Brainwave- Dream Tunnel – Theta Meditation – Binaural Beats

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Hyper Dimensional Being Vol.1 – DREAM TUNNEL — Brainwave Sound journey- is created to guide the listener into a powerful brainwave out of body experience. F…



Dream Tunnel might lead to my Alien Atlantis

opening my mind’s eye i’m diving through and will flight to see you on the
other side of the tube

LenaTate says:

I couldn’t move my body and when I opened my eyes everything scared me even
though it looked how it always did. Interesting experience though somewhat

iluvkiwibirds says:

around 0:45 my body was moving without me telling it to that was weird.

Jaquon Blackmon says:

The alpha state is the best state for learning. In order to quickly access
a relaxed state every time you read, start by doing the following

Close your eyes and think of a place and time where you felt relaxed and at
peace. It could be a favorite vacation spot or a special room at home.

Picture yourself in this place and feel yourself relaxing. Do this for a
few minutes to anchor this thought in your mind. You’re now entering into
an alpha brain wave state.

You should be able to return to this state quickly just by closing your
eyes and thinking of the special place you pictured in the visualization.

Try it using binaural beats. 

eatschnitzel says:

Technically you are supposed to be wearing head phones for this right?
Because it has something to do with different sounds in each ear?

FriendlyShadow1 says:

@TheSpaceRockstar Listen whenever you like. I like it at night. Wouldn’t
listen to it in the car or anything like that. 😛

PyroWingzA.K.ASplinter says:

Well i’d definitely continue doing what you’re doing, it’s a great track
and you really have talent for this type of work. =] Thanks for creating

Purple Platypus says:

does it help if i close my eyes closed or open???? or is it the same??

royalnaz1 says:

I used to meditate for about a month or two. I noticed my penial gland or
third eye was becoming awaken. The purple colored dot got bigger and then
eventually when I tried to fall asleep the dot would always linger and
would be a bit annoying for me.

MrStevo1117 says:

will this have the same effect if i listen to music at the same time??

a619ko says:

runescape….that brings back some fun memories…

Ivan Berdichevsky says:

I just turned into a yellow tomato

Dj992Music says:

reminds me of my mushroom trip

0833702 says:

Ur all fucked. Your mind assiciates the sounds with your past, and u all
have these unique reaction to out of the ordinary sensations.

chocolatebunnyz907 says:

My hands

Shivani Sathasivam says:

same here!!!! within the 1st 5 seconds at that! :O

Charlie Duran says:

I felt my pulse beating in my shin

Frost Elsa says:

dude…im shivering….how to meditate using this song?

Maidenman92 says:

This is spooky compared to alpha. However its more dream like for me.

CaptainDarren82 says:

When I was listening to this I felt like I was aboard the USS Kelvin in the
year 2233 piloting the ship and stuff….. O_O

Andrey Ivanov says:

This reminds me of ( Red Forest Soundtrack by MoozE ) and ( Dead Cities
Pt.2 by MoozE )

MrMaryjaneToker says:



How did you do it? Do you listen to it as you go to sleep? Or do you listen
to it before sleep?

ThetaRealms says:

yeah i create them! my computer limitations don’t allow me a very well made
hd video of this! so i don’t try to create longer and high detail video.
one day i might!

GavinMercer says:


ThetaRealms says:

well it may seem weird at first because its an effective way to stimulate a
response within the brain to a desired brainwave state! dream tunnel goes
into a deep theta state that when sets in effectively will naturally relax
your body. A powerful tool you can use for many things! i always wanted to
do meditation – but nothing is like a deep theta meditation. something that
is experienced in a unique way by all unique individuals is indeed an
interesting thing

Patrick Colabella says:

made me fee like i was drifting out of my body…..strange

Tyler Kruger says:

Holy shit, get Hella blazed and watch this, Omfg it is insanity!!!!!

Noel Mason says:

I’m pretty sure I just went Super Saiyan.

Lifex1111 says:

Does this music remind anyone of dungeoneering on runescape?

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