Alpha, Beta, Theta Brainwaves – Understanding Our Brain

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Close Laura Silva is the President of Silva International and Top Trainer for Silva Method. Si…


Jazen Valencia says:

Great explanation. 

neweon says:

Do you understand your brain?

#brainwaves #holistichealth

james arnold says:

could you induce alpha theta and delta wave in the brain?? delta sounds
like your brain needs to build the body … could it acutely heal the body
faster in an adult if educed? also could educe alpha waves help us be more
at one with each other, in deep med u produce them .. how to build the
machine ? 

Harinder Kaur says:

great insight of the brain…

Mahendra Singh Hora says:

Great efforts

Roger george cambridge says:

Will you marry me?

ssmith270 says:

So if this silva method allows you to be conscious while your brain enters
all of these states will it allow someone to enter their dreams while
conscious also? Not just dreaming and then becoming conscious but being
conscious and staying conscious as we enter our dream state?

digimon916 says:

with time in the 21st century chi, the spirit and everything else will be
accepted in science. its some type of field that is not understood but will
be accepted like how gravity and electricity is now. its sad too because
eastern religions realized this 1000s of years ago while the new world is
just opening the door to it


Lovely ,you are truly lovely, i actually attending to Dolores Canon classes
but i had to come to you to get fully understand the 4 brainwaves ,thank
you angel 🙂 you the best

jessika norris says:

I see people finding it humorous to be spiritually enlightened…happy and
completely whole in mind , body and spirit…..I am sorry for the
closemindeness of this world….and infact am using the silva method to get
over my own judgemental mind…so I hope this works out for you there!!!! I
am proud to say…that since introduced to this program by my mother…my
life has changed for the better…and it’s because of me…noone
else…ME!!!!….thank you silva

2000everett4 says:

Great post.

kocsogarc says:

I had the course with Domján László in Hungary, and he is – no offence – a
more gripping presenter. No wonder the method is so popular here. Still,
it’s nice to see Mr. Silva’s daughter, thanks!

Adrianacreates says:

This is great information Laura; also, love your top – the colours are
great – a wearable work of art.

Jayadevan TR says:

amazing tips for the for a successful LIFE…

orion lottering says:

Laura how did you measure brain waves?

jackrabb33 says:

@ImperialUSA Why charlatan? I have noticed either great love, or great
hatred for this system. Could you please be specific on your stance

ArseneLupin2009 says:

great video, well explained brain waves, and a lot of information ps. and
this lady looks HOT,

teberih fekeremariame wikepdi says:

Thank you

Pippindan says:

Have taken the course 17 times; paid for it once. Had many different
lecturers—love them all but the first blew me away: Fr. Al Gorayeb. Took
a healing seminar with Jose… and gave him a hug. Go to level EVERYDAY
SINCE 1984! Incorporating my contemplation as part of my Lab. Got many
tapes and Long Relax tapes. Thank you, Jose.Danny Laccitelli

Timothy Presley says:

She’s smart and sexy.

teberih fekeremariame wikepdi says:

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