Binaural Beats for Anxiety and Depression Meditation

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Free Full Meditation Program Depression Relief Alpha, Beta Binaural Beat Meditation with Waves + Chimes: DESCRIPTION: Many depr…


Nirmada Mcglynn says:

The #1 reason regular panic treatments fail is because they never teach the
individual how to finish the fear of fear, instead they teach a person to
‘cope’ with all the problem. To stop panic disorder permanently, you have
to stay away from the fear of fear.

Graeme Glendinning says:

better than most

Stephan Miller says:

Soothing background music while you work.

Andrew Croome says:

I have to admit had some positive visions but ended with the most
frightening vision I’ve ever had.. be aware 

Tora Chan says:

funny to speak with headphones on to this.. XD

John Nobodyy says:

found it somewhat creepy… but appears like it was helpful to lots of
people here. 

Hadi Karaki says:

When I listen to this I feel like I’m on the edge of getting a headache..
but never do. 

CarrollsKitchen says:

thanks for sharing

Samanta Hamilton says:

i dont know what it is but this is actually very helpful and sitting right
next to the bass feels amazing in my head
thanks <3

David Villatoro says:

Had a nightmare falling asleep with this on

dweem2009able says:

If i was you guys i wouldnt fall asleep with this one

Richard Alvis says:

so this is supposed to help my stress through out the day 

Robert Marsh says:

Anxiety Depression Relief Alpha, Beta Binaural Beat Meditation with Waves +

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Wilson Nancy B. says:

Attempt holding your breathing as long as you can. Does not matter how
powerful your mind can be, it can never override the need of your body.
This really is good news – regardless of how hard you try to persuade
yourself that you will be gonna die with a panic and anxiety attack, you
won’t. Your whole body may override that anxiety and check for the
condition of balance. Have a look at here for additional information:

john bourdeau says:

Hiuplight thanks for your review. I have been using Holosync for about 4
years and am on level 4. I havent excperiencesd anything like yours but
holosync has brought peace to an overactive mind and increased brain
synchronization. I actually think you wrote this review as you have a
financial interest in lifeflow. Its easier to promote your cd’s when you
actually say something good about your competitor. The only downside to
holosync is that it is extremely expensive for each level

miche564 says:

Awful sorry gave me a headache.One of sounds is just like our local fog
horn,really annoying!

hay3now says:

holy shit I can feel thumping in my hands. I love this..its so relaxing and
it seems to be releasing my stress!!!!

•Madi• says:


zenmonk Genryu says:

I teach meditation.

heymetatron says:

No, this is a Youtube page. Don’t be daft. If you are scholarly inclined
then you will know how to do a literary search, the most basic would be
Wiki to find references. If you do have subscriptions to scholarly
journals, then you can cross reference for validity. There are quite a few
studies. Do you own fact finding.

Luiza Wilczyńska says:

Ludzie, poznajcie PRAWDĘ a prawda was uwolni od lęku i paniki, od lęku
przed śmiercią także. Studiujcie Biblię

MyMagikman says:

I was in a strange mood that day, I was just kidding! Peace. 🙂

Jen Davenport says:

I agree with heymetatron. I have dealt with depression most of my life and
I have noticed a difference with meditation, light waves, and sound.

smo1765 says:

I agree but a true practitioner of Zen would not say ”you’re not a true
practitioner of Zen and I am”.

Anna Palazzo says:

Thank you!!

Rae Elisa Desrosiers says:

I love this.

TheHeadforthehillsdi says:

Wow. I’ve never had such an experience as this. Calming.

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