Break the cycle of stress

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mysticoversoul says:

He is a good spiritual teacher.

Johnny Wadd says:

as a “car guy” I def. get the RPM analogy. Makes total sense. I think
Sadhguru is a performance motorcycle enthusiast.

PHOEBEE69 says:

Hahahaha that was good. 

Em Hunter says:

Simple and yet very insightful information.

Adelinde Mackay says:

Makes sense….

Suszette Russell says:

This video will change the way you look at ‘stress’…

Arun Satsangi says:

Try out !

Cinde Luke says:

Interesting to me…take a listen..

Timothy Dark says:


Mankeymon YAY says:


Aquila Nelson says:

true that.

Brent Wright says:


sudhakar g says:

Simple way to stay out of stress inspite of managing it ….

mikedashg says:

I can’t believe this was a commercial! Surprised the heck out of me! It
wasn’t for a car, a credit card, some pop artist, insurance, or soft drink.
This was the video I was originally going to watch: watch?v=F23qjR9I9RE
Which is also good. 😀 Not my video or anything, just telling the truth.

Shekhar Pandey says:

Really.. different people have mastery of different skill but if you’ve the
skill of talking and a little bit of intelligence then there you are.

Shekhar Pandey says:


elradiuzi says:

All well and good but his attire stressed me out.

Leo Montiel says:

One youtube ad I would have regretted skipping for the rest of my life.
Your wisdom enchanted me and turned me in an almost hypnotic state. Thank
you for spreading your wisdom with all of us.

The Regeneration Revolution says:

Like if you thought this guy was an actor or comedian like Dave Chapelle in
character at first.

Riptcage says:

good stuff.

xmasterfunk says:

such a relaxing person to listen to. Thank you for this, it made it better
that it wassn’t something I was looking up, it was a surprise relaxation
for me.

ekelti says:

Exactly what I said to myself. wish youtube would do this more often.

starseeduniversity says:

Best YouTube commercial ever lets get more!

Swoop Opolous says:

Props to YouTube for actually advertising something real.

Carlos López says:


adaikammei kannan says:

the 1st ever youtube add, i never skip and even opened the channel and
watched the video =D

Laziee Productions says:

This is literally the first commercial I ever saw and stopped to listen to.
Then afterwards, I felt much better that I listened to it. Thank you for
making this a commercial, for giving me the chance to hear your opinion. I
honestly agree, and I hope that it sticks with me.

Jessica J says:

Beautiful man. Truly grateful for his wisdom.

Karthikeyan G says:

Thanks Sadhguru!!!

Dickie Oberoi says:

this man is miracle..

Jason Ohnstad says:

Thank You! For once one is speaking out on this very important subject. I
am glad, and extremely happy that we are not at all alone in these thoughts.

Antoine Bélisle says:

he even laughs without stress.

butterfly9274 says:

I know; for once i did not skip too!!

Michael Natures says:

Thank you ; )

gbblarggb says:

Wow I actually like this commercial. !!

K-S wizzle says:

^^ didnt skip thanks youtube

Marc Treiser says:

agreed on the commercial thing. this probably first time I clic on
commercial. I listen to Osho, Gandhi, MLK, John Lennon, Kennedy, and all
the ones who make sense in peace of mind in the turbulence of life. Warrior
for an Earth free of stress, anxiety, GMO and Chem trails and more. Grow
our own, save wear and tear on auto and pollution. It is all messed up.

81CCCP90 says:

Haha thats how I got here!

Scotty--DK says:

I immediately had to link this to my friends. Best ad yet.

Vcc2cc says:

He tells us to relax but not how!! I’m too coked up to understand the world

Jay Garzilla says:

yes, i agree. He got my attention from the very first second. Very wise man

jsteel89 says:

i was just thinking this 🙂

Angel the Don says:

oved that commercial, this man sounds very wise about life, really helpful,
someone worth time listening to.

videosaala says:

was this a commercial? interesting:-)

Joshua Morris says:

For once i wanted to watch a YouTube commercial lol. This man is very wise

check2774 says:

What a ridiculous transcript.

saloney arora says:

I totally agree! This video is applicable to pretty much everyone, and
should be shown instead of commercials to help us all live live
stress-free. I used to think that it was natural to experience stress
often…it’s empowering to know that I’m the one who’s actually in control
of what I experience. Thanks Sadhguru!

gtanj says:

Looks like a transcript generation service is a serious Apple Siri

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