Bob Proctor – Live Seminar – PART 2 of 2 – The Secret To Wealth

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Close Part 2 of The secret to wealth Bob proctor presentaion.


Karen Vincent says:

Thank you for posting this video

AM2M says:

This Guy never says anything. Unlike Wayne Dyer who is always giving this
Guy gives nothing, but he sells everything

Faraz70 says:

what is his source of income, besides seminars

tylercj says:

wow thank you so much for posting this video. u dont know how long ive been
wanting the part 2 of this video. thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Stephen Michael Thornton - The Cover Songs says:

how cool would it be for Bob Proctor to be your Grandfather???

cooldog60 says:

@Faraz70 I don’t think there is one.

tylercj says:

ur welcome!

Signofarchangel says:

No, he’s got a point. Our level of awareness– what we know, is directly
responsible for our results. There is a plethora of information out there
that not one person has– but with more information we can all be more
powerful and can change our situations.

womenChaseUs says:

@lightseekerful I am not!!!

cooldog60 says:

@GeForceX11 So did you what is the point.

Blake Deyden says:

Honestly I hope Bob Proctor manages to get himself in the minds of every
person in the world.

oniket955 says:

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it…)? At their site you will discover helpful facts about the way to make
an income online through answering easy lists of questions. It made it
easier for Gary to work from the comfort of home and thus benefit from
economical independence super fast. It might work for you as well.

Stephen Michael Thornton - The Cover Songs says:

this is SO good! 🙂

Elias5Barnes says:

God bless Bob Proctor!

DroidGamezReview says:

@BananaSandwich1 Wow.. you’re so clever… I foresee you eating banana
sandwiches for the rest of your life …. enjoy..

armando rocha says:

GO Bob, GO Bob, Your the Man, Your A life Changer!! I love your Programs I
love Your Teachings!! Thank You So Much!!!!

Sam Cox says:


ikickfliped12 says:

bob proctor is god !!!

FondueLucas says:

thank you for the video

twogudfau says:

BOB IS THE MAN!!!!! thank you so much for posting this!!!=)

No1LeadPro says:

Awesome stuff Bob. I wish i was at the Liberty League Event that you spoke
at. Next time!

Mighty Max says:

Left and Right Brain Coherence, develop your non dominant side of your
brain and make coherence. You’ll be glad you did. binaural beats

anxietyawaynow says:

i like your channel. nice videos

cooldog60 says:

@celticgirlygirl Very true every job is important. If they were not people
won’t pay to have them done.

Stephen Lindsay says:

@celticgirlygirl asl

cooldog60 says:

I worked in manufacturing for 38 years. I loved it. Where would we be
without people working in farming, construction, and manufacturing. No food
,no buildings , no cars ,cloths,computer, tv or anything else. We would
still be living in caves. Why does everyone think everyone else wants what
they want.

BananaSandwich1 says:

lol exactly the only reason the people who claim they can make anyone rich
are rich is bcos they make money from seminars promising to make people
rich : )

MrComplyordie says:

tha ppl who go to these seminars understand what Bob is talking about.

GeForceX11 says:

@cooldog60 you clicked on the video

Chris Anselmo says:

He is just a greedy old man.Most of you are to stupid to see it.You make
the Illuminati and New World Order’s job much easier.

2000everett4 says:

@lightseekerful Not only is he greedy, but he’s a show off as well.

scottsshop says:

me too I’ve been looking for the next part of this for ages, thanks for

gorearl says:

I met Bob years ago in Detroit when he was forming another program on
making a million dollars a year. Bob you are just way ahead of most. This
short video is phenominal. And mambochief, this is what he is saying.
People are not aware of how they can make as much money with a suit and
tie, the internet, or whatever. The word is awareness. You can be financial
free in time and still operate the jack hammer in the mean time.

celticgirlygirl says:

I have a crush on Bob!

Nurul Islam says:

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Shakhawat Hossain says:

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experience economical liberty very fast. It may help you out too…

celticgirlygirl says:

@mambochief ok, I gotcha’…thanks!

Napoleon Hill & Abraham says:

thanks Bob!

ashams22 says:

that is a dumb ass thing to say

Ivan Pedala says:

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on On there you can get a beneficial free video
presentation by a well-known web-based millionaire talking about the way to
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therefore have the benefit of financial independence very quickly. Perhaps
it will help you out as well…

celticgirlygirl says:

Yes, as a matter of fact I do know someone that operates a jackhammer in
Phoenix and I live in Phoenix and they do not do that all day! So sorry I
am just a dummy in your book, but I think you totally missed my point…so
who is the dummy? Every job is significant, important. By your comment, how
do you know that person has the financial freedom and chose that job? Geez!

celticgirlygirl says:

By the way Bob, please do not discount the man operating the jackhammer in
Phoenix. Somebody has to do that job and perhaps he is ok with that job,
maybe he does not want the type of responsibility that your job brings.
Maybe he can’t stand wearing suits and ties and just wants to do that job
and be done with it at the end of the day and have a beer with the boys.
Not everbody is the same, thank goodness!

J B says:

wow ! thanks ! i needed that bob

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