Bob Proctor : How To Develop Your Higher Mind’s Faculties Paradigm Shift

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NastaZia M says:

😉 perfect

James Powell says:

Perhaps there is a more powerful approach to visualize?

infodiff says:

thank you………..

Andre Burt says:

Love Bob Proctor and Steven Covey. Both inspirational and great people

samann95014 says:

Got me really thinking!

nada ghandour says:

great inspiration thank u!

yin taichi says:

Bob is the Greatest Motivator ! What thorough knowledge ! And , my
Goddess ! ,
what a Speaker !! Dontcha just FEEL that he loves you and wants you to be
best you can be ??!! I do. People watching this video are ALREADY great !!

Calle Sundqvist says:

Bob Proctor jumpstarted my career on this day.

Brian Curry says:

Bob Proctor please teach me how to become a millionaire

Alexander Herrera says:

Great video. took notes and got a lot of valued insight. 

Patrick Russel says:

“The paradigm is like a group of little monkeys in your head.” Best line

Joel D Jennings says:

Thanks for the information.

Natella Mammadova says:

This is great! Thank you!

Aliyu Lecky says:

This video will change your life.

jothor says:

What program do you recommend to start for the shifting in your Paradigms?

Rahul Sharma says:

Excellent information. I am already applying it and on path of my success

Angel Delerme says:

Respect to Bob Proctor. He’s one of my fav teachers, truly…

Felcia laFelcia says:

yes grate seminars Don’t sabotage your happiness, if you still working 9 to
5 try something different .Something what works and will help you achieve
freedom .I was listening to Mr. Proctor and as he advises I was trying to
find way to be able to stop working in my regular 9 to 5 job. I found way
to make money on line and improve quality of my life. I never though that I
can be part of something so powerful. Pure leverage system is just
fantastic; offer a dynamic powerful tools suite that pays YOU 100% in
residual commissions! I encourage you to try it.
Check it here:

Gibbon Fun says:

Those guys are the best what I get from american culture so far!

Cindy HensleyCindyH says:

Great energy Bob!!! Thanks for the information. Keep it coming. I need help.

Krystle Champagne says:

So gangster ! anytime i can get around rich people i am so happy they
always have great energy x

venuspsychic says:

very true about the intuition

Fat Albert says:

10:01 You’d look like me from fapping.

mj19580 says:

so true, imagination= willpower x 1000

harry ballzonya says:

Every time I have used the law of attraction for improvement of my personal
life it has worked well beyond what I had even asked for. Just 2.5 years
ago I finally quit using IV heroin, and now I am a small business owner and
live a fantastic life. What I had to do was really change my beliefs though
not just imagine this stuff would be nice. I imagine myself really
achieving what I want and it worked! Stay positive people.

Orchid Scent says:

4 religious people dislike this video

wynn52tube says:

Mind is everything. Without it, man is reduced to LESS than other animals.
Think about it, what does a person do with first taking thought? Nothing
happens without it. People in power know this. This is why they try to
control the thoughts that enter your mind. Hitler knew; slave masters knew.
Follow your mind or follow someone else’s mind.

Stanley Wale says:

Good one.

Gloria Rico says:

congratulations now you know how powerful our minds are. you inspired me
thanks g:)

Jamie R says:

I’m sure he has a lot of good stuff to offer, but he is saying mind two
thousand times within the first two minutes. Can’t take it any more >_<

harry ballzonya says:

paradigm is twenty cents! I though everyone knew that. lol

Mr. Artist Mind says:

Bob Proctor rules…..

Scott Cruickshank says:

where the will and imagination conflict, the imagination will always win,,,
will is not powerful enough

Jonny Servatura says:


Zanin Zurapovic says:

a memory with pain lasts longer then normal once

Frank Rohenes says:

I like Bob Proctor. His job in the Secret was really good!

jamesfl1968 says:

Harry I am very happy you were able to change your life.

cara parker says:

Hey! That is the point,” USE YOUR MIND” to get what you want. If you want
stuff, take time to watch over and over it will come easier. Stuff will
start to happen just by taking time to listen. Your subconscious mind is
getting it, even if you think that “You” are not ! Try it! Love and peace!

Otto Wetterdienst says:

Bob Proctor’s the best, he’s one of the sincerest self-help people out

john Wallace says:

Any young entrepreneurs looking to work with others, email me
( Starting a company with people with this kind of
mindset and under the age of 25.

Rose Rosa Vitória says:
Michael Spackman says:
Solomon Tesfaye says:
עליזה דרויש says:

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