Brainwave Entrainment Meditation Music Program For Stress Relief, Mind Power & Creativity

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visit for a free download of some mind enhancing, stress relieving Trypnaural meditation music + a free ebook …


Zebus112 says:

Song name ?

Manifest Destiny says:

What type of vocals is that considered? I really love it and would like to
find more music with that type of singing. 

Connor Barker says:

This is my theme tune.

L. Jewell Johnson, multifacetsflux says:

the creative impetus in this is palpable.. will be using it a lot! thanks

Forest Roemer says:

i listen to these a lot and I gotta say this is fabulous

Jye Butterly says:

this music on dmt is so great

Denise Vautrin says:


WellnessExperiment says:

Wonderful channel Niraj …. namaste…Jean ;o)

kelly johns says:

wow this is really good thanx

Magic Breeze says:

@manthapantha101 haha, you’r right my friend. I have just headshaking by
reading the Comments before. SovereignBeing sounds like my Vather. lol
….beware of these….. “This is just music”

Eric Thompson says:

Nice job. I love the subject of meditation and the brain.

Joseph De Vito says:

NIRAJ NAIK Thank you. I tried the free sample you provided.. it worked on
only ONE TRY. As soon as I find a job i am getting the program. Looking
forward to it:) joseph

Vvrroommm says:

Much better than Binaural beats..thanks for the video…keep up the good
work…I am posting here because I enjoy coming to your page. Good day and

108vasudeva says:

sovereignbeing… you’re a douche. conspiracy theorists like you are such a

VRetro703 says:

Thank You this really helped me

SovereignBeing says:

@ravenoptima yes its mainly the Monroe institute which was pure mind
control through subliminals – but yeah my comment is to alert people to
that fact, im not saying this video has subs in it..!

galaxyuniversity says:

Very nice. Keep em comin’ (:

vanya forbes says:

Thank You Thank You xxx 🙂

TheDonSante says:


finn larden says:

Thank you so much this was amazing 🙂

SovereignBeing says:

@ChuckNorrisKratosLOL i dont want to annoy the maker of this video further,
if you have a question address it to me personally.. thanks

Maddie Higgins says:

After listening to countless amounts of meditation music… This is by far
the most amazing and effective one I have come across. A true breath of
fresh air. What a magnificent gift received to whoever experiences
listening to this music!

Ana Villa says:

I used Binaural Beats . Does Trypnaural comes with the videos too ? I have
the video glasses connected to my ipod. or do you just sell the music ?

Rocki5pr says:

Where’s the link to download the full meditation? Only link I found leads
to a video about painting.

Sadee Bentley says:

I seriously hope this video will “throw me out of my body”, it will become
a best seller if it does. People spend years trying to achieve it.

Woajiaorobert Pranava says:

I want to buy the full mp3

Niraj Naik says:

@SovereignBeing Oh please, its people like you who need to chill out the

lowrider692 says:

hehehe..i like this…

PSPADDICT619 says:

hey wasssup! Have you heard about – Supreme Panic Magic (search on google)?
Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my auntie at last kissed
good bye the anxiety problem with it.

joan Jones says:

@alchemysoundtherapy I am open to giving anything a chance and seeing how
long it takes to work. If it does, it does. If it don’t move on to the next

s12795 says:

I read the guide and then listened to the beat while I was laying down for
bed, I had a vivid dream and slept for several hours, woke up feeling great
I was in the deepest sleep I’ve been in in a while

benaxor says:

Who is the singer at the end? She is wonderful!

Caitlin Li says:

u amazing baby <3

Courtney Rundell says:

Still my fave!

sokree1 says:

Placebo effect

Jhenya Lovering says:

Speechless on this one! All I can really say is ……!!!

Niraj Naik says:

Thank you everyone for the amazing feedback!!

Ozums Nunyea says:

I’m pretty high right and this made it 10x better

SovereignBeing says:

@MsbShared i will reply to you in aprivate message.

ravenoptima says:

@SovereignBeing But yes, if they are influencing the mind in negative
ways………not good!

kapone815 says:

yes use headphones you have to in order to get a full effect

Fire Heart says:

I wish I have heard of this sooner. this is…….so…….relaxing. it
feels as if…..all the stress in me has…..sprouted wings and flew away

Aei Leon says:

its all in the mind anyways….they put gmos in our food, chemtrails in the
air, flouride in the water, subliminal programing through the media, and
now mind control through hemi sync…which i doubt, because of have been
studying music theory and frequencies… We are Light and Sound and on
Earth Water…either we are Forever Immortal… You can not kill
consciousness. I agree with Niraj Naik. SovereignBeing I send you healing

lesraylee1 says:

I want to purchase the full length version. its amazing .

risingstar11111 says:

very cool! Thanks for the invite! I really enjoy your videos:-)

TheSenan23 says:

By far the best bynaural composition i have heard. I wish I could get
access to your other tracks. Is it a sin that I like your music just for
music sake. It reminds me of when I first heard tubular bells by Mike
Oldfield. I dont rparticularly want to subscribe to a trynaural meditation
course. However, i would like to purchase your songs on a download or cd

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