BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – Motivational Video (ft. Jaret Grossman & Eric Thomas)

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Ben Scott says:

If you enjoyed, please share this with a someone who is in need of

DarkSphinxx says:

Noooooo too many people are listening to motivational videos these days. I
know how powerful these are and i dont want all this extra competition in
my fields and being a millionaire XDD 

miichellabella says:

I really enjoyed this video, this past 2014 was a struggle for me to
believe in myself and to motivate myself to do things that I really want to
do. Thank you for this video, I’ll definitely be looking back on this when
I lack the motivation. (:

darthbolloful says:

This made me cry because its true

k36599 says:

In so hyped after this. We all need videos like this to keep us going
through hard times. Never give up!

faten fatin says:

i was lost for so long thanks i’m awake now

Nina Azad says:

Every time we speak or think we should STOP think for one second & decide
where does that thought should go…Trash move on or in your heart….Your
mind can let you do and be whatever you want..from a simple goal as being a
great mom, sister, friend, co-worker or to becoming a champion,
millionaire, business owner or even billionaire use your positive thoughts
to control your life!! #positive#life#believe#yourself

Sief H says:

I don’t know. It’s all so ‘American’, it’s all about achieving things,
being ‘succesful’, being better than other people.
I don’t believe in this. This doens’t motivate me. It only tells me how
selfsish this world and humanity is.

Fiddy Middy says:

I have bad grades in school.. I don’t feel like studying for maths. I just
hate it.
I don’t know what to do I need motivation to study but I always get
distracted while doing, I’m doing bad at school and afraid of failing.

Todd Turberville says:

Remember how Jordan was cut from his basketball team. And how he became the
best basketball player to play the game. I was cut form my baseball team
9th grade year . Hes one of the role models i look up to. I will be great
if he can do it i can do it remember me i will be great screen shot this
take a picture anything remember this … You Will remember me

Rachelle Lopez says:

Fantastic! I needed to hear this 

steveozzi says:

“than a piano instructor”… uses piano as emotionally stirring background
music, soz4ruin still pretty epic doe 

New Future Builder says:

Wonderful video. Wonderful message. Most of us still wonder who we really
are? We’ve yet to establish our identities. I can tell you my perception of
identity has changed from what it used to be.

Jake Parker says:

He said “truly believing that you are something unique, something special
in that field, if you truly believe inside of you, that you are one of the
best actors in the world, you will be entirely different then if you’re
like, ‘i hope I’m good'” how are you supposed to think like that if there
are constantly people one upping you at everything you think you do
something good in!? There are constantly people better, smarter, than you,
even if you want to be GREAT worse then they do! 

Radu Spataru says:

motivational message will not work if we keep to think only about ourselves
WITHOUT the God Jesus Christ WHO made us different and special.
When we start from this: we are really special, we really have something
special inside us, and each of us CAN do more each day.
Wake up with thank to Jesus, THEN you can do ANYTHING you want!

Ahmed turki says:

One of the best motivational video I watched in my life. I’ve already
shared it. Thank you for the video.

Brenden Honaker says:

People, please understand the difference between wanting more and being
selfish. Not everyone wants to be average not everyone wants to work a 9-5
5 days a week. Now will someone like me play that game. Yes, but only until
I’ve played it kong enough that I can change the rules. It’s ok to drive
for more and it’s ok to want more because those are the people who create
greatness In the lives of others. Don’t think of it as a drive for money
and power. Think of the opportunities you have each day and how one day, if
you follow those oppurtunities given to you or made, you’ll have the
resources to create oppurtunities for not just you but for others. This
world is incredible and there’s so much to experience, why not go for it
100% and enjoy it’s pleasures with others? 

Adrienne Smith says:

I love this message and just wanted to share this with you as well. It’s
all about the belief we have in ourselves.

#believe #belief 

Phil Claffey says:

32 seconds in… Think to yourself… Why be a soldier, fighting for whom,
why and with who? Enough is never enough and leads to greater unease.
Lets’s be motivated without weaponry eh?

Joshua Josue Calvo Jimenez says:

I’m gonna ask you for something really special for me….. Please, Could
you upload this video with English subtitles. I know it’s a difficult work
but I really appreciate it. I like your videos this one in special but I’d
love it so much if you upload it with English subtitles. Please… do it. I
need your help on this. 

Verlinda Burnett says:

I thank the Lord for positive people and wonderful speeches as these, this
just let you know that they have overcome, and to understand where they are
coming from, you must have an open mind, and heart , and you will truly

Christian Ridenhour says:

you can do whatever you want to do if you believe in yourself

That Moroccan Girl says:

AMAZING!!! so inspiring! i actually did my own version of motivation
videos! i hope if u read this comment, you will help a new youtuber follow
her dreams and check it out you have no idea how much that means to me and
basicaly to any other youtuber! i really appreaciate it!

Taddls Nudel says:

Can someone tell me the lyrics from the second part? Sorry my english is
not the best, and the undertitle isn’t true

hajime saito says:

can someone tell me the background sound i always wanted to know it was
from another video and i never got it anyone please? 

Kelvin Jones says:

Awesome ! Sharing on the book! FB is needing this right now! Sorry for the
punctuation, I’m passionate! Lol

Parfaite Harineza says:

This was powerful loved the video!

Robbie B says:

all ways remember the people that have said to YOU that can’t make it work
hard them when you do make it take the time to say to those people who’s a
champion now

George Georgiev says:

Be deferent, choose Your identity…

opalkm says:

what if i tried as hard as i could but it turned out awful

caviga gabia says:

can someone give me the title of movie in 2:03

Matthew Collinson says:

Great video…Will take this and share it…Think about the opportunities.

Student van Allah says:

Thank you. 

Harley Quinn says:

im not good at anything how can i believe in myself? I’m no one.

GlockMan89 says:

Hands down the best motivational video I have ever watched! The absolute
best quote in this video (IMO) is “If your effort is low you probably not
thinking about the opportunity, you’re probably thinking about the

Stathis Bougas says:

I want to ask something..Why 109 people don’t like the video?Is it very
much or it’s too much??Or you just don’t have made your dreams happened and
you just unlike the video to see some teenagers these unlikes and be
dissapointed?? I think SOME of you want to discourage the teenagers make
something that you didn’t make…

Chris Brown says:

All you have to do is to bo-lieve 

Jade anana says:

oh well! me?? i believe in myself..

LilyGaby CriZ says:

I needed this!

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