Bob Proctor – All You Need is Six Minutes Each Day To Success

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Close – Bob Proctor explains how his NEW Six Minutes 2 Success program requires just six minutes each day to immense success.


Ryan Syn says:


Iuliu s says:

i am going to be the ,most charismatic,the most kind and good ,,the best
and most wise man on earth people will folow me like ,floks ,and its all
free ,wene people will folow you just becas they like you ,not becas what
you have ,nothing beats that .like i sayd ,its all free.

Grazyna Smith says:

I’m going to get rich as well as very happy, is there a more powerful
approach to create mind reality?

The Forgotten Laws Review says:

I really like Bob he has a life time of knowledge on the law of attraction
and success

talusan909 says:

No secret. Just willingness to make things happen and the right
environment. Period.

Roger Talker says:

Spoiler alert: This 6 minute video is basically a commercial leading up to
his website address posted at the end. Bypass this middleman and just go
straight to Napoleon Hill yourself.

Michael Otieno Owuor says:


Andy Wong says:

Bob Proctor – All You Need is Six Minutes Each Day To Success
Bob Proctor explains how his NEW Six Minutes 2 Success program requires
just six minutes each day to immense success.

jahrhythm says:

never the less, i’m gonna try this technique

kalispell says:

you are right about- scam daddy says:

Hi – Looking for positive people that pursuit financial freedom in their
lives:) Recently I`ve came across a brand new idea that enables anyone make
their first few bucks and much more working online:) Now I am assembling
the team searching for creative ones to be leaders in this project 🙂 This
is not some shity scam and no promises that you make a fortune – work
required…For more info and free video training go to doortoprosperity.
com or leave me a message

andrew murray says:

ahhh bless him, another animal trying to feed off the weak and dumb!! Stop
caring about making lots off money. You are born and then you die, do you
take any of that money with you? just get out there and help everyone and
anyone by doing everything and anything. Thats what you take with you when
you die…………a good soul

Jojo Dynamo says:

Oprah owns that title.

GuavaGuava100 says:

“I’ll tell you exactly how to do it.” You didn’t tell me how to do it.

Dennis Hayslip says:

How does this apply to me in daily life. GOD

50kT says:

Why do you start your comment with “you are a fool!”? Usually when someone
says a negative judgement about another person they are really saying it
because a part of them feels a bit guilty of being what they are calling
others. But yea, I’m a fool. I don’t care, I’ve got a lot to learn and I
will never stop learning. But one thing is for sure, I never would have
achieved the humble success I’ve had without taking consistent action
because I believed I would succeed (thus I never gave up).

Tony M. Duarte says:

Jumping their Bones!

Aaron Melancon says:

Been studying the LoA for a bit now and have had some noticible positive
differences in my life. Never heard of Zumavelax before but im gonna check
it out, thanks for the suggestion. ABUNDANCE FOR ALL BABY!!!

Henshow Brayan says:

what he is saying is just the whole truth, but actually, every human has
his or her weak points, so, it only takes determination to say,This is what
i will achieve this month or year, and work towards it. And for you to
really achieve such, there are some things you most say no to, not really
ugly things, but some times luxury. Thanks for your own contribution.

M3thodTSixshot says:

Oh Bob Proctor you sure know how to bs.

Knight192 says:

When you say “jumping bodies” does that mean you take over someones else’s
body with out their permission?

Alwy Recrdin says:

where are the ideas… or him explaining how he exactly did it?

maxcohen13 says:

Ah…the power of the infomercial.

Eryan724 says:

meaning he stole less so hes a better person imho

mag turbo says:

you are a fool! you didnt understand anything, our subconscious mind will
prevent us from doing the things we need to do and law of attraction would
not be on your side! so you have to change your paradigm first then
implement what you need to do, i agree with you but most people cant do it!

Javier56286 says:

somehow I knew how this video it,s gonna end , go to my website and buy my
book or my tutorials and boom you have been screw by your own inncence…I
have not go yet to his website but it is just to obvious for me not giving
the hole secret well…one must open our eyes and see well behind
intentions .

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