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Positive affirmations, in a video. A good way to start your day.


Cindy Moore says:

I have enjoyed the Secret, and the predecessor I read daily along with the
Bible…awesome…and inspiring… 

William Murray says:

Love this affirmation!

Sharon Love says:


Mind Body Spirit Wellness says:

*Video of the Week*: Positive Affirmations – *Dr. Maiysha*

Dr. Maiysha says:

Video of the day: Positive Affirmations – Dr. Maiysha

Sally K Witt says:

Very relaxing, beautiful. Positive affirmations.

Dr. Maiysha says:

*Video of the Week*: Positive Affirmations – *Dr. Maiysha*

MissTaelyr says:

This is wonderful 🙂

Verna Avarell says:

Oh, sorry. I don’t know.

erniemajor says:

This is Beautiful and really well made! I love the last few bits
especially, gives me goose bumps!

TheTashaReidShow says:

nice….check out my talk show

Amanda Bailey says:


Stephen Richards says:

For better results, always say out an affirmation out aloud wherever

mallory2020 says:

I like this video very much. I’m curious about the whispering voice at the
end and what is being said. Has anyone figured that out yet? Listen

gb2284 says:

love the music – what’s the name of the song?

hamsandwichforever says:

why does this video begins with: “Today is the beginning of my new life”
For me that makes me feel like there is something wrong with me, so that i
have to change it or have a new one to be living a good and fulfilling
life. I think that we shouldn’t be trying to change ourselves to be happy.
If you want to be happy with yourself, you have to stop trying to change
yourself. Just try to accept yourself for who you are. That’s what’s going
to make yourself a more positive person. 🙂

Hope Andro says:

wow. thank you.

Joseph Bartolo says:

Gratitude is KEY to EVERY you Want or Desire 🙂 Some say the skys the
limit, Yet I say the Universe is Abundant 🙂 THERE is more than enough for
everyone on the planet we live on and for those that will come to Earth in
the future 🙂 Thanks for sharing be abundantly blessed in everything you
desire 🙂 <3

Thumb Updown says:

I love the Secret, and I love being positive! I posted this on my blog on
my Positive People page! momsthumb(dot)blogspot(dot)com

Pv StKitts says:

An excellent video will add to my iTouch to watch every day, to build my
life in a positive way.

jesus jones says:

i have used affirmations for many years and they do work but learning how
to work with them is another

Hobbes says:

Lol it would be funny if after someone watched this, they got hit by a car
and became a paraplegic and afterwards, everyone who loved or cared for
them died. =D

patientspride says:

WE LOVE THIS! Sheila Shaw lives teaches us to live our lives to our best in
spite of living with a chronic illness. Check out her affirmations as well!
She believes in the power of affirmations! She believed it saved her life!

Angela Snow says:

where can we get this music???

redlion21 says:

thank you very much for your affirmation 🙂 Today is my greatest day of my
life !!! and tomorrow as well 🙂

maelgwni says:

thank you xxx

Jan Ucieklak says:

Love it – thank you

praline007 says:

she said “the secret” in different languages, The secret, le secret and
others else…

lexiconlover says:

It’s been four months, how’s your track record so far? Did you get the

EvilShadow650 says:

das ok

letmedietomorrow says:

Easier said then felt.

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