Amazing Motivational Speech by Joel Osteen Live With Confidence.flv

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ivan sanchez says:

The man is a great motivational speaker to all those that desire to have
their ears tickled but I think these are the kind of guys that will hear
the “Depart from Me, I never knew you.” But, but we did great things in
your name, just look how big our church was….

Jeremy Esters says:

I just find it odd that these “TV Pastors” have private jets and exotic
cars when half the congregation cant even keep there fridge full. 

74MercuryMan says:

Make no mistake about it…that smile of his is worth many millions. If you
had that like he did, tax free…you would be smiling like that too! 😛
Does not represent God at all.

мαςιαη says:

What a load of motivational horseshit. 

BalmOfGilead07 says:

The Lord YAHUSHUA ha MASHIACH (Jesus the Messiah) — Those that are not
taken the first time, I will come back for. They must stay in control and
not get angry, they must not go back to sinning. I will come back for them
but they must live Holy. Tell them I Love them too and will never leave
them nor forsake them. —

[ Live Holy and keep GOD’S Commandments, during the Trib you will Hear the
Lord’s Voice, See Him and Feel Him]

shawn p says:

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Bard Chords says:

Good speech on confidence? yes.

Preaching the gospel of Christ? no

stezothewhitenegro says:

oops i’m in the selfish, greedy side of You-tube agian
Play on Mr. Osteen, your master is proud of you.

Loes De Vos says:
Atif Syed says:

A Very good speech on self Esteem

Amazing Motivational Speech by Joel Osteen Live With Confidence.flv

Ni kita says:

Working the crowd to line your pockets. Parishioners living in poverty
while this shit has huge mansion and private jet. Here’s a hint bitch send
the excess money to people in need. Your jesus would do that. Practice
what you PREACH!

Ron Mack says:

How can anyone have a problem with this message? It is needed. Joel, tell
your haters to go to hell. Keep preaching what you are preaching and help
people feel better about themselves.

norberto perez says:

omg, Joel…

Jesusloves Uall says:

This guy is not preaching the true Gospel, it’s not about ourselves it’s
about our creator our King Jesus Christ, God is not mocked there is no way
we should be stealing his glory praising ourselves, we cannot have a
perfect life now our reward is in heaven. Christ suffered so when we take
up our cross and follow him we suffer too for his name sake

The statement “love your neighbor as yourself” is not a command to love
yourself. It is natural and normal to love yourself. The fact that the vast
majority of people in the world care for their own needs is testament to
the fact that love for self is not lacking. The statement “love your
neighbor as yourself” is essentially saying treat other people as well as
you treat yourself. The idea of loving yourself as a command of Scripture
is not accurate. The Bible presumes that people already love themselves too
much—that is our problem. We are to take our eyes off ourselves and care
for others. At the same time, self-hate is equally unbiblical. The Bible
nowhere instructs us to hate ourselves. 

JUrtans channel says:

Great, I liked a lot from what Joel said! 

Crystal Mary Lindsey says:

Amen to all of this! Who we think we are, IS, how others think we are. I am
proud to be a Child of the King. I AM royalty because God is my father.

alobo2000 says:

+sacred kingdom Life doesn’t have to make sense; happiness is only a
condition which starts with a positive attitude which is constantly
strengnthened by a strong character and the only way to have that is
through overcoming challenges and insecurities. Henceforth, challenges will
either break you or make you stronger not because you are a good, moral or
religious person but because you made a choice of being happy. That’s the
only point I agree with Joel Osteen, heck, even the Pope has it right
sometimes but I don’t have to agree on everything like believing in god or
jesus to notice when something just makes sense to me, that’s the beauty of
having an open mind. Now, everyone has to face different challenges and
some bigger than others but were you so naive to think that life was fair?

Jason Nunn says:

Anyone criticising Joel Osteen can just SHUT UP! This wonderful, amazing
man has helped me and thousands of others get through some real tough
patches in our lives. What can possibly be wrong with that? Don’t you want
people to get healed and set their minds at peace? It’s all there in his
teaching if you just LISTEN!

Anyway, who even cares if his teaching doesn’t follow the exact words of
the Bible? Look, it’s just a stupid book written 2000 years ago by people
who don’t know what we do today. Who the hell wants to live their life by
what a 2000 year old book says? Are you people fucking crazy or something?!
Put down the pathetic, irrelevant dusty old book and LIVE YOUR LIFE!

Suresh Kumar says:

Exceptional sir….You have very powerful and hypnotic voice with words
which can change ones life. This is what Religion is meant to be.., healing
for mentally ailing thousands of human minds…Thanks for the speech

Aday Sigamani says:

Joel you’ll be more amazing if your family daily life imitating Jesus’s
life. The wealth you have got just for broaden the kingdom of God on earth
not for your family …mention that joe !!!

