Bob Proctor – How 6 Minutes Can Change Your Life

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Close – For 6 minutes a day Bob Proctor, teacher of The Secret, leads you by the hand to a mind transforming process. Information that was sha…


Jeanette Williams says:

I am aware I am able to have lots of excellent successes, can I get
everything quicker?

TheSLme says:

Bob Proctor is the Tim Gunn of Success. xD Lol sorry, know I get serious to
watch the video. 

WhoIsDebbieNicholson says:

Great video Bob. Thanks for all the wisdom you are so willing to share.

Lee Milligan says:

Thank you for your video post.

VidiMeniVisi2 says:

ok where is the next session then? 

edita mercado says:

Trust him…

VidiMeniVisi2 says:

cool old clever nice man. :) says:

Video to inspire brought by
Bob Proctor – How 6 Minutes Can Change Your Life

Contact us:
0818 222 181 (Ireland) – +353 567715894 (International) – Skype: brandyoutv

Have any questions? Tweet us BrandouIE

eddiecoronado says:

This is one of my favorite Bob Proctor videos! Iove seeing it over and
over. He inspired me to finally publish my best-seller “Manifest Your
Millions: A Lottery Winner Shares his Law of Attraction Secrets.”

Chris Evans says:

i feel like i can do more jsut by seeing you wanna do it.

Bianca Böll says:

Thank you!!! I wish you luck.

Malgorzata N says:

I love what you say and how you say it. It is so pure and genuine, I
believe you attracted me to watch your videos, I would recently hear
somebody talking on the secret on some videos but I never checked it out
until my brother showed it to me a few days ago. When I watched it I just
knew it was the attraction that brought me there! Ive been visualizing and
believed for the last three days and it feels like the law already started
working yesterday it is powerful indeed Thank you God bless you!

ALEX MG says:

I am in love with Bob Proctor! Can i have a date with him? He would always
pay me compliments and never have a bad word to say to me!

RonaldBarone says:

OMG 10 min and he didnt tell what we have to do

luiza campos Pereira says:

Acreditar que você é capaz de possuir todo dinheiro que você sonha.Tenha fê
em si e fê em Deus. Busque realizar seu sonho.Deus coloca no seu caminho
pessoas adequadas para você realizar seus sonhos, Pessoas como BOB PRCTOR
que mostra o caminho a seguir.Ele conhece a ciência de conseguir dinheiro,

Nancy Echevarria says:

Thank you much Bob, looking forward to you other videos! Wrote down my goal.

Bhavesh Chauhan says:


Rich Pham says:

Coachability is the Key to Success! Thanks Mr. Proctor

sergey freeman says:

peter griffin? 😀

Gude Balm says:

You didn’t listen to what he said. He said to take 5 minutes and write down
something you want to accomplish in the next 90 days. First step is 1)
positive thinking, not bashing, step 2) listening to the actual video
instead of spewing out negativity. If you’re not teachable, how will you
ever learn to be successful?

MrPatJB says:

Loving the cheeky ending

Ivo Budinov says:


mystuff414 says:

so write down a goal you want to accomplish?

Marvelous Mckinley says:

year young Man you look dam good.

zahra rajab says:

thank you!

Patricia Martinez says:

mr proctor you must be an angel you make me feel like i can do something
about my life already!!!thank you !!!

MAX R says:

The Link don’t work, How can i get hold of this ??

Gude Balm says:

Funny, you can see the actual ‘paradigms’ he talks about, that are the
reason people don’t succeed in the negative comments posted here and on his
other videos. Negative thinking will always serve negative results. I have
never heard of anyone who was negative, who was successful in business, or
came up with anything innovative. How many have spent the 5 minutes he
says, to write something out that you want to accomplish over the next 90

trisha bhaumik says:


ALEX MG says:

I love Bob proctor!!

SuperHefner says:

miss martinez, I just wanted to tell you that i think your an attractive
lady. you can do something about your life. just get out there and tackle
it head on. best of luck.

Donna Tordoff says:

are the other videos available from the rest of the programme?

Scumbot404 says:

Dammit ppl. U r not real but ads haha

EnergyCalibration says:

We at Energy Calibration Centre love this! Thank you Bob! 😀 ! And thank
you ljenkins1959 for the share!

Stephen schmidt says:

I love these kind of videos. The Law Of Attraction is an amazing tool
through which we can create life in the image we wish it to be. Our wishes
truly are our command. I’m curious if anyone has put together a group of
people who engage the Law Of Attraction where we can share stories of
things we’ve manifested and improvements to our lives and happiness since
we discovered the secret power long hidden. I’d like to hear from people
and share counsel, advice, and experiences.

paul lennon says:

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this is truth you can check not blindly believe

Abdur Rouf says:

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Mighty Max says:

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Alfie Khondker says:

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Dave Desormeau says:

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NeroSNT says:

Here’s how this guy achieves succes and financial freedom … ready? … he
charges $12000 for bullshit

Mariorafols Menezes says:

He is Bull Shitting telling known things, he never told any thing about 6
min wasted 11 min.

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