Before you make your goals for 2014 watch this…

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christopher shaddock says:

Awesome motivational video!!!

Jim Hammons says:

Les Brown, Is the other voice Cedrick Harris?

iluvbbqtacos says:

This is some great advice for most people. Unfortunately, the things I want
are just not available. “If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in
this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made
for another world.”

– C.S. Lewis

SEO Expert Dagmar Gatell says:

You don’t beg average people to be phenomenal. You don’t be good to be
phenomenal. You just are xoxoxo

Quote from Before you make your goals for 2014 watch this…

Elizabeth Simpson says:

Create the perfect time.
What will push you?
What will take you out of your comfort zone?
YES to your future.

Muhammed Golam Sarwar Ripon says:

The worst enemy of you is your self from within you.
You can be what you dream of.
Wake up! Do what you like most, set up a goal & proceed on day by day with
You’re the master of your life. Build it up. Just turn your inner self from
negative to positive thinking.
Oh, ya, do not miss watching this video strip;
& enjoy the rhythm of life.
Life is waiting for you with its enormous boon, ya!
My good wish always follows you silently.
Ripon #

christopher shaddock says:

My daily motivator!! Make it yours as well.

skeeta006 says:


Sarah Sheppard says:

A very good motivational speech, a must watch before making any 2014

Nina Badger says:

You have to want to succeed as much as you want to breathe #powerful
#inspiring #goalsetting 

Daniel Buckley says:

WOW, that was awesome. I heard about this video on the radio on Christmas
Eve. I have not been able to stop listening to it ever since. This is
really one of the best that I have ever heard.

Lionel Cesaire Jr. says:

Hey Google Plus family this is a must watch video before you start off
I wish you all a Super Duper Prosperous New Year

Vasilka Atanasova says:


SpiritofSix says:


All I want is for us to embrace our humanity–to accept the truths of this
reality for all its flaws and strengths. I want for man to always fight for
his loves and desires: at whatever the cost. I talk about philosophical and
societal topics that help us grow as people–I want to become stronger,
smarter, and better with each day. I know I will die walking this path but
I would not have it any other way:)

That is all, no more no less. Give me the chance, I will not let you down.
Good day everyone

Andrea LaFever says:

I challenge everyone of you to watch this and tell me it does nothing! How
many wake up in the morning and say “Ugh here we go again.” How many of you
are just comfortable and just making it? What fun is there in that? Don’t
settle. Don’t say it is what it is…because it’s not. It’s what you make

Taylor DeLeon says:

I digg this 

Rob Smith says:

Always an inspiration. 

Zina Solomon says:

I absolutely LOVE this video. :)

Tuneslovechat TLC says:

Good morning! Be blessed!

Alison Houghton-corfield says:

This is so powerful, if you need firing up you must watch this. If you want
a change in 2014 I am looking for 10 people to become leaders

Annony Mouse says:

There is no other way to say it, this is FUCKING AWESOME.

Connell Smallwood says:

Motivation. Thanks +DuBois Ford

Dagmar Gatell says:

Wow, just wow! Great motivational video for 2014!

Jon Blakely says:

A MUST WATCH before you set your goals for 2014. Take a step back and look
at 2013 and your years past..

How is the next going to be different? It starts with a simple thought…

Shawn Terry says:

A very good motivational speech, a must watch before making any 2014

christopher shaddock says:

Like the Al Pacino speech in Any Given Sunday, this vid has me pumped for

Scott Mayo says:

I saw this earlier on a friend’s page and I thought it an inspirational way
to approach the New Year. Even though the imagery is sports driven, the
messages are universal. I believe we’re all far more powerful than we know
that we are. You CAN change your life if you want to! I hope it blesses you

Before you make your goals for 2014 watch this…

Dr. Venus Opal Reese says:

Does anyone know who the speakers are? Is it Les Brown? One sounds like a
preacher. I would buy their CDs just to stay in track and motivated…

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