Ashley Paradise says:

Everyone that watches this video is typically watching because they have
some faith in God or desire for a motivational video. Yet, people are
responding by posting negative messages about Joel, who is simply sharing
his take on an issue through his light of God. Yes he has nice things, but
he has the opportunity to have them. Anybody given that opportunity would
most likely take it. Now I don’t know a lot about this man to defend him,
but I know that as children of God we should see the good of his speech and
take the positive from it, instead of the negative that can be so obvious.
Not to offend anyone, just thought it was interesting that negative
comments were on a video meant to represent how to better yourself through
God. Everyone’s take will be different, but we should at least try to take
some of the positive out of it.

George Otieno says:

We all have weaknesses and we all have greatness but in different ways. It
is therefore not enough just to celebrate about others, celebrate about
yourself too and never have lack of competence

Leslie Cantor says:

no death its not fair

Sherri Britt says:

Love this wonderful man

Kenyon Krause says:

Angry christians are annoying. Since they tend to be violent and murder
millions aupon millions of people in the name of their invisible friend,
I’m going to leave that one alone. Good luck with all your super happy fun
delusions. Logic and reason bless you.

alina towns says:

I believe this is my favorite speech from you! Thank you!

Inspiring Grace says:

False teacher alert!

MyNyloxin Power Team says:

Well this is Felice and I am a Million Dollar Earner. I give all the glory
for my success to God the Father. But he has used men like Joel Osteen and
Joseph Prince to get me trough the rough times. Anyone who judges these men
I believe #1 they are probably broke minded people just jealous of their
very profitable ministries of these men and so many others. 74MercuryMan is
such a broke minded person.

Shantelle Philips says:


John Thomas says:

Oh Cat Wayne so predictable. You have all the truth all the answers don’t
you. But I have a hunch that you don’t know Jesus. Because If you did you
would know that he helped people to see themselves differently.
He helped them to see themselves as great in the eyes of God. I wonder if
you are doing one percent of what Joel doing. I have a strong feeling that
you are not. You know all the standard theology but probably know very
little about life. Get a genuine Christian life Cat Wayne and stop judging
and criticising this true man of God! 

Michael L. Zeng says:

where can I find a draft for any speech like this? I need to improve my
speech in English. ts

BullhornGuy says:

“80% of communication is nonverbal…Make sure your posture is good…stand
up tall…” I just don’t get it. How can these people tolerate this
crap…the plastic smile…the phony, self-helpisms regurgitated over and
over again.

NJ Public Adjuster says:

Joel is the man.

Cammesa Plummer says:

Love Joel Osteen … I do this a lot. Always empowering others.

GraveMistake1 says:

Another important thing of note is everything you need to know as a
Christian is in the bible. All of life’s lessons are included therein.
Rather than point you to biblical scripture to accompany his *cough
seminar. This video points you to his “Law of Attraction E-book”. And at
the end of this video he talks about being part of a bible based church,
yet I heard not one reference to a scripture/verse during the whole of his
lecture. That should tell you everything you need to know about his
biblical doctrine or lack thereof. This isn’t hate I speak of towards Joel
Osteen, this is sadness that so many are not receiving God’s true

Marvin Corea says:

love it! great message!

Yeshuaislord777 says:

If your uncomfortable with the video please read this…

Satins opening Prayer and hope for him self
read it in Isaiah 14 :12-14 It has lots of “I wills” in it.
13″But you said in your heart, ‘I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my
throne above the stars of God, And I will sit on the mount of assembly In
the recesses of the north. 14’I will ascend above the heights of the
clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.’ 15″Nevertheless you will be
thrust down to Scheol

Lorenzo L. Sellers says:

I was inspired by this man and I was taught by the one of the wisest
millionaires around here in California. He taught me how to take control of
my life and obtain the success I want. I am truly blessed that he decided
to take me under his wing a little over a year ago. Now I’m here. A
completely different lifestyle with a VERY PROMISING FUTURE. I’m closing in
on my millions. Now its time to spread the knowledge with all my friends
here. My goal is to help create millionaires starting right here! Download
or get a copy, join the movement of the next generation of millionaires. I
know most of yall wont even give this post a second glance. But for those
who do decide to listen, welcome to the club. Give people some money, feed
them for a day. Teach people how to earn millions, feed them and thier
family for a lifetime.




TazExprez says:

Excellent motivational speech! Believe in yourself! Up there with Tony
Robbins, Jim Rohn, and others.

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