Born Without Arms: Inspirational Mother and Son Live Life to The Full

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Born Without Arms: Inspirational Mother and Son Live Life to The Full SUBSCRIBE: Linda Bannon and her son Timmy suffer from Holt Oram – a rare genetic condition which…


Eat.Sleep.Internet. says:

What stood out to me was that kid helping him put his shoes on in school.

DaisyyMichelle says:

They can swim without arms, I have arms and can’t even swim :(

Brett Wilson says:

What’s amazing about this is, they never had arms to begin with, so to them
it’s not difficult at all using their feet to do things.

Anna Bloom says:

I was watching videos about food 

Macy serviss says:

Omg that is really talented how that boy can play video games with his toes
well he has to

shastapurpledaisy says:

I think it would have been easier for the son because his mother could have
taught her son how to do a lot of stuff while she have to learn it all on
her own

Siân Beddows says:

This really is inspirational!
Eating, swimming, even writing!? They are so skilled to learn to do all
these things using their feet!

Zach McDonald says:

Why the fuck does everything need to have a specific scientific name? Just
call it No Arms Syndrome! Who are we trying to seem sophisticated to?

mrsswagger2012 says:

How’s the little boy gonna jerk off when he’s older 

Barcroft TV says:

Born Without Arms: Inspirational Mother and Son Live Life to The Full


Linda Bannon and her son Timmy suffer from Holt Oram – a rare genetic
condition which caused them to be born without arms. Despite their
situation, they live a happy life in a non-modified home. Amazingly, they
do everything with their feet and Timmy is a young sports star excelling in
swimming and taekwondo. Linda is also studying to become a motivational
speaker despite working through the day as a kindergarten teacher. We have
been invited to spend two days with them as they go about their hectic

Mat Broomfield says:

Whilst I’m inspired by her abilities and determination, I’d have been more
inspired if she had not put her selfish need to reproduce her own damaged
genes, and passed on her love to one of the thousands of perfectly healthy
kids that needs a family.

Katie Logue says:

They can’t get prosthetics?

MrClean says:

the way that they use their feet is so cool

Tim Tom says:

They’re like human slugs…

DrRegnig says:

This isn’t fair, they’re Americans and they have the right to bear arms! :(

Brea Horan says:

How can they live with no arms? I can’t even live with using 1 arm for 20

Rheemlee Gracia says:

I can’t control my tears falling down while I’m watching this story, God

Bella MSP says:

We need more inspirational things like this on YouTube.

Ravi Alawa says:

heart touching video…….soo beautiful Inspirational video

tianyun jia says:

if I were her I would probably adopt a kid…

Loovlyjoobly says:

Your legs are much more important than your arms.

Dung Bui says:


Suzie Q says:

Imagine them tripping and not being able to catch themselves 

Artsy Kenna says:

I bet they still have better handwriting than me….

CreativeUsernameEh says:

That’s so cool… They swim better than me! And they can write with their
feet? That’s amazing.

Sudipta Banerjee says:

Born Without Arms: Inspirational Mother and Son Live Life to The Full
My heart goes out for the brave mother………!!!

Diamond Raze says:

What if they fall?

RED PILL says:

she should have not been allow to reproduce 

Marisol Huezo says:

It’s so amazing how I watch diy videos then I end up here

AGDollz R Me says:


Samantha Todd says:

So if the husband have to help out with the bathroom does the mean he have
to change his wife pads or tampods when she get her period 

jaman198 says:

How did she have sex?

Marcus McCloud says:

How do they wear coats and sweaters. Wouldnt they slide off.

Curtis Carpenter says:

to reproduce. this is so fucking terrible and evil of her. fucki this bitch
for creating a child who would suffer his whole life and she knew and
knowigly let this happen. fuck these people.

StanChan says:

While it is somewhat inspirational how they manage to live their lives, the
mother is being very selfish here. Why would she choose to have a child
suffer from the same disability as her knowing that it was a genetic
deficiency? Adopt or something else, too bad.

sam piller says:

Doesn’t seem it effects their well beings. Nature wise, when you miss one
you get another to make up for it. He seems to be a very loving boy to live
with, and I’m positive he’ll have a future. Everything in this world has
its ups and downs, we’re not the ones to decide, its the one in charge.

Latifa Lalafell says:

How do they get out of the pool

Michelle Soderberg says:

and people said it was rude to put your feet on the table

LO'realme07 says:

Wow!! This is inpressive! Swimmingwithout arms would scare sooo much

Physalio | Monteur vidéo | Edits says:

Il devrait faire de la course à mon avis il sera doué !

Diesel says:

A testament to human selfishness and stupidity.

KaylaTheQTPie Tutorials says:

Wow! That boy can write with his foot and I cant… Wow…

RetroTreeyo says:

Talk about Ray Man.

Cybria Caldwell says:

Naturally when I drop something I don’t bend down I use my feet but this
just takes it to another level

hina williamson says:


Alissia Weston says:

Someone in my school is like him and i always help her out

Usama Hussein says:
Jordan Folsom says:

I’m not trying to make fun or nothing but she cooks with her feet kinda
But y’all are a awesome family

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