Bob Proctor – The Power of Your Subconscious

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Close Bob Proctor speaks about the power of our subconscious minds to create the reality we experience. He explains how we can imp…


Adam White says:

You can create what you want in everyday life a lot faster than you may



Mary Ivanova says:

Wifenmama maxwell says:

Great video! Thanks Bob I wish I could see you speak on person

vgymgy subscrimchi says:

subconscious mind doesn’t accept money cause i’ve been thinking of lots of
money for years and i don’t have shit and on top of that i’ve had a crush
on this girl i know for twelve years and the bitch wouldn’t even come near
me now that ass whore got married and moved and you suspect me to believe
that if i think of something and really want it i’ll get it!!!

Mighty Max says:

Much Love for Bob, another way to speed up the process is to use the tools
that the earth provides. Quartz Crystals and Shaman Stones, Stone grounds
you and moves Energy in your body it will move the blocked energy as well
as Quartz Crystals will Amplify your Intention. Do your Research though and
talk to someone that is experienced, they will help you.

Derrick Ash says:

Why do I keep thinking about competing even when I visualize myself having
exactly what I WANT? I get scared and feel like someone else is going to
make me think something in my subconscious mind to lose what is for me.
What is that about?

7Nexus21 says:

“Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you repeatedly
do.” — Shaquille ONeal

TJ Smith says:

Ways to program your sub-conscious brain – Subliminal videos (Music or
Visual) – Meditation – Lucid dreaming – EFT tapping points – Concentrations
techniques (Reading, Working out, Chores) Don’t think and live in the
present moment always! Have love in your heart and not hate or anger ! God

godesofdnyte says:

I love that man! *walks off to make vision board*

lil2ray21 says:

anyone rich off this yet?

Quick2000 says:

Bob, you know this as Fact and you are an expert on such things, why nont
reverse the aging that has taken place on your body and look like a 25 year
old? Create a body of a young man Bob using your thoughts and feelings.

TJ Smith says:

Thank you! I’ll be sure to try that technique out for sure! So whats the
exact difference between normal meditation and allowing? Also i found a few
more ways to train your brain if interested – Brainwave frequency, beta,
theta, alpha, delta, gamma, great for reprogramming the brain – Classical
music helps connect neurons – Being aware in the NOW – And learning about
life, theres some videos i liked that are like this video, they are truly
eye opening God bless

UmJuwel says:

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Nii Martey says:

i think i know what to do now

Peter Ulrik Röder says:

Good Vibrations. That’s Beach Boys, lol.

Jahangir love says:

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jonthewolf says:

@vgymgy1 sounds like your a weak person who couldn’t even ask her out.

charmedcaster15 says:

may you tell me how you did that i read the secret it worked amazingly on
my confidence and happiness but i can’t use it to be incredibly motivated
and determined i always say “i am incredibly motivated i am incredibly
determined i love reading i thank the universe for my motivation” and i
visualize but nothing happens may you tell me what you did to become so
willing ?

berkut2006 says:

sounds not like bob..

bradpittyay says:

2 people are losers for life !

AlternativeInvestor says:

Love Bob – absolute Legend……. LIKE if you agree!

Goran Spasic says:

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Kamal Regmi says:

@vgymgy1 he he u need to act man

rockyonemambo says:

Well, you just fucked the secrecy didn’t you?!

Rizve Chowdhury says:

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lil2ray21 says:

yeah i’ve been working on it. i’ll keep you posted.

Joy Real says:

Thanks Bob 🙂

Carolyn F. says:

If you do affirmations…you MUST say them as if it is now coming to u or u
already possess it. “I am….” The subconscious believes anything you tell
it over & over again. Its like reprogramming your software. The 2 fastest
ways are affirmations & visualization. If u combine them…you can’t
believe how fast everything happens. It only takes 21 days if you do it
consistently. I earned $175,000 in one month doing it. That was my goal.
It’s eerie how fast it works. My family had the same results.

krishnendu banerjee says:

A man becomes what he thinks about most of the time….that is the
strangest secret. This philosophy has been taught in different shades and
colours in all the teachings of purposeful living that is available today.

TheAboveBelow says:

@vvrroommm actually Bob Proctor had many mentors and he studied and
continues to study Napoleon Hill’s work, especially Think and Grow Rich. He
did learn some stuff from Rev Ike though. Rev Ike was captivating and
powerful in his delivery I can’t say the same about his son and others who
run the ministry now.

Branislav Thebane says:

Bobby is the truth

onenumbdigger says:

haha how cute, he thinks our conscious can determine what our subconscious
thinks. oh nvm its a money making scheme, i get it now.

charmedcaster15 says:

you are saying that i need to repeat to myself what i want so that my
subconscious attract my desire to me, but a lot of law of attraction
teachers say that you shouldn’t repeat it you should forget what you want
and just believe that it’s coming but don’t say it to yourself over and
over again so what should I do? and my other question doesn’t regard this
video,,, is it better to say that i am in the process of obtaining my
desire or i obtained my desire?

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