Best Motivation For Life – Get Up And Never Give Up (Ootcha)

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Jim rohn in a great speech with music by zack hemsey – The way » Follow me: ▸ Facebook: ▸ Youtube: https://www….


Abraham Lincoln says:

@2:28- Animals will go for the most they can be? This is so completely
false. If an animal doesn’t need to work hard for food, you will not see it
expending unneeded energy. Humans are generally the same way. When we do
not have external pressure, we will slack off. Self-motivation is hard.

changeitonem says:

I watched this then masterbated to trannny porn then ordered a pizza. I
feel better now.

Michael Muse says:

Best Motivation For Life – Get Up And Never Give …:

Hugo le Roux says:

Great motivational video

Heisenberg _ says:

please do not mention god, we don’t all share the same religion. 

EuphoricImpact says:

Moving forward! Do NOT SETTLE!!!

Muhammed Maawad says:

Where i can find the full audio for this video?

YoBezPoppin says:

Started well. Then brought up religion. Then started to present information
that wasn’t factual. Then became contradictory. Then misspelled
“responsibilities”. Then I was done. 

Believers & Achievers SA says:

Everything matters…make progress towards your dream.

The Better Man Project says:

The best speech i’ve ever heard 

Einstein S.A.S. says:

RESPECT 4 Mention GOD ….

Leonardo De Angelis says:

Character develops itself in the stream of life, So Don’t Give Up.

Meditation First says:

Hi I have 2 questions: 1. What is the background music track?
2. Whose voice is this?
Awesome video. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this.

TeenageMillionaire says:

I’ve never heard so much wisdom in one video… *Everything* this man said
clicked with me

Stacy Serrano says:

Very inspiring!

Ahmed Ismail says:

this Man`s voice is Amazing 

Dave Cobb says:

J.r. The great one!

Richard G says:

This is so true!!
Thanks so much for doing this!
Can I get the Power point for this?

Duke Lekic says:

either you get it or you don’t

I just want to say, Thank you for the video.

Juan Italo Tueros says:

Powerful message “do ,be,earn the most you possible can ”
does anybody knows whats the name of the full speech?

Errol Pena says:

What Jim Rohn audio program is this from?

Kevin Colt says:

But why do we have to do any of this??
We all gonna die, who cares about any of this or fighting for whatever that
isnt worth it when you die.
Big fucking deal.. youre gonna die,. 

jbird Perez says:

all you have to do to do great things is work!

Bonny Williams says:

The essence of life is growth

Ajoeanna Brown says:

i just love Jim Rhon’s voice he is truly phenomenal 

Watchdog says:

Nothing happens until something moves.

JmansFragments says:

LOVE IT .. ~Jman~

Theo Jensen says:

What the hell why would you masturbate after this

jason borne says:

this is fucking amazing.

50kT says:


Feed Rider says:

I will achieve nothing in my life. I have no goals, I have to ambition, I
have no reason to live. My life is nothing but pain, and its worse when
you know that no matter what, you will not succeed.

These videos are great for some, I’m sure. Some nice piano music, and some
people patting you on the back. But the truth is, this isn’t the movies,
there’s almost 8 billion of us on this planet. Nearly all of them will
never know happiness and success. No one hears about the man that tried
his hardest, harder than anyone else, and just got shit on and failed.
Because no one fucking cares.

Really fucking neat-o.

benjaaboy92 says:

I understand it now.., Everything starts in the mind!!! There is no limit,
the limit is all in our head. i can see it now.., thanks for this video..,!

Steve Brown says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

FunVideos Germany says:


Alexandra Waterbury says:

Keep growing. 

Erhouni Salwa says:

do the BEST you can !

Bror Segerstadt says:

One of the worst intellectual exercises I’ve ever heard.
Do people really listen to this kind of shit? Well, if they feel better of
course they should do it, but I get the feeling that’s not gonna happen.
Egomaniacs and sociopaths tend to fill you with nothingness. Like a

Pinkdlophin says:

Don’t stop at your max go past what you think is maximum because the person
who sets your limit is you so don’t set one at all 

chris robertson says:

You’re amazing…thankyou beautiful!!!


bElIeVE iN uRsELF……… U cAN……

Gal Hadary says:

great motivation video

Ruben Tella says:

Best Motivation For Life – Get Up And Never Give …:

Ahmedali Sabir says:

دل آ دهرتی دل آ سمندر دل جو بگڑی کین مقدر دل نہ کائی کهوٹی کری آ جاٹو دل کی
تهوری ذری آ

Aarchemon says:

Absolutely true.

SkylineExports says:

Typo at 1:33. Can you spot it?

Ewen Cameron says:

Wow that was amazing

Aravindan Umashankar says:

Best Motivation For Life – Get Up And Never Give Up (Ootcha)

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