Bob Proctor’s “Shift Your Paradigm” meditation exercise

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In this powerful 16-minute guided meditation audio, you’ll learn how to banish those conditioned harmful beliefs, or “paradigms”, which are controlling your …


Crystal Nuding says:

The feelings are there. Sending soothing, peace, ease and flow! Allow
yourself to receive what you need to live the life you want. ­čÖé XO

KingofDudes says:

I rarely feel anything at all Crystal. Things what used to make the heart
race, get the adrenalin pumping, endorphins flowing, do not see mto do so
anymore. Hence me becoming a hermit with little drive.

Jacob Evans says:

you need to learn how to release

Crystal Nuding says:

The feelings are there, you’re just not accustomed to paying attention to
them. Once you’re able to relax and breathe begin to notice the sensations
moving through your body it will make sense. Where do you feel nervousness
or when you’ve gotten bad news? In the pit of your stomach or a clenching
in your chest? These are the stronger vibrations that will lead you to the
more subtle ones that release your difficult mind. Once you feel better,
your mind will follow.

KingofDudes says:

I get it on paper, I find practice is a whole different ballgame and quite
a challenge as many may agree.. Old habits die hard is it? The only way to
shift the paradigm is to go insane and/or radically change perception,
perspective, thoughts, emotions towards situations currently faced and seen
in life. Seeing what we see, many feel completely powerless to change the
situations, the news, advertising, work, business and others ascertain the
justification for their thought on a daily basis.

KingofDudes says:

Thanks Crystal, how kind you are to offer advice. How can I find the
physical sensations around my beliefs? Whether I say ‘My mind is softening
and opening to the possibilities.’ or whether I say ‘I have a concrete
mind’ I feel nothing at all, as if the words in either case require proof,
conviction or meaning, Napoleon Hill ‘Any idea, plan, or purpose may be
placed in the mind through repetition of thought’ evidence dictates beliefs
dictates reality dictates evidence, caught in a paradigm.

Crystal Nuding says:

You can begin by changing your mindset. Start by saying, “My mind is
softening and opening to the possibilities.” Also, check in and find the
physical sensations around your beliefs… “I have a concrete mind.” And
what do you feel when you say your mind is softening and opening to the
possibilities. When you allow that energy to move, your mind WILL soften
and open. You got this!! I’m here to help.

KingofDudes says:

I study a lot of Bobs work and study them a lot. I can see a lot of sense
in his work but as for feeling… Well meditation and hypnosis (including
this work) does absolutely nothing on this front, I have a concrete mind.
Does anyone have any suggestions to break down the wall?

Stefanie Kranz-Steven says:

Thank you very much ! I love your voice.

Jonathan Bibb says:

Thank You.

The Dude says:

You do it everyday. lol some of you hear but never listen to the overall

Fernando Leite says:

This is good but not meditation at all. This is hypnosis, self-inductions
and affirmations. You want to listen everything one time fully aware and
alert so you can realize if he’s recording something you don’t want in your
subconscious mind. But in this audio everything is nice… except when he
says “YOU WANT to do this more often”. I don’t like my mind to be subjected
by someone else will…

seaofclay says:

Bob is a great Guru XX

Elecia Holland says:

He says HEART OF HEARTS… not herd of herds…

Larry Hamblen says:

heart of hearts

Marko Rajkovic says:


welcome2thegunshow1 says:

only if you believe so..

Michael Higgins says:

That was so awesome I feel great thanks Bob Proctor

Jada Ville says:

I am, I have thank you

drsamina tareen says:

bob u r amazing

Bruno Coutant says:

Some excerpts could well be used in 6 minutes.

Ralf Michael says:

close your eyes and take a deep breath …´╗┐

KarlZi Duy Pham says:

Thanks so much ….this a beautiful lesson for me at the first time of my
life … Thank you .´╗┐

Elena Della-Pietra says:

Bob Proctor’s “Shift Your Paradigm” meditation exercise:´╗┐

James Show says:

Check out this video on YouTube:´╗┐

Isley Goulart says:


Emily Shlapak says:

oh my god

Oren Armstrong says:

Thanks Bob you really inspire me> If people really takes on board what you
are saying and open their minds,. Their life can truly be transformed., It
is all about having the right mindset Thanks!

Cris Robu says:

what if i don’t feel free but i feel terrified instead? :/

WillsResources says:

Thank you I really felt the charge, and I feel free

HealingHealthRetreat says:

Excellent! I’ve studied 1,000’s of hours of hypnosis and listened to dozens
of “Guided Meditations” and this message is by far one of the best. It’s
important to discard limiting beliefs that we’ve falsely accumulated
through our life experience and Bob Proctor helps you recondition your
Paradigm with his insightful wisdom and calming and confident voice. Thank
you Bob, for being you! And thank you for sharing!

VidiMeniVisi2 says:

repeat it please. over and over you will get it!

Maria G says:

I was wearing headphones listening to this. I jumped at the sudden noise
after he says “10”. Woke me right up!

anto yau says:

thank you bob:) <3

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