Bob Proctor: “Happy & Grateful” Money Affirmation

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This video uses binaural beats in the theta range. It is advised that you wear headphones while watching this video. Here Law of Attraction expert Bob Procto…


Affirmation Institute says:

Wow, over 100 thousand views!
Thank you everyone. You all rock.

Alessio Floris says:

I am so freaking happy to be alive and to have the power in my mind to
attract and create everything i want whenever i want. Life loves me, I love
myself ! thank you !

ed auva'a says:

I have actually memorized this Bob Proctor money affirmation so well its
ingrained in my Thanks to Mr Bob Proctor for his tireless
efforts to keep teaching this simple yet powerful Power of Attraction

London Furniture Spraying says:

This works guys, I’m working for London furniture spraying In UK and now Im
getting 3 times more money and I know soon I will be getting 10 even 15
times more per month.

Guys use this secret and you will be free financially.

CHAMANDY - [Rap Instrumental] | [Hip Hop Beat] {Studio Quality} says:

I Am So Happy And Grateful Now, That Money Comes To Me; In Increasing
Quantities, Through Multiple Sources, On A Continuous Basis!

Dianna Diatz says:

This is fantastic!

Saying, “I am so happy and grateful now…” is still one of my favorite
affirmations from “The Secret.”

I am also using it with “perfect health,” and other endings.

I AM SO HAPPY AND GRATEFUL NOW that your channel is offering this to listen

Many, many thanks! May your channel continue to prosper and grow.

Namaste. Dianna

Nameis SteveProgress says:

Stating the obvious and not so obvious: It seems that reinforcing our
visualizations with intense emotions and a belief is the key to
manifesting. Visualizing seems to be the thoughts of what we desire and
gratitude seems to best emotion to evoke to support believing we already
have what we desire. Add all of that to binaural beats to speed up getting
to a more meditative state and you have a great affirmation. This is

will says:

No one will listen to me I live an a world full of ignorance this holiday
season there is no hope for me it just if I am living a world full of
zombies and phony. World of Today

Ana Gallardo says:

I so happy this video work I be locking for job? to do all i want but
tell every one law of attraction work it all want to do so i tell some
of my friend so it work I want star my on work thank you Bob 

will says:

I lost all hope an Law of Attraction

Yaron Seror says:

אני כל כך שמח ובהודיה,שכסף בא אלי בסכומים גדלים על בסיס קבוע.



SonyXLR says:

I got money in my heart, money in my mind, money in my hand, and money in
the bank. 

vkm anna says:

yes, it’s a great and it working very well, because my father teching me
about whole my life!. it is just like a pray. this is the pray! with all my
own i am very thankfull to mister Bob Proctor for such kindly and wised
sharing with us. ( when my father had a very serious health situation and
after surgery has long suffered from amnesia, he forgets all it’s current
and constant prayer. and it was very sad.even though we gave them to him
written, he read and read, but for a long time did not understand anything!
and suddenly he was their persistence and desire to succeed. He is now very
well. and it was all happened this year.)

Antulius DeCastro says:

I am so happy and grateful now, that money comes to me, in increase
quantities to multiple source,s in a continuous basis…just amazing…that
can changes everything…practice…… 

Selestite says:

Classic. I also like “How to Create Reality by Al Smith”, sort of long but
worth slogging through to get the gold nuggets. Powerful ideas. Thank


I am so grateful to Bob Proctor.

Randy Sherman says:

My favorite affirmation !! Love Bob Proctor too ..

Kathyka z says:

“I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing
quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis.”

will says:

Really the Law of Attraction does not work did not work for me.

Artagene says:

The more you repeat, the better it works?
Happy and grateful…

AdrienLuvBlackwell says:

I was just wondering if anyone has experienced evidence that this has word
in their lives. Like have you used it often? I know sometimes people don’t
follow through daily. But if anyone has it would be great to here to
inspire others. I listen to it daily as I am working on my gratitude and it
feels amazing to listen to it and feel the shifts. :)

MrRajag1 says:

Thanks for sharing, I used these same words around 5 years ago , I repeated
them over and over , as you know repetition is the key , and know I have
multiple sources of income now . Remember the best investment you can do is
investing in your self . Thanks

Jon Noceda says:

I am so happy and grateful GOD, that money comes to me in increasing
quantity through multiple sources on a continuous basis.

Haya Berrou says:

I love Bob Proctor – a genius!

Audrey Angelov says:

*If you want to truly be fulfilled, independent of what*
*happens in your life, truly happy without forcing po-*
*sitive thinking on yourself,* visit TruthContest○Com
and read *The Present* there. The truths in that ebook changed my life!
have a look! :D

Use your noodle to get the boodle says:

I have made additional income from listening to this a few thousand already
! Something came my way that was always right in front of me ” my awareness
” is increased bob proctor is truly amazing I signed up for the born rich
seminar also in LA I know it’s going to transform my life thx to bob
proctor tony robbins & others like them for their passion in dedicating
there lives to educating us 

Scott Harmon says:

wow, so much positive feedback awesome affirmation

Dornett Abdullah says:

thanks for sharing truly amazing check out my encouraging video Rich
Because My Daddy is Faithful

Chris Goodhead says:

Listen to this, for 90 mins a day, everyday for two months and then see if
it’s worked or not.

Christina Racette says:

I have been listening to this for a week. I found money at work on Sat
$20.00 then today I found $52.00. Just going to continue listening every
day. Till next time.

Hunter Bailey says:

+Affirmation Institute – could you send me this file in 1080P? Would love
to save it on my iPad when traveling… ?

LaVoria Reese says:

Thank you for this reminder

Joe Rocha says:

At every turn….there you are again! You silly money of mine! Thankyou

Lori R says:

What is the background tone on this? Isochronic tone? Frequncy? Binaural?
Listen with headphones? or not? Or is the tone nothing important. Sorry for
all the questions.

jenna j says:

than you for sharing this; I replay it over and over.

Rob sen says:

This is how you change your paradigm! Great stuff!

hhhstar says:

Hi Bob!

73nique says:

I LOVE THIS!!!!! It sends positive vibrations through you… I love it

Vinícius Joaquim says:

“I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing
quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis.”

Fred Honda says:

I am so happy and grateful now….that money comes to me….increasing
guanity threw multiple sources.;-)LOVE….!!! On a continuous basis….

Martin Christensen says:

Been listening to it every day for the last week, and yesterday i randomly
stumpled across
this tool wile reading an article on It’s a tool for earning money online with
affiliate marketing, and i’ve already made some!! 😀
Really can’t recommend it enough. And there’s nothing but success stories
and positive testimonials to be found about it online… I was sceptical to
begin with, but this is the real deal. This is the genious behind this
cutting edge tool:

Billy Benson says:

i am so happy and grateful i have my company now 

littlebit080780 says:

The Proctor does it again :)

wickyboy81 says:

after watching this video and others, i had a great deal of wealth come
into my life. keep the videos coming

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