Beautiful Light Music – easy smooth inspirational – long playlist by relaxdaily: Ocean Breeze

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Listen to a 2h long playlist with relaxdaily music. Beautiful, light instrumental music with an easy, smooth and inspirational attitude. …


karen81200 says:

did u really set your camera there for that long ? 😮 

Maria Carolina Tanpua says:

So beautiful.I could really hear the flute sound floating up in the air.:)
Michael could calm down our spirit at early dawn or before we retire to
bed. When our spirit is calm so is our body. Our body is its temple after
all. 🙂 Thank you Michael.Hug. You are truly an angel. If people here could
see you they will give you a big hug and thank you for your wonderful
instrumental sound music that is unique. They will thank you not because of
your music but the feeling your music gave them. Its a gift for our soul.

jonh3000 games says:

Im relex lisning this Beautiful song! ass:Fã do Polopai

FreemantheRapper says:

Whoever is having a rough day, I invite you to stop by my channel
Thanks for your time & be encouraged

Gawthyc says:

Not sure why, but music like this makes me sad for some reason. It feels
like some sort of music that would play during a somewhat sad/dramatic
scene in a movie, show, etc.
Oh well, at least half of my assignment’s now done. :3
Now, if only the depression would go away…

MichellesLifeStory says:

You definitely deserve 5 million views! You’ve earned it for all the hard
work you’ve put into the music haha it’s very inspirational 

Annabee CP says:

Finally did my terrifyingly boring homework!>.^ thanks a million! :3

☆Banania Webwide Media Studio★ says:

Very nice music, helped me quite a lot with my gameplays 🙂
Better if more free BGM mp3 could be released XD

Pablo Arellano says:

wonderfulplaylist for a beautifull weekend.

Janet Wilham says:

just read all the comments and it really troubles my heart to see all the
hate and anger man has in their hearts and especially when something
beautiful like your music comes our way..such a shame to see such a waste
of hearts that could be more at peace IF ONLY they would try to let peace
in..thank you for your beautiful music…”seek ye for peace” :)

Stephanie Mciver says:

Can someone please tell me what the first song is called please! :)

GoofyPlayGames says:

Shit ;-;

Guardian of Light says:

Oh man, so beautiful songs!

989 peoples have your hearts filled of darkness.

Justicar Tiberius says:

I’m depressive since the age of 15. I’m almost 23 now,and still fighting
against my mental illness.
Hope i’ll manage to escape it someday.
This music gives me hope that i can make it!

Thank you so much! :)

Andrew Liu says:

hello do you has twitter. because i wants follow you on tweeter. 

Brandon Kang says:

Did anyone else search “Music to listen to while you do your homework?”

Makeshift Picture says:

love it. i don’t really like “classiscal” music, but this is different.
it feels like someone is playing the guitar and piano at the beach, with
no distractions. perfect!

Kay Lad says:

I couldn’t possibly love this any more! <3 - Thank you!

Glyn Wood says:

Thank you for your music. I have been so blessed today. Let us pray for the
hurting now Lord. I pray that this music will lead people to Your
Goodness. Lighten burdens, help people who have awful decisions to make.
There is a child who is being abused right now – help that child. Light a
path for all women who are in abusive partnerships, let them find a way out
Lord. There is someone wanting to abandon you Lord, give that person the
knowledge to make their way back. The person who has a knife, gun or raised
fists and is bent on violence, whisper sweet peace to that soul. Help your
People decide to help the homeless, the elderly, the mentally challenged,
the unemployed. Dear God, let the tears or repentance flow. I love You Lord
– Amen

Thomas Dang says:

1,255 people have no soul. None at all.

pop yacine says:

i really love it this ♥ thank you alot for that i feel so relax now

manasi slaychen says:

woa o.O my heart stopped beating when the the first tune start. So
beautiful 🙂 tks every much.

Wayne Vincent says:

great set of tunes…our newborn likes it….i`m a great believer in music
is good for the soul so starting her off young (only 1day old)…lol

mnloser says:

I would like to purchase this . Does it comes in a cd? So beautifully done.
I want to bring everywhere to help release stress . I want peace.

wolf salem says:

love the first one some one tell me the name of the first Music

Sofia Reyes says:

this works great for my boring homework! this is the best i really love

HumanXCollective says:

7:40 Some owl city. 

Promethus Miller says:

Made me cry thinking about my past and my dead friends, pets… ;c Thanks for
remember my life isn’t worthless. And never will be… c;

Maria Carolina Tanpua says:

So beautiful 🙂 Thank you Michael. Hug

Dan S says:

IT SOUNDS SO NICE!!! i love it!

Ramon perez ruiz says:

Ala a tranquilizarse y descansar familia , saludos 

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