Abraham: The LAW OF ATTRACTION – Part 4 of 5 – Esther & Jerry Hicks

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Abraham, Source Energy interpreted by Esther Hicks, delivers a 5-part introduction to their teachings on The Law of Attraction at a February, 2008 Abraham-Hi…


David Poku says:


cartagenaucme says:

I thank you Ester!!

Sam Smith says:

What’s not to love about Esther and Abraham? She is Love…

AbrahamHicks says:

partsat99: Esther and Jerry have clarified that Abraham is not “other
beings” in the sense that some “channelers” and psychics use the phrase. To
the contrary, Jerry and Esther explain that Abraham is simply Esther’s own
“Inner Being” or “Soul”, and that her process of translating Abraham is
akin to that of a jazz musician “receiving” musical inspiration, an
improvisational comic riffing on the funny ideas that pop into their head,
or a gifted athlete reacting instinctively in a ball game.

AbrahamHicks says:

roadwarr: No

debbii says:

Thank you so much for posting this video 🙂

bluebuddah says:

rolling and growing and gaining momentum….love it….thanks.

bobquem says:

It’s so lovely to be mortal at the same time as you, Esther. I’m very
grateful that it is fun for you to spread such beautiful yet practical
information. All components of any truth are simplicity itself. Easy DOES
it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

parisian327 says:

This 5 part video is so awsome. It supplements the books perfectly! I have
them all and the videos make the books come to life. Thanks Esther, Jerry &
Abraham for sharing them!

Agex33 says:

Awesome, I am excited to purchase a Book! Thank you!

roadwarr says:

Esther has amazing stamina. It seemed like Abraham’s momentum just kept
going, with few real pauses. Did she even stop to take a sip of water?

Tom Nicoli says:

This 5 Part Series could change everyone’s life if they would simply
listen, understand and apply. I know…. it changed my life and continues
to bring blessings. THANK YOU!

Kevin Anrich says:

I love Abraham teachings.

ovidio says:

where was this?

Onizuma13 says:

This was created for me to see. I’m hearing the words and am comprehending
everything she is saying. I know because I at one time was completely in
touch with my inner self. I had a spiritual awakening some time ago so to
speak. I knew my inner self. I dunno what happened that made me stop being
so completely in touch but ever since then it changed me completely and
forever. I’m not trying to be funny but I now feel like an alien to the
rest of the planet to be completely honest.

nicogeo07 says:

Thanks Abraham.

createyourlifenow says:

love love love ABRAHAM and also Jerry and Esther!!…thank you all for the
reminder of who we really are..!!! love love love…ALL IS WELL..WE ARE

partsat99 says:

I like what she has to say…but to believe that she’s saying these things
through a connection to other beings called Abraham…that’s asking a bit

hare2 says:

thank so so very much Love from Chile

AbunzaNow says:

Does any one know the song and/or singer at the beginning of this movie?

Kymm Nelsen says:

Thank you for posting this video. It’s so fun to see Esther and Abraham and
to know I can pop online any time to view this again!

Ethaniel82 says:

If you listen carefully you can hear someone drop the dishes 🙂

Pacino Chiles says:

@partsat99 not beings, energy. The source. The all. God

DOKNielsen says:

I felt a slight resistance when you said that you cannot ever seperate
yourself from this stream. im refering to my understanding of the Lucifer
experiment which happend on Mars many years ago. – I understand that the
resistance was caused by a counterfitting idea to what i was previous told,
therefor i am now loosening some deep believe’s which i hold, i was not
able at this moment to locate the believe, so it will serve for now as yet
another great expansion – I love this workshop <3 Namaste.

21xxx21 says:

What is your thought about The Bible? Because it is pretty confusing for me.

aerovix says:

all the codes are assembled in such elevation, its unreal to get to hear it
in this context. its great, thanks

David Kizy says:

Nice vid! thanks! 🙂

ljcorlett says:

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Abraham Hicks rocks!!! Thank you for
guiding us.

w1e1e1ed says:

what is that song? i like it

gunkapoor says:

amazing. beautiful. i wish you all great joy happiness and peace. may all
OUR dreams come true 🙂 for a beautiful planet of beautiful souls at peace
inside and free of pain.

ladyhart21 says:

this all makes so much sense! wow, thanks abraham. I also love how well
esther communicates with abraham, and then to us. The use of humor makes it
even better. thanks! 🙂

Edlyn Kalman says:

i would love to hear more practical life examples to illustrate these
concepts 🙂

ARCHEROO78 says:

she is very smart

AbrahamHicks says:

@21xxx21 You can search YouTube for the words “Abraham-Hicks Bible” and
hear several audio clips that will answer your question.

juliocrb2000 says:

Namaste Abraham, Thank you very much.

jayneejames says:

“The astonishing power of emotions” is a great book!!!. Joy Joy Joy!

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