Beyond The Secret – The Moses Code, Full Version

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Stephanie Cox says:

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*How to get closer to what u really want to do or have

Cinthya Fenske says:

Beyond the Secret

hornsfish says:

Does some one know the song that is being played on 4:38 in the background?

sharpy sharp says:

what if Moses misheard ‘god’ and he actually said ‘I’ am a twat, I am.’

Justin Hamby says:

Even if you dont believe in God, why disrespect Him? What do you get out of

Md Hossen says:

My Dears Scholars please just tell me what the name of the God ?
Please don’t explain . I just wanna know the name of the God .
My another request don’t tell me your own word .please code from the
Scriptures . Thanks 

Jude Hiri says:

Pure revelaton,confirmation and a little consternation…will watch again
and take notes……thank you all :)

Zeus is Omnipotent, yahweh is impotent says:

moses and aaron where gay-lovers.

HourglassShrugged says:

The phrase is obviously blown out of proportion. Basically, Moses asked
“Who are you?” and God answered sarcastically “I am that/who I am” — which
basically implies “That doesn’t matter” or “I’m not going to tell you”.
It’s a trivial answer.

Learn sarcasm people, it’s important. But what do I know, as an atheist I
probably haven’t been blessed with the divine knowledge used to understand
such a simple trivial phrase. 

jayadeep v.j says:

“Tatwam asi” in India

Michelle Allen says:

The actual meaning in the ancient Hebrew is “I AM – Of Myself I Exist.”
+claudius2u you’re right, but the core of the message is still true

Rachel McDaniels says:

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Mercadeo en Red (Multinivel) says:

This is not exact, this depend of the version of the Bible.

Renato García says:

someone please explain me what kind of profession is “Visionary”. I want to
be one of those. 

Carter Groach says:

*It is wishful BS like this that is responsible for humanity’s ignorance
and stupidity.*
Its time everyone comes back to reality, Life is not what you think it

Google: *TruthContest* and read ‘The Present’, *It will show you The Truth
about Life*

Joanna Machado says:

I AM THAT I AM, to me means being true to myself at all times, and in so
doing, being true to everybody else with regards to who I am. When we are
insincere by pretending to be who we aren´t we are dishonest to others and
in fact harming ourselves because we cannot pretend to ourselves what we
know is untrue…not to ourselves…nor to GOD…who knows our inner
feelings as well as we do, If we had to stand before HIM would we have to
use a shield ( like Adam and Eve) to hide our shame of dishonesty or could
we show ourselves bare naked and 100% honest for having been I AM WHO I AM?

Patty Cow says:

if you want to wantonly fry IQ points, watch this all the way through ..

mikeenwright333 says:

Errrrrm. Do these people know that Moses was not a real person?

GodisReal Glory says:

This is all junk. The only people that will not be decieved are christians
annointed with the holy spirit. God is spirit. We have no power but that,
that comes from his spirit. We are vessels, and have no power in the
supernatural, unless called by God.

zeke wheel says:

Why does Joshua say 24 say that He gave them places of 31 kings and their
people’ and why was the towns they took by killing and maiming everything
in sight?
Like the Palestinians today? Why do they lay claim to land instead of
landing claim to the Spirit of Love and compassion and sharing what isn’t
really theirs in the first place? 

Johnnie James says:

MMMMMMM, Yes, Yes, Yes, Practicing The Prescence Joel S. Goldsmith. God’s

The Midas Touch channel says:

more hocus pocus disempowering people with bogus ideas designed to serve
the few

Carlos iosef Bartov says:

when you learn the Torah in every lenguage like English or spanish or
whatever , you cant understand very well … you have to study in Hebrew in
the holy language , and when i see this people trying to explain is like
ummmmmmm okis you need to learn from the jews 

Kim Haze says:

awesome, thanks. love ms ford, rip. :)

penkop2012 says:

his name is not i am since He didnt speak to Moses in English. He said
Hayah asher hayah, which is His name in first person but then He told Moses
the name he should call on in the 3rd person which is YAHUWAH.
INTERRESTINGLY ASHER ALSO MEANS WAW which is pronounced as UU which is the
middle sound of the father’s name. So you get YAH from the first hayah, uu
from asher and then AH from the last hayah. Which together gives you

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