Alpha Waves – Subconscious Reprogramming for Success/Wealth

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Anna Sienkiewicz says:

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from home and love it so I thought I would introduce my youTube friends to
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Epi Baez says:

wooo!…. :)

thewld32 says:


L. Kenwood says:

I started watching this 2x’s per day and then backed down to 1x per day and
it has worked for me! I was laid off work for five months and within two
weeks after watching this I got a job with a top offer! Then I received an
unexpected $500 check in the mail from fees that had been overcharged on a
mortgage! You can start changing the way you think and believe or choose
not to! I’m glad I chose to change my way of thinking! Thanks!

lesismore2 says:

@inyourfacebitch1000 I’m with you!

KiKiTheTechie says:

I strolled across a lottery calculator today. hmmm. gonna try my luck

clenigan says:

@FrostLyfestyle Hi, thank you very much for the video. I would like to know
a little more about the custom made videos. What do you need, what should I
do? etc. where can I contact you? Thank you in advance!

mssharmt says:

I luv it!! This is a wonderful video! perfect! Great subliminal messages &
images. Thank yo

LovinAlPacino says:

@Garycarlyle Okay, I understand. I agree that success can mean a lot of
things besides financial success. It’s not my top priority, either.
Personally, Branson’s money isn’t the first thing I see in him. I see him
as a curious, intelligent, hard working person with tremendous focus, who’s
constantly setting new goals for himself. He’s had enormous success,
regardless of whether or not his main goal is wealth.

MaKaElectric says:

@scottydotcom1 When you visualize you materialize.

rodzha49 says:

@sethatronifyable Chuck? 😀

Silver day says:

it made me think negative than positive ,hope it works in the long run ,
who knows actually its half God , half faith , half will power , half of
everything that contributes to ur success. and most of all it depends how u
define success , some people want to spend their whole lives in serving the
poor and destitute and that gives them peace and a sense of achievement and
some people go and blast a bomb somewhere and feel theyve achieved
greatness.. !

KiKiTheTechie says:

The secret to succeed and to happiness is it is a good idea to be around
Richard Branson. lol. I like him but that video was a lot to take in.

Bruce Benny says:

If you are a truth seeker, check out “The Present” at TruthContest,com.

Felix Frost says:

the sound is for getting your body into an alpha state (a bridge between
conscious and subconscious) so the images work in hand with it, if you
like, you can do it while reading positive books, or watching positive
movies etc its a great tool for that. ive actually slept with the music on
its great for lucid dreaming as well… so it really depends on your

kclark3858 says:

Did you win tonight?

Nidaa Mohammed says:

how many time to see it during the day?

Ceciel Cruikshank says:

@josh042591 Hi Josh. I’m interested in your audio series. My email address
is would be awesome if you could send it to me. Thanks
Heaps. Ceciel

projester46 says:

Love is the greatest force in the universe…but it still don’t pay da

lamia murphy says:


Mody Abo Dia says:

I found that really informative. I found myself so mystified observing my
good friend go from being a loser to a ladies man. He went from zero to
hero. He pretended he failed to notice. He then smiled and told me when he
was drunk on Tequila. He mentioned he learned from the Jake Ayres Master
Attraction Formula. Google it if you wish to know about it… He’s dating a
beauty… Where are the most useful of these videos on Youtube?

meralodem says:

I have contacted with a person to start my own street vending business and
today I will start selling, I am excited. My family opposed this job and
there was some negativity in the air and then I got a short term job offer
in Dubai. I will consider it. I will be back to you. I am watching this
video in the morning and in the night 🙂 Thanks 🙂

icemancho says:

You will understand that infuriating occasion when your brother (who’s been
a loser always, by the way) gets a beautiful girl to fall for him in a
couple of weeks?! Absolutely, that just happened. I am aware that I ought
to think well done, but I would rather it to be me. He said he applied the
the Cupid Love System (Google it). I want to hide out in a cave right now.

xlivelaughlovexox says:

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Snarkyusername says:

I feel like I just got hypnotized..

WeeItsNookies says:

Women just arent as aggressive as men in fields like business and law, that
is why men far exceed and excel and surpass women in those two fields. Men
> women.

seanboyp says:

Is it as effective if you watch the love video as well?

meralodem says:

@commentor31 It creates a vibrational shift. You can also do it by yourself
but this is a tool for help 🙂 I had days finding money right after doing
guided-financial-meditations. This really works

Riyan Syed says:

Why a pic of Einstein ?


Has anyone counted the times? It cuts out a 100! Great, now after ten days
I have to start over!

Isaac May says:


jackieleeh1 says:

Do you need to wear headphones with this video?

MrWeaponone says:

HEY man Id like to commission you! give me a buzz so we can talk numbers
903-361-3616 Rico! I like your work! I have an original beat and most
images as well!! Only looking for it to be 5 to 10 min long

purity4all says:

@FrostLyfestyle AWESOME! Now do you have any job openings for those of us
who have no money and want to earn some? Oh yeah and just and aside….this
video seems to only be geared at guys. (I’m guessing because you originally
made it for yourself and you must be a guy.) All the successful characters
in this video are men, maybe one that has a few successful women thrown in
would help us ladies a little more. Just a suggestion. Thanks for this
though, I really hope it works for me.

Ann Ejuone says:

@DJVenomP96 get rich at the cost of all others.

WeeItsNookies says:

Yes, let’s see you pay the bills with love, put food on the table,etc.

Chopper894 says:

Ok so how do you work this. This sound is annoying.

Jose Lavayen says:

Do I HAVE to watch the whole thing or can it just be a minute or two?

ChilloutSessionZ says:

good lord imagine what the cia have or this could be related

Ways To Make Money On The Internet says:

beause many

sbahelkhir mahmoud says:

I looked at all the comments but I think that this is a high-quality clip.
My cousin simply wants to become excellent with the ladies. He began to
understand a fuck load from Master Attraction. (Google it.) The strategies
relating to attracting women through night clubs from Master Attraction got
him his very first fucks in more than 4 long yrs. I’m pissed however due to
the fact I heard them all. Awful.

scottydotcom1 says:

what is the whole purpose of this

Renelle Mare says:

An excellent video :-). 2 things though: 1. The beach scene has just one
lounger. As most people want to be partnered, you should follow the Feng
Shui advice that gests you have 2 of everything. So please have 2 loungers
on the beach. 2. The RISK writing in red stands out more than I’d
personally like. But overall, I am very impressed. Thank you Renelle

cindicochran says:

He’s probably in it because he is successful. At least that’s what I get
out of it. Everyone interprets things differently.

josh042591 says:

@pictureperfectbratty Trust me man the universe is working for you to get
you out of that stinkin job you had and is now providing you with better,
wealthier, and happier opportunities!

Michael Rick Carter says:

I won the mega millions for the jackpot watching this everyday this week.
It’s amazing how this stuff works.

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