Anthony Robbins – Motivates you in 20 minutes TED Talks

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Anthony Robbins – Motivates you in 20 minutes TED Talks


Chanel Sumpter says:

I love watching TED Talks. My goal is to attend one day. 

World Class Events says:

“The more rules you have about how people have to be, how life has to be
for you to be happy, the less happy you’re going to be.” – Tony Robbins

CosmicDramaQueen says:

11:53 Hilarious!

Steven Roberts says:

What do you do to motivate others in 20-minutes? Make a difference and
change someone’s life without expecting anything in return!

Ryan Webb says:

Let’s kick Saturday in the face by starting things off with a little Tony
Robbins. 20 Minute TED talk… He’ll help you put your “great mind” to
good use. Have a great weekend!

WatchThisReview says:

Psychological strength… and steroids >_>

Jacqueline du Plessis says:

such a FANTASTIC talk.

The “invisible forces” of human needs and behavior. 

Lioness Izasha says:


Davide Scialpi says:

“Decisions shape Destiny” …Life is about 2 d’s! 

Cristina Vrajmasu says:

sexydiverguy says:

Interesting that Chantel’s goal is to attend…mine is to present !

iTechRevolutionTV says:

What did that guy say at 5:39?

doubl3m1nt says:

put your hand up and say AAAAYYIIIH!!!

jaime sinaloa says:

No mames frankestein

KrazyKerrisk says:

This guy is amazing and a great motivator

David Aghamalyan says:

Science is easy?Funny to hear that!

ViralAngels 2014 says:

Very important
visit my channel

Fred Buenrostro says:

Tough to hear the Lance Armstrong part. “Emotional motivation” Armstrong
even made Tony Robbins look dumb.

Jennifer Scott Hypnosis says:

See if you can get motivated in 20 minutes with Tony Robbins. I did.

#tonyrobbins #motivation #emotion #decisions 

harrison astroff says:

funny you should mention Lance…

Antonio Pall says:

he is a remnant of the nephilim.

louani Idar says:

Anthony Robbins on Ted Talks
#Motivation #Inspiration #Change

Ady M says:

I honestly can’t say that it motivated me. I couldn’t feel anything of any
substance from that.

I shouldn’t mention it really but his ill fitting clothes really bugged me.

Martin Biginelli says:

This guy is someone I respect, just listen & you will understand….. 

gtrfrkkkkk says:

Haha Is he on steroids? He’s a tall good looking guy with white teeth,with
the “gift of gab”.

Robert Milan says:

I’m not really a Tony Robbins fan, but I stumbled on this and ended up
watching it twice and saving it so I can watch it now and then. He’s
talking at a TED conference so he only has 20 minutes and he really fills
it up. If you like inspiring talks that tickle your brain, CHECK THIS OUT!

jersej says:

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Please join us at

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Matthew Treadway says:

His pandering to Gore demotivated me highly

fannyfluffingbeev says:

This guys a really nice guy Ill retract my absolutely retarded comment and
fannybomb some other fucker, omg I think Im going to stop fannybombing and
just be nice, peace people

Patricia Diekroger says:

I’m sorry to be petty but I detest it when multi-millionaires don’t have
enough respect for their audience to wear a decent pair of slacks and a
nice shirt. Those faded, grungy, dad jeans are gross!

DonVivacious says:

I feel like he’s full of shit. He’s saying a lot of nothing. Just the kind
of aphorism stuffed self promotion that makes a great salesman. I can’t be
the only one who thinks this

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