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Hey guys, I give you my first scalp massage! Ever notice how the faint sounds of buses and planes are also tingle inducing? ;-p Love you guys~!* Dedicated to…


Emmie Styles says:

Oh my goodness, I don’t know if you’ll read this comment or not, wow I have
to say this is the best video to watch while trying to go to sleep. I have
bad insomnia and nothing helps me fall asleep like your videos! 

MissBunnyWhispers says:

Been watching this over and over again lately, it’s amazing

Corina Martinez says:

I still come back to this video from time to time. 🙂 this is the one that
really made me want to subscribe to ur channel last year

Gaming Armory says:

Your voice tingles my balls. ( True story )

Vasyl L says:

Erm..she looks like my ex that had to move to virtually the other side of
the country :/ this has kinda made me want to somehow try and get in
contact with her! XD

MegaNowaydude says:

You are Beautiful!!! 

cherrymalmal says:

i like to listen to your asmr videos while I read or study, they help me to
concentrate :D

699backstab says:

I may be out of line but I think when the camera is covered, she is
drinking and not me.

DeadDancers says:

Oh no! I think my head is made of styrofoam! 😀

The background sounds of slow traffic and occasional planes is VERY
relaxing indeed. By itself would be cool, but paired with other activity…
I think it ‘sounds safe’ you know?

thejuliajune says:

This gave me tingles for the first time in a long while. Thank you!

Kal-EL230 says:

Fine, I’ll be subscribed….quit whispering my arm..

Kourindou Hime says:

You’re very talented. I’m a bit new to asmr, but you’re the first who made
me subscribe. Thank you!

Mickeygloves says:

The slurping did not bother me btw. Not a big deal…

TheFenderStrat1970 says:

Charlotte: you are fantastic. You have such a soft, sweet and caring
demeanor. Your voice gives me nice tingles every time. Please keep you
wonderful vids coming! 

BbyRider says:

Sweet! Liked and subbed between tingles.

andruboy80 says:

The water siping… yiuk. Ruined

Mickeygloves says:

Oooo this was good!

Evan Hayden says:

I love this video good job p.s you look really pretty and your funny

lilibhet romero cahuana says:

i love your videos, are amazing

Nicholas Wautier says:

OMG, around 4:30 the tingles in my neck and upper back were unbelievable!

Marcus Greysthorme Whitaker says:

You have pretty Asian eyes and where are you from if I may ask?

Chisos Oak says:

Interesting social experiment… just admit it. 

synsam12345 says:

*”Hi, how are you doing today? ***Pause*** That’s good!”*
This gives me flashbacks to Dora the Explorer.

Craig Smith says:

What’d you put in my water?!?!

You do a great job with these videos. I’m a 26 year old male from Indiana.
I work very hard and have anxiety and depression issues.
But I often fall asleep very fast and well with either you or “heather
feather” in here. You’re much appreciated and I hope you keep making more
if you have time.

Eric Bailey says:

So good you nearly put yourself to sleep.

P.s. You look like Kristin Kreuk

anarchydance says:

I wonder about the day when therapists become outsourced due to the
proliferation of ASMR practitioners.

Amelia Singleton says:

She put a womans juices in the water

zoaslayer1 says:

seen a couple of these videos I don’t get them my previous comments was me
joking around…. I wanna know are you pretending to do this to someone or
are you actually doing this to someone?

VertuAnuMundu says:

of all asmr stuff i can find on youtube, this is now the second of only two
vids that worked for me. The first was your “cranial nerve exam”. Shame
there aren’t more working for me, becaus after 5 times watching or so the
effect gets weaker. Cool thing is, it gets more intense each time i find
somethig that works. The feeling is spreading wider into my back.
Well done video, thanks.

robcliq says:

I find myself only reading through comments under the videos to see what
funny shit people have posted

Davina Lopez says:

Your smile is so beautiful it actually helped me relax even more. I really
enjoyed the video, it helped me out a lot. Thanks!

Jean Frechette says:

71 people are deaf.

James Curtis says:

Hay… char your not fooling me i knew you were sipping in my cup. lol

William Mahoney says:

Man I love this video. I have no idea why I didnt “like” it before now.

Evaristo Carriego says:

God. You are so beautiful! 

TheRainfield says:

is it just me, or does she look a little like lucy liu?

kenpocobrakai says:

Her eyes are so amazing, and I’m pretty sure that I heard Skytrain in the
background, am I right?

propergait says:

Thanks for helping me!

Tom Brady says:

I had to break out of my trance and then write a comment and then go back
into listening to you. This is perfect.

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