with the belief that we can just ‘go
back’ to those good times and things are ok…

antigen4 says:

Also – that’s NOT what ‘epigenetics’ is about. Epigenetics tells us that
different genes are activated by it’s chemical environment. This is new
information – but it was ALWAYS this way. What you PERCEIVE can possibly –
in a VERY indirect way – affect your body chemistry. But definitely not in
a way that will benefit you that is controllable. Taking stress off WILL
however affect you in all kinds of good ways – which is really the approach
the author should have taken on this.

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