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Using #LikeAGirl as an insult is a hard knock against any adolescent girl. And since the rest of puberty’s really no picnic either, it’s easy to see what a huge impact it can have on a girl’s…


just girl stuff says:



wranglerstar says:

Fantastic thought provoking video, 

Kitty Starr says:

Being a girl is not an insult. It’s our job as females to prove that every
day. To prove that being a “girl” or a “woman” is something wonderful.
Something that should never be looked down on. Ever.

unenslaved2012 says:

FUCK OFF !!!!!!! …. the girl at 1:40 IS NOT A GIRL she is a Satanic
representation of a girl REAL girls GENUINE human don’t look anything like
her! GOT IT? yet.. FFS!

Gen Xibre says:

…*”corre tan rápido como puedas”*…

Hoshi Harucho says:

*cries~* Empowering… No matter who you are, “like a girl” is not an

Ruby Luna says:

Men are naturally stronger than women.

Women are naturally more intelligent than men.


Saimah Rahman says:

this ad made me cry

Tonya M says:

I like all the overly defensive men in the comment section, but let’s face
it, you don’t need muscular strength to be strong anymore.

Men can just flex there muscles and go, YA IM A MAN, but when it comes to a
real fight the first thing they do is pull out a gun. 

OneZyzzBrah says:

Yeah, “kick and hit like a girl”, not because men are 40-50% physical
stronger than girls, they literally telling girls that they are equally
with the boys, it’s wrong to brainwash girls to think they are physically
and mentally(maybe) stronger than men, they will end up hurting themselves
if they think they can fight a guy..

ThatMade3 says:

Really? Are you fucking kidding me? Like a girl is what men should not do.
Because we are naturally bigger and faster.

princesskimbie says:

Kids these days can’t take a joke or they’ll kill themselves 

CiaraPhelan says:

Hmm..agree with this, but honestly i find some feminists soo annoying and
so unbelievably over sensitive that it’s creasing. For example:
#GetRidOfFathersDay or something to that effect went around on twitter and
it was like #GetRidOfFathersDay “because male dominance isn’t something to
be celebrated” and other bullshit stupid tweets like that.
Like, are you fucking kidding me? What kind of psychos..

Isabela Marie-Toria says:

Why would people say that? That is so mean! Thx for sharing <3

HyperSoda says:

What about boys, feels like its all about girls and girls are weak and
everyone should realize that!? Wtf what about boys!? Like boys does not
have any problems about their confidence?? Bullshittnthese days boy have it
harder to express emotions an really be them selfes, 

paksallion says:

What about us beta guys. We cant even get noticed by girls. Any girl can
find a guy. Easily. Girls have it very easy. What about us below average
guys. We’ve got it the hardest. Even ugly girls can find a companion. Meh I

Catherine DeLancret says:

Yes women are truly oppressed in 21st century Western civilization…

KurekMovies says:

Go back to kitchen

RaikuAnimeCommenting says:

Can any of you women make me a sandwich? There’s so many of you here so
what better place to ask.


Woman go to the kitchen and get me a beer or I will hit u like a man!
Haha…Who the fuck even thinks woman and man are worth the same..Basic
facts in real life speak differently

Thursday121am says:

Girls are naturally physically weaker than men. That’s just a solid,
biological FACT. If a weak ass, string bean, chicken arm man hits me, I’m
going to tell him… “You hit like a girl” Then i’ll swing back at him and
hit him LIKE A MAN. This stupid video is just more bullshit coming from the
femi-Nazi misandrists. Deal with it femi-Nazis. Deal with it.

Kyla John says:

Incoming hater comments from guys

Sea Whale says:

How the f did this vid get so many views??? 

ThereWasANameSoLongThatItWentAllTheWayAcrossTheScreenAndYouAreStillProbablyReadingItSoGoodDay!! says:

This is a TAMPON COMERCIAL!! Some femenists anoy me. You no that men get
raped, men get low self confidence at 10-12. Girls insult boys. and most
girls dont even take “like a girl” seriosly… it seems feminism is kinda
going whack. Theres probly girls out there that could beat me up, but I
dont have to preaching about how I can fight, play sports and other things.
I find this commercial stupid

MrElvatar says:

I remember one time in high school i arm wrestle with a girl and i lost and
one guy said “You lost against a girl dude!” and i replied “And? Whats the
problem? can’t a girl win vs a guy?” he got speechless… and why? because
in our society we learn that girls are weaker than guys and guy always win
vs a girl. 

firesteel1 says:

What this ad fails to mention, as much of feminism fails to do, is that
boys also suffer a major loss of confidence at puberty. I believe in equal
rights, but feminism and blatant ads like this want more than equality for
women, they want superiority

Blueberrybla says:

Maybe the next campaign should be “Act like a man”.

Because while women complain the most about their biological and
sociological status, men are subjected to a status that tells them to: not
show their feelings, be in control, be the main breadwinner, be strong, be
tall, be the one who makes the first move when looking for a partner, know
about finance, be technical, be brave, be caring but not too caring, be
protective, be a bad-ass without the negative side-effects of being a
bad-ass, be funny, instinctively know what women want from them, know how
to fight, be good at fixing stuff, restrain yourself from doing anything
despite what a female does to you and for the rest of your life you are
hauling the shitload of belongings of your female company around.

And another thing…Women are big on criticizing the way “the media”
affects their body image…guess what…Men not only have to lose weight,
on top of being slim they should be in the gym 6 times a week for rock-hard
abs and broad shoulders If we’d take the media’s ideal of a man seriously.

And another another thing, guess what no man ever says? “Jeez her vagina
was loose, she’s not much of a woman”
Now guess what men hear all around the world all the time? “He had a tiny
penis *giggles*, he wasn’t much of a man”

Can we stop this feminist bullshit already? Let’s just push for equality,

TheA Man says:

It’s funny how these people are so upset about a childish phrase that
nobody says anymore, that they felt compelled to make this video.

Drew Grow says:

Good video about one of many old stereotypes. Someone made up that like a
girl expression probably over a hundred years ago and it is still here
today. Young people just do you and ignore negative people. They are
unhappy and you know the expression”Misery loves company”. 

Samuel James says:

“Like a girl” should never be used as an insult. I felt that this
commercial from “Always” was quite powerful.

Dale Pershad says:

Like a Girl !

Run like a girl, kick like a girl, hit like a girl !
Keep doing it because it is working 🙂

Awesome movie that will make you think about the comments some people make
about girls, and the impact they can have. See what you think …

madviking18 says:

Guys don’t need these types of videos to boost their confidence in their

Calum. says:

Being as how men are told to “man up” and “take it like a man”, and being
as how we are EXPECTED to toughen up and take it in stride to move things
forward (because apparently we are the only ones who can), and being as how
when women so much as whimper society as a whole pampers them and placates
to them, I’d say the whole “like a girl” meaning weakness argument is

Stan Claassen says:

Is “like a girl” really an insult? Is sounds like something an 8-year old
would say.

ThisQuietStorm says:

This commercial is so touching. It really hit home for this young woman.

A testament to the incredible power of the media arts. I love a good
emotionally charged ad.

FutileGrief says:

Yes, we girls do not have the same body type that can sustain the same
physical strength as men, but the term “like a girl” encompasses every
other aspect of life, including intellect, spirituality and basically every
other area in someone’s humanity. That’s how far it has come, and the term
“like a girl” should be ignored and forgotten. Just as when they say “grow
a pair”, or “be a man” implies that men shouldn’t have feelings, when in
reality, nothing makes him (or anyone) stronger than to be connected with
their feelings. These are sexist in the most profound way, it’s profoundly
embedded in society’s psyche, and that’s worrying.

Nikola Divkovic says:

If so, why women didn’t fight in World War one and two?

Shane Williams Sr says:

Awww…did you get your widdle feewings hurt because you hit like a girl?

Seriously, the majority of females cant hit like a man so telling some one
they hit like a girl is just a reality. Get over it. Everyone gets made fun
of for something. Quit being a whiner and get better. You act as if
everyone’s oppinion of you matters. It doesnt. Suck it up fluffy.

Max Spencer says:

I grew up being bullied because guys my age thought that because I didn’t
do guy things I was gay… Why do I have to do things like a man to be a
man. It’s not just girls. I someone asks me to throw like a guy I’d do it
my own way, but I’ll always be judged on it because it won’t be manly.

Sarah Curtis says:

I *love* – no, I *ADORE* – this video. What’s amazing is that 22 *million*
people saw this, and 88 *thousand* people liked it. What I can’t stand,
though, is that 10 thousand people disliked it. I mean what? Did someone
say, “Hey! I’m a guy, who thinks sexisum is ok! I hate this video now! I’m
going to say that, anonymously, so no one can hate me for it.” And if

Endlesss- says:

the last time i heard some one say “— like a girl” was in about 2005/06.
why make this video about 7/8 years late?

flamehacker6790 says:

How is ‘Like a Girl’ an insult I remember having a great comeback when
someone said that to me

Zech Dunlap says:

Okay they wasted all of this money to show, and tell that your sexist to
women if you have ever said that in your life…

Really? I know this sounds like I am an asshole, but come on? 

shig dig says:

You can’t ignore biology. When comparing physical capabilities, women are
generally inferior to men. When a man performs at the level of a normal
woman, yes, you can say he does something like a girl, worse than a normal
man would perform. Why is this so hard to conceptualize without framing it
as a human rights offence?

Yeah, and only girls have confidence issues during puberty and we should
exclusively focus on them, boys can handle themselves, right?

Bettina Stepek says:

this made me cry! So AWESOME

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