Bob Proctor – Abundance Meditation

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Omvana says:

Anything you see on the screen of your mind, you can manifest in the
material world– Bob Proctor #Meditation #Omvana

Blue Label Life says:


Petra Schwehm says:

Super Meditation zur #Manifestation deiner Träume und Visionen

Cayenne Pepper says:

Bob you are a such a great speaker who empowers so many people. I love what
you are doing for me.

Blue Label Life says:

sub conscious mind sabotaging meditation


Bob thank you very much. This meditation gives me such a nice sense if life
every morning. Makes me realize the important and good in life and centers
me into peace and calm. Thank you so much.

bigbiggorilla says:

I’ve been listening everyday for 2 weeks. The past 48 hours have been a
flood of enormous manifestations that I am so overwhelmed by. I already
was forever indebted to Bob Proctor, but I was shot into another orbit this
time. Thank you Vishen, Thank you Bob, forever and always. Thank you. 

Abdul-Haseeb Shaklab says:

Please, please, please!!!! Make another version of this meditation. Perhaps
it’s the best meditation I’ve ever enjoyed, but the problem is that Bob
Proctor’s sound quality is so low (perhaps through a phone line or
something). Please, please, please, we want Bob Proctor to re-record this
meditation in a studio with a superior sound quality. Thanks!

Mimi Seton says:

Hi Vishan ~ I wouldn’t say Bob’s voice is too ‘low’ like the gentleman
below me in this feed, but it is distorting on my computer, too. I’m
downloading onto a Mac Book Pro. I think the recording needs a little
multi-band compression. Sounds like Bob’s voice was too hot in the
recording and it’s distorting…too bad because otherwise it’s such a good
‘read’ on his part and the musical background is one of the better ones
I’ve heard ~ non-invasive and supportive ~ sweet, but not ‘too sweet’.

Mane FromtheUniverse says:

Tnx Bob !
Wonderfull meditation, you life forever !!!

Ntathu Allen says:

Thank you. Feel vibrant, centered and alive. Will practice for nxt 30 days
also. In peace. Thanks

Meta Yessica says:
bluetiger2315 says:

This is one the greatest things I have experienced in my life. Thank you so
much for this meditation. It has helped me deal with some very serious
issues in my life and now I feel that everything is ok and I deserve more.
Thanks again. 

Christina Kjeldsen says:

Thank you thank you thank you!! Awesome :-)

Meghna Shah says:

Thank you so much for this wonderful meditation. I had no idea who Vishen
Lakhani was until 2 days ago. I watched his video of theory of awesomeness
on YouTube and this meditation video was emailed to me by a friend just
randomly. Law of attraction in action 🙂 I started off this meditation with
feelings of fear and after it I felt completely rejuvenated, uplifted,
calm, serene, grateful, powerful. Thank you so much. I’ll definitely
practice this daily for the next 30 days. 

Sara Soulman says:
pd4sw says:

I had no problem with the sound quality or Bob’s voice. Thank you for
making this available to us.

Soundly Visions says:

Wow! I just finished this meditation for the very first time! I am going to
be very truthful, it was absolutely beautiful! Honestly one of the best
meditations I have ever done. The experience was phenomenal!!! I felt so
much love, belief, hope, gratitude and all in abundance! THANK YOU!!!:) I
look forward to doing this twice a day for thirty days! Much appreciation
and gratitude.

Vickie Devore says:

Love this, so relaxing! Going to commit to listening at least once a day
for 30 days! #BobProctor 

Terry Tver says:

I’m having a difficult time quieting my mind during this session. I’ve done
it 4 times so far. Is that because it’s hypnosis and not meditation? I
normally meditate successfully.

K Veronica says:

Conscious Awareness

Cayenne Pepper says:

The best person who can make the meditations really relax a persob=n,

Marilyn Streater says:

Thank you Bob, I love it. X 

Serine Lili says:

it is just wonderful feeling that heal the slf and open the consious far
beyoung limits marvelllllllllllls

mangala fletcher says:

Thanks again.This is so powerful.I felt the energy is entering my body and
had the vibration in till to the end.

Cassiano Figueira says:

Thank you Bob, it’s really powerful and relaxing…

Susanne Bråtane says:

Thanks you so much <3
I've only done this twice, but it feels so good!! Can't wait to do it for
30 days x

deanna cook says:

simply beautiful . 

borhan fazeli says:

Love you Bob, thanks :-)

rosa turo says:

i been only listening a week my business has grown over 100 percent. I want
to buy it.

NoEstablishedCulture says:

Thank you

Susan Cuddy says:
Marcia Alexander says:

Powerful, I can see myself growing everyday listening to this.

Fred Honda says:

A great way to keep your mind on a positive track. …what the mind can
conceive it can achieve !!!!

Lianne Clay says:

I absolutely love this I feel more alive and more abundant after just day 1
thank u soooo much im definitely goin to listen at least once a day xxxx

Brahmanjnananda Nithya says:

thank you for sharing this…blessings

rosa turo says:

how do I buy this program?

Mafanikio Foundation says:

Its Real happening to me.I see direct to my solar plexus


this is a great video, it allows money to flow to me weekly over and over

Denisha A. says:

I love this! today is my 5th day listening to it, but I don´t know what I’m
doing wrong, I fall sleep around minute 15 and then I wake up towards the
end of the recording…I rally can’t help it :(

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