Amazing. YOU MUST TRY THIS. Instant relaxation. blisscoded sound meditation.

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DOWNLOAD 7 HOURS OF BLISSCODED SOUND: Check my YouTube channel for more, newer videos! I would like to give credit to the thre…


Tinfoil Hatlady says:

cleared my sinus xoxo thx

Luna Fly says:

I have this pic tattoo on my left leg, right brain thinking…lol! Looks
just like it! Namaste

Zai Zen says:

Ultimately this just sounded like a vacuum cleaner to me. I’ll check other
videos and see if it’s worth it for me to purchase any of this so called
“bliss-coded” sound. I really hope they don’t all sound like this. x____x
The music at the end was much better than the first 5 minutes or so.

MonkeyBlueAss says:

UFO coded sounds . If you listen this sounds you become an alien

Papa Ron says:

yea, now want to do some vacuum cleaning

undeadzed says:

nope cant listen to that

Aristo Libra says:

¿Witch Chakra must I open to take weight and how must I do it?

OMdogOM says:


L.S. Moodie says:

This ABSOLUTELY minimized my anxious feelings (looped it around so I heard
it 3 times and it pretty much relieved them entirely). Starting with the
2nd time I looped it, I swayed with the music afterwards.

Honda SuperMagna says:

phone home

J Ramanathan says:

Someone’s idea of a bad joke. 

MrCoughupalung says:

You’re all tards!

Sandra Byars Pereira says:

Maybe it was my speakers but it sounded like a Vacuum cleaner running in
the other room :(

Didi Dede says:

it is really sound like vacuum cleaner. I tried to listen and relax but I
could not. 

Jamie Combs says:

I need all I can I am moving To Hara in new home but between selling
position. And getting my to ready to lease I got to fight male brovodo to
get what I what in shell of existing. Home looks like I will Just have show
them my reason why must listen I am a artist I know what sales. Homes first
move in 7 years. How crazy!

Diana Zambrano says:

I LOVE !!!

Oracle13 says:

*Wow*. I had been listening to this and letting my mind wander. I saw at
the very beginning an image of a galaxy. With Astronomy being a favorite
topic of mine I began imagining my favorite galaxies and nebulas and star
clusters, and I focused in on pulsars and black holes, watching them churn
and spin. At 2:26 I opened my eyes, and what do I see? The Crab Pulsar!

jett market says:

this is hell for the A.D.D. good day to you!

The AURA Light says:

for those who are not aware of the sounds, these are sounds recorded from

jab jaby says:

Any kind of persistent sound will make u baby sleeps if I open my
hair dryer…….didn’t work for me .

Susan Bond says:

sounded like my Dyson, sorry gave up x

Richard Pham says:

Thanks for the Amazing~sounds.. ;-)

john deere says:

listened to it four times just to make sure I heard every bit just gotta
wait for the results…let u know after the weekend. pce n lite

Colette Pippa says:

Im just not feeling this… hmmm. Its like toothache put to sound… :/

Milly1929 MSP Videos says:

Aw yuh made mey tierd :'(

ines safjanova says:

naaah didnt work at all…. maybe im too strange human

hummingbirdnectar says:

I kept feeling like I was going to fall asleep and kept feeling like people
were running at me and watching me….

Adytum Esoterica says:

Reminds me of sounds of the planets.

dharmdevil says:

thx that was relaxing

Roseann Laforge says:


aishah striggles says:

WOW. I need this… so blissful…

SciDust says:

ooooOOOOOOOOooooo my hip got tickled haha

Video Blog – SoundLife3D says:

It is interesting. Very strange sounds… I didn’t understand these
sounds… On what these sounds are similar?

Aditya Sharma says:

The music after 4:55 …..where can i get?Its so relaxing

Jacob Yoda says:

Awesome!! I can vaccum for this sound!! 

Q SEE says:

So noisy ! no no this is will drive me nuts ..

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