Breathing Meditation — A Guided Meditation

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Breathing Meditation — A Guided Meditation


QuietMindCafe says:

+corfiot21 You see how your “fight or flight” response also shuts down your
awareness and the parts of your psyche you need for effective performance.
In your next practice match try to not win. Rather try to have a different
‘spirit’ in yourself — move like air or fire, not like fear and stress.
And you can contact me directly through Google Helpouts, search for
Meditation Support. 

Allen Enriquez says:

Breathing Mediation, A Guide To Meditation, has save my life from severe
anxiety attacks!

AndreaSpeaksBand says:

Thanks … we purchased your sympathetic breathing mp3 … you have a very
relaxing voice!

Mar'Taja Jackson says:

Then you for this video.

Andrew Roman says:

Whoa. Once I was in the flow of the breathe, I felt my heart beat slightly
inside, against my rib cage. Normally, I can’t feel it unless I’m placing
my hand over my heart. I don’t know why but itwas extremely pleasing and I
couldn’t help but smile. Should I allow this or should I gently return my
attention back to my breath? 

Lewis Valentine says:

And your voice is very soothing as well by the way. I don’t know anything
about this stuff, but I think the sound and tone has a lot to do with it.
Either way, THANK YOU!

Emma Jaeger says:

Thanks for sharing this. I’m really stressed over exams and this helped me
relax a ton

Denise Fournier says:

excellent for learning a strong foundation for eventually reaching deep
meditation. One of the better ones……thank you

corfiot21 says:

hello i am a martial arts fighter and although i do not smoke or drink i
get gassed easily even on the first round because of my anxiety before i
fight. even while i train i get gassed easily cause i always wanna go hard
and proper and always end up stressing too much and get tired. are there
any tips of how to increase stamina or breathe right? noted that i can only
breath from one nostril properly

Bianca Macias says:

Just tried it..I’m really stressed over my IBS. It helped me calm down but
my anxiety level is rising up again. Sigh..I hate IBS…

jgarciabu says:

This is dangerously effective!

endlesswonder22 says:

Does this one have the same binaural beats as the first one? And do I do
them one after another? I just wanted to check because I had some bad
experiences with listening to different kinds of binaural beats about a
year ago. I think it’s something that needs to be understood before
listening to different ones. Any thoughts or suggestions? (Just to clarify:
I never had any bad experiences listening to yours).

Katherine Poe says:

this was amazing.

David G says:

@airpowered miss that shit!

ivosnivo says:

accept your itches and feel how they disapear.

geoffreypjs says:

Well I was feeling rather nice until I got a text message and felt my
throat close up. Haha

TheHekateris says:

Wow, so relaxing. I also burst into tears afterwards…not sure what that’s

QuietMindCafe says:

@chadbrochill61 If you never cry then perhaps there are more feelings than
you know just below the surface. This type of meditation can let your guard
down so these feelings rise to the surface.

hardworkingpupils says:

yes he does! Better than sounding like Walter 🙂

ShadowyFlame says:

Did anyone else get a sort of pain above their right temple area? Anyone
know why this happened?

QuietMindCafe says:

Yes doing these one after the other is good. With practice you will access
deeper relaxation in a few minutes. People find relaxation of the muscles
to be the easiest. Then relaxation of the breathing requires a little more
attention. And finally when it comes to relaxation of the mind, you could
spend a lifetime working on this skill. I practice all three at the same
time without the audio guided meditation playing.

starbucksith says:

Hey thanks for posting this. I tried it and I felt really great.

Emanuel Perdue says:

Its cool how we all experience the same thing and probably think the same
thoughts as it happens

Mireya Rivero says:

I felt VERY light and peaceful! thank you!

khanpreston1 says:


endlesswonder22 says:

Thank you for the response, but I was wondering if the idea with these 3 is
to do them one after another? Or at different times?

QuietMindCafe says:

@magicalrobster Yes you are right, it is bineural beats.

Janice Beery says:

It took me awhile to learn to empty head & not let outside noises effect
me. A very wise person told me that I should acknowledge the thought or
noise & then let it go. Then return to concentrating on your breathing.You
do this as many times as needed until one day you can go a whole minute
with an empty mind, then you find yourself being able to go for five
minutes and you keep building to your goal. The Tao of Natural Breathing is
a good read. Don’t give up trying!! Peace.Love.Understanding.

BlinkinFirefly says:

@QuietMindCafe i really like that comment =) i’ve always felt trees give
off a really calming, nurturing energy, like theyre our sheltering

QuietMindCafe says:

This is really an interesting question. For some types of meditation you
will not feel itching. Your attention will be withdrawn from the body to
some degree. In other meditations the itch just becomes part of the
meditation. My approach is to just scratch the itch and get back to
meditation. 😉 When it is no big deal, it will eventually go away.

Wass Demarco says:

thank you

mlynn1231 says:

scratch them.

Scott Gaul says:

Yes — this breathing technique is very good at putting you to sleep. My
first advice would be, if you’re sleepy take a nap. A nap is very good for
your health and healing. Also, you could change your posture; sit more
upright in a straight back chair. You can try this breathing combined with
a slow walking meditation. Just a few ideas.

Bethany Lowhorn says:

I almost started to fall asleep. 🙁 I want to do it. but I coudln’t get
comfy, lol.

noah823 says:

These are great meditations. I just want to say thank you. I use this and
the relaxation meditation frequently and they both are very useful.

John Hampson says:

Very useful I get problems with anxiety have been sending it to other
people to help 😉

fab says:

@QuietMindCafe hello i am a classical musician and i am going through allot
of stress with auditions. does stress cause your brain to function
improperly. i feel like ever since i have been stressed i havent been able
to focus with the same power. and also i feel tired all the time. i never
feel energetic. do you think if listen to this video everyday it could have
profound effect on my mind and overall health?? thanks

WODW Stress says:


QuietMindCafe says:

@stargatefansg1 This loss of feeling in the arms and legs is your sensory
currents withdrawing from those parts of the body. This is simply means you
are very absorbed in the guided meditation. As you probably noticed the
feeling returns very quickly.

tgoodman909 says:

This video is great. It is going to take some time for me to get the
breathing down. I have anxiety and often I actually stop breathing. I am
hoping through this meditation I will be able to help my anxiety.

Roger Heathers says:

Note to self: don’t do this one. You don’t like it much.

Scott Gaul says:

@pieMUSIC Breathing through your nose is probably more comfortable. I say
to keep the, “throat open”. This is a more relaxed way too breathed. You
would be surprised at how frequently we close our throat and hold our
breath — this causes tension. Try getting out of a chair or picking
something up off the floor it without closing your throat and holding your
breath. It’s not easy at first. Thanks for the question.

Ashley Qualls says:

Wonderful, thank you! I was able to get into this almost too quick. Loved

MrOdacon says:

this person knows sodall about the sympathetic nervous system, though i
will admit it s very relaxing 😀

Nicholas Cheap says:

I’ve been wanting to breathe better.

SigiIumDiabolli says:

I’m so relaxed now 🙂 thank you so much 🙂

premiscous thinker says:

Why is my head full of thoughts .cant really concentrate on breathing ..i
phase out alot, how long till it receeds ?:)

John Hampson says:

Thanks so much for this it will help many people with anxiety and stress.

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