Abraham: THE VORTEX – Esther & Jerry Hicks

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An excerpt from the DVD: “The Vortex: Where Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships” – a companion to the new book of the same name. Here A…


Eudilmir Maciel says:

These principles are taught in the bible. By the way, God is not energy,
God is God. Our thoughts, feelings and words have vibrational energy. 

Le Lien says:

I’ve watched this over and over! Love it!

Omar Bilal says:


Julia Phillips says:

I think Ester Hicks explains The Law of Attraction in the most concise,
clear way.

Johnny Rice, Jr says:

Sweeet ..♡♡

Kat says:

now I know how to get exactly what I want and I will manifest it into my
life today <3 Thankyou Esther and Abraham much love and gratitude

Linea Jones says:

Thank you! I continue to ask and Abraham continues to answer and in the
answers I’ve learned that I knew the answer all along! Now that FEELS
good!! With love and deep appreciation, Linea

Monique DiCarlo says:

My New Years resolution is the opposite of what that is, I will not have
goals to achieve, or matters to resolve, or stuff to get, or a lover to
find. I’ll go into my vortex, and visit it as often and long as I
can…thank you all for showing me the way 🙂

Movzhuru says:

such a powerful message! it brings tears to my eyes

Kelley Gleason says:

Many thanks!

JT Thompson says:

I have said for quite some time now that I am living in a vortex. The home
in which I renovated and now share with thousands of people every year is
the center of that vortex. I have teachers like Abraham to thank!!

Omar Bilal says:

Clear as it it get,I got it! thanks

Michelle de los rios says:

thank you very much, keep it coming.

whitemisa says:

I love them soooo!

Jasmine Donald says:

Thank you for making this accessible for everyone!

Holistic Therapies says:

When you hear it from Esther, in such a simplicity way, it becomes easy.
Thank you.

Holly Hobbie says:

Every word is worth more than GOLD

milliomoselme says:

I love you too!

Leroy Dean says:

I truly appreciate these video offerings from Abraham. It’s like each time
I find myself stuck or looking for an answer, a new video appears or a new
avenue show up giving me what I have “asked for”. I have seen evidence of
this working for me..perhaps in small doses. But it’s been enough to make
me a believer and to go deeper…or better yet, release more resistance.
Thank you so very much. 🙂

tauren2005 says:

Abraham’s teachings have really pulled together everything I have learned
about the Law of Attraction in the last few years. Many people bang their
heads against a wall when “trying” to use the LOA to manifest things they
want. They don’t understand The Vortex or the Art of Allowing.

greentaramama says:

before I read this I had the same thought! Love it!

jessdomain says:

This channel makes me feel better every day & helps my music…thank you!!!

MasteringLOAllowing says:

OK Esther I’m goin in .

manifestinggratitude says:

Thank you, Thank you. I can’t wait to get the book.

fiddlestickszz says:

i love you esther.

Jennifer Turner says:

Hello all. Does anyone know where I can purchase this particular
episode/dvd? WOW!!! It finally makes sense to me.

dalila ghariani says:

I really like this one, be in the cortex, be in the vortex and stop using
negative words, this is the main thing we have to do goood luck to all of

Stephen McKenzie says:

Wooo hooo! Ridin that river!! Yay!!

iluvlyff says:

Thank You Abraham.. Thank You esther.. Thank You jerry.. 🙂 Abraham are the
best teacher on the planet.. My life has become like a breeze after knowing
who i am!! i m just making my way into the VORTEX 🙂 hope to see you
friends… one day…. Much love and appreciation 🙂

LimeZ3 says:

This is sooo … true

John Pavlou says:

Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Tolemac says:

Deep love, gratitude and appreciation for all that you share with us. Thank
you for this excellent explanation of the living Vortex. =)

Denyse Bree says:

thank you so much for giving us this information!

ybstherapies says:

I love u Abrahm

L.J.C. Loves says:

Thank you, thank you, thank you : )

Stas Fiestas says:

wow, this is SUCH an eye opener!!!! omg!!! this is soo good!!!!!! its
exaclty what she says!!! i was beating the drums too!!!! aahhh now im ready
to go into the vortex 😀 my vortex!!

TheDeenaG says:

Thank you Abraham, Esther& Jerry Hicks and Louise Hay. You showed me how to
turn my life around.

manding00 says:


Cez O. says:

I Love you Esther, I Love you Abe!!! 🙂 ^_^

Christina Cáceres singer/songwriter/artist/yogini says:

Its so true…..

faithgreece says:

/i have seen evident in ALL the things in my life that i wanted.i am
however still in the process.it is the best pholosophy ive ever seen andi
must mention that i have just studied psychology! llovefrom greece

JuliaB1955 says:

*searching for vortex…jumping in…*

sparkleontherain says:


Debra Wilkinson says:

Abraham is such a gift to us all.Can’t wait to read the book. The hicks are
so wonderful, and I thank them for giving their lives to help us all to see
the way. Love to you all xx

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