Abraham: WINNING THE LOTTERY? Pt. 1 of 2 – Esther & Jerry Hicks

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Abraham – Source Energy translated by Esther Hicks – responds to a question from a man who wants to know how to win the Lottery by giving a step-by-step guide to focusing and refining your thoughts in order to attract financial abundance.


Sorryscene says:

Love her.

nayram nissay says:

i won the lottery today… 6 euro

fabio souza says:

wonderful !!!

Keiana Jordan says:

Good stuff

Beck Jones says:

awesome I just love this :)

Juan De La Rosa says:

so torn I keep going back and forth of whether or not I should go see her
in San Antonio this Saturday ><

Body Soul says:


Andreja Endi says:

This is powerfull and deep. I love Abraham and Ester and Jerry and life and

anastasia kyriakidou says:

thanl you

Jeannine Kalua says:

Emotional Journey to Prosperity

Win lotto with hypnosis says:

I love this video go Abraham!

MzNewDay says:

This is awesome!

feelwinningnumbers says:


doortoprosperity.com says:

Great! Thanks for posting it really helped to change my emotion energy
towards money:)

paddy Ofurniture says:

so did he end up winning? it’s been almost 3 years so surely there should
have been an outcome?

heather park says:

oooh, thank you, thank you, thank you – so helpful for me right now – i
feel sooooo abundant while watching this, yipeee

spidrmage says:

“you’ve got to practice the feeling of normalcy.” i’ve had a hunch about
this for years, “what if i practiced how normal it would feel instead of
how great it would feel if i had it?”

TheBronkobilly says:

Wow , this is great stuff phenominal ,, thank you im starting to understand

Jean claude says:

en français s’il vous plait!

The success Philosopher says:

I Love Your Teachings… Thanks…. I see Andrew Carnegie Inspiring
Napoleon Hill… Inspiring Jerry Hicks and then Our Beloved Ester Hicks
with Abraham.. I can clearly see how one mans efforts can benefit million
and even billions… of some that are not yet Born.. Im in tears…. Thank

Nora Blomljung says:

Oh my God, you are extraordinary! And You just made my day! So thank You
thank You thank You from all my positive happy vibrations :)))) <3

Kyryll T says:

Awesome! What a great clip, I love when Abraham talks about expectation
and winning the lottery : )

LadyNicky007 says:

I never won any money per say but my wishes usually do manifest themselves
in unexpected ways. So I’ve come to accept & appreciate the maner in which
my higher self manipulates events in order to see to my needs EX: Always
wanted a lakeside cottage, never came true for me but my parents bought one
big enough for the whole family to come together on week-ends. Owning my
own would have been to much responsability for me. Thanks for reminding me
that I am a lucky lady.

otakuaffirmations says:

the vortex is only one Abraham video away =DD

jonesboi18 says:

@talkindurinthemovie the same thing happen to me when i was 14. i was stuck
between a rock and a hard place but the law of attraction has and continue
to change me and evolve me in the man i am today. im happier now and the
world is my oyster.

Tonya Vannabouathong says:

Thanks for sharing this…

Millions2014 says:


AbrahamHicks says:

@123cen As it says at the end of the video, the workshop was on May 15th,

LadyNicky007 says:

Sometimes being to specific in our wishes hinders the manifestation of said
wish. It would often be best to define what we need the wish for & let it
manifest in it’s own way. Just wishing for lottery may be excessive for our
life experience. But there is no law against fulfilling our basic needs &
to ask for that. For the most part, those who do win great amounts of
money, have a great karma to balance out in a positive way. There have been
a few documentaries on this matter.

ceslea says:

i believe! i like abraham.

edvibe16 says:

Love it!!!

fonzoblessed3 says:


MartianSpace says:

I Will Win the Lottery, I Manifested the Winning Ticket, We are
Winners………… I BELIEVE i BELIEVE,

Gabriele Hauf says:

As always – FANTASTIC – thank you for posting!! Much love to you!!

wave wavehorse says:

this IS genius, she is such a GOD, she is so good, good for me! I really
really love Ester more than I can remember LOVING anyone at all

gregvance says:

THANKYOU ABRAHAM, ESTHER AND JERRY! I really appreciate all your efforts to
remind us of the truth and am putting it into practice. Will let you know
when I win the lottery which is my current goal for manifesting!.. I know
you speak the truth because when I hear it it instantly feels 100% right
without my needing to justify ‘why’.

maghrebianka says:

That’s awesome 🙂 Esther you have beautiful voice 🙂

tropicallime says:

yea !! new abraham after ages !..wheeeeeeeeeeeeee

amers83 says:

this woman is cool.very motivational.and it makes since.

brendafohio says:

I love this explanation.

8auspiciousdragons says:

I loove her she is so awesome! XD .. i won enough money to pay off my
credit card debt on a scratch ticket few thousand and today i win again
haha i win twenty bucks but still so excellent, i am just so thankful and
grateful to the universe, and i met an excellent new friend :))) Thanks for
the awesome vid, Peace.:)

Phoebe Nocera says:

” You have to BE what u want”….Love it!!

Duchess Reid says:


Sunny Punjabi says:

thanks so much for these videos……I really loved it!!! 🙂

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