Allowing Money (and other good stuff) – Tapping with Brad Yates

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Close – Get Money Beyond Belief at a Price Beyond Belief! I hope you will enjoy this video and find it beneficial, and that you wi…


pauliojr says:

Brad, thanks so much for this. I’ve been tapping A LOT the last few days
and I am realizing that I am having some very conflicted thoughts about
money and really weird stuff coming up (about different things). It feels
very scattered, but doing this exact one I realized that I thought being
spiritual was to not WANT money. I feel like I’ve blocked so many good
things in my life because I was trying to be perfect. I’m just glad it’s
coming up so I can let it go. Thanks again Jason Bateman.

Krishna Radha says:

AWESOME! Tap in and let go, Tap in and let go, Go through Trauma, all sort
of Traumas, Go trhough your life, tap on everything, tap on that childhood
friend that never let you play any games, tap on sister, brother, mother,
father, friend and all other relations, all memories and all that you can
find, Just tap and let it go let it go let it FLOW. The Golden age is here.
The Golden age is here, Tapping for the Golden age to emerge from within of
all. Blessings, Blessings, Blessings. (just did a tapping session with this
video, feeling gr8! )

Canadian Designer says:

Brad, I appreciate the way you grouped your videos in your channel. You
made it so easy to only tap on wealth videos or videos on well-being and so
on. Thank You so much for making all these videos for us. I subscribed to
you a long time ago. I wish you well in the new year 2015.

Patrick Waldeck says:

Can you make a tapping video for a lotto win please.??

José Celestino Machado says:


Asaliaramirez says:

Gm mr yates I been tapping along with your video for 3 days now & events
are beginning to happen but I’m accepting full responsibility for them..but
as I tap & I see all that cash in your hands the feeling of joy succumbs me
& get so happy with huge smile on my face I just wish I would of found this
a lot sooner then I did or better yet that it would of found me a lot
sooner 🙂 but whatever the situation I’m glad we are now united..!!! & I’m
gonna tap till I can’t no more..!!!

Belén Green says:

Hello, thank you for all your videos they really help me to feel good. Is
there a time frame for this particular topic “money” so you start seeing
some results if you do this everyday? Thanks!

Michelle Barbuto says:

Thankyou. How often should I do tapping

Katarina Joksimovic says:

o my God…. I fell NOTHING looking ay this bunch of money….am I
crasy???? No Iam not reach, not even poor, I want to have more money, but
how can I gett it filling no joy looking at this …….

Elloa Atkinson says:

I love your work, Brad. Thank you :)

Katarina Joksimovic says:

Thank you Brad, trust you hoping money will com,or some other abundance,
you gave me my hope back, wish you all the best

Miranda Chop says:

I felt happy and anticipatory when I saw your wad of cash! That hasn’t
always been the case, but it is now!

Eda Gharachadaghi says:

Thank you so much 🙂 

José Celestino Machado says:


Valentina Salas says:

What I felt when you show the money was love, fun and I felt eager to see
myself holding cash in my hands! I’ve been doing your videos on money and
allowing and I feel a shift 🙂 <3 

Doris White says:

Was just holding two single dollar bills in my hands. Feeling that they’re
dirty; I don’t like them; I just want to get rid of them. Didn’t know
before now that I felt that strongly about money. Thank you Brad; have
something to work with.

analystEYEisAM says:

Hey Brad, I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I am visiting my sister in
Ireland and we bought your Money Beyond Belief program after watching loads
of your youtube videos, which have helped us both immensely on so many
occasions its ridiculous. Anyway, like a week after doing your money
program both of us recieved a huuuge unexpected and unprecedented
christmas gift of $10,000 each from a great aunt!!! Lets just say, Im a
believer and thank you very much!

Sherrie QuestioningAll says:

I love your tapping videos of getting rid of our limited thinking blocks
and making a difference in our own lives and other people’s lives. I am
sharing your videos with friends and family besides on my blog. We all can
make a positive difference together. Thank you for what you do and the
positive impact of the information and tapping. My energy allows feels
clearer after following along with your various tapping videos. 

Dimitri Rasti says:

I did this one twice, had lots of big yawns! Thanks Brad :)

dian anis says:

thank you again ,i love it doing tapping wiht you ..:)

voxVerto says:

Thank you for showing me yet anotger way to raise my vibration 🙂 bless

subbtopp says:

can I attract a world of peace and plenty for the greatest number of

Brigitta Schwulst says:

Thanks so much for the video

Zoraida Rosa says:

Thank you for your help

Donna Lori says:

Thank you for your wonderful tapping videos. They help me to feel more
relaxed and have less pain. I just discovered EFT this week and I’m in awe
of the entire process!

Chosen Gaby says:

Thanks Brad 🙂

Portland581 says:

I really enjoy your tapping videos. Very Helpful.

Susan Parente says:

Thank you Brad!

Zoraida Rosa says:

Thank you for your help

Andrew Smith says:

totally fucking mental

Charles Bishop says:

Thank you Brad

Susumu Iwafune says:

Allowing Money (and other good stuff) – Tapping with Brad Yates

Marianne Apers says:

dear brad can you make a tapping video to see clearly my pets from heaven
and angels of light is that possibel you think,, love and light from
marianne from belgie

Anna Lea Stefansdottir says:

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. Your tapping
sessions are so wonderful and I enjoy them tremendously. Thank you for
spreading the love!

Kelvin Tan says:

Thanks Brad : )

DarkLadySledge says:

Nice demo.

